How To Win A Magical Chest In EVERY Clash Royale Battle !!!

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Clash Royale Magical Chest is one of the most popular and highly demanded chests in Clash Royale. There are many types of chests in Clash Royale like Magical chest, Super Magical chest, Giant chest, silver chest etc. but in this post we are going to tell you how to get unlimited magical chest easily in clash royale and that even for free. Before that let me tell you a little bit about these magical chests. These chests contain lot more cards than the regular silver and gold chests. The number of cards you will get by opening these chests depends upon the arena you are in currently. For example, if you are currently in Arena 4 then you will get a total of 60 cards which will have at least 2 epic cards and 12 rare cards together with 400-500 free gold. If you are in a higher arena then you will get even more cards with new characters (which unlock only at specific arenas). In the video below you can see clash royale magical chest opening and the cards that you can expect to get.

How To Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

There are only two ways to get magical chest in clash royale. One is by purchasing it from the in game store, which costs 500 gems at the moment. Another way is to win it in clash royale in battle. The second way is the one which most people will like but let me tell you that the magical chest drop rate chance from the battle is very very low (unless you know about our trick, which we will tell you below). You will get a magical chest drop after getting like 50 or more regular chests. So the magical chest drop rate is very very low and is so rare means you will have to wait for several days to get just one magical chest by winning in battle.

how to get magical chest in clash royale in battle

You will find everyone saying that there is a clash royale chest cycle means you only get a particular type of chest after getting a specified number of gold or silver chest. But what if i tell you that you can easily break this chest cycle if you win your battle in a specific way? Yes, that's true. If you play the game with a specific kind of battle deck and win your battle in a specific way then you can win a magical chest from each victory! This is the secret that we were able to figure out accidentally and we were shocked to see that we can get as many magical chests as we want by using this trick to get unlimited magical chest in clash royale. In the screenshot below you can see that we got the maximum number of magical chests by using this trick.

clash royale how to get magical chests for free

So friends there is actually a trick to win a magical chest every time you win in clash royale battle. I have clearly explained my trick to get unlimited magical chest fast in clash royale in a short ebook (pdf document). You can download this ebook on your smartphones or computers for free using the link below.

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