Clash Royale: How To Beat Prince Within Seconds!

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Hello friends, in this post we are going to show you the most effective and easiest way to beat one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale, which is Prince. If you ask anyone about one of the most difficult cards to deal with in Clash Royale then undoubtedly Prince (which is an Epic rarity card) will be at the top in the list. What makes Prince so dangerous is that he has an incredible Damage per second of 146 at level 1 and can do damage of 220. Other than that he also has Hitpoints above 1000 at initial level (1100 to be exact). Although he is a tough card to beat but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any easy way to beat him. If you choose the correct card at the right time then you can easily deal with Prince and can beat him before he could do a single damage to you. In this post i will reveal the weaknesses of Prince and how to use those Clash Royale Prince weakness to your advantage. Before that let’s have a look at all the detailed stats about Prince so that you can have a better understanding about him.

Clash Royale Prince Detailed Stats

Hitpoints - 1100
Damage per second - 146
Damage 220
Hit Speed - 1.5 seconds
Targets - Ground
Speed - Medium
Range - 2.5
Deploy Time - 1 second

clash royale prince

Prince Weaknesses - Now let’s see some of the major weaknesses of Prince. We can then exploit those weaknesses and take advantage of them to bring him down quite easily.

Can Attack Only 1 Enemy At a Time - One of the major disadvantage of Prince is that he can only attack 1 enemy at a time. He can’t attack multiple enemies like Bomber. So if he gets surrounded by a crowd of numerous enemies then he becomes helpless.

Can’t Attack Flying Enemies - As you can see from his stats, he can only attack on ground so if you use a powerful air target card against him then it can be really effective to bring down Prince.

Although there are some other weaknesses of Prince like slow speed and hit speed of 1.5 seconds but the two points we have mentioned above are what we need to take advantage of to defeat Clash Royale Prince. Many players complain that Prince is overpowered but according to me that’s not true at all. Prince is not overpowered, you just need to know the right Clash Royale Prince strategy to attack him using the right cards.

How To Beat Prince

Now we have exposed the major weak points of Prince but before knowing about the most effective cards against Prince, let’s look at the best ways to attack Prince.

1. Attack From Air - As you can see, Prince is helpless against flying enemies. So you can play a card which has air+ground attacking ability, as soon as your enemy deploys Prince in the battlefield.

2. Surround Him From All Sides - Prince can’t attack multiple enemies at a time so if you surround him with a crowd of enemies like skeleton army then you can beat him in almost 2-3 seconds!

Best Cards To Counter Attack Prince

Now below we are going to mention about the most effective cards to be used against Prince. We will also mention about the least elixirs consuming but highly effective cards against Prince and also some high elixir cost cards. It is possible that you might not have all the cards which we will mention below so you can choose the ones which you have in your battle deck. With time you will have more new cards and then you can use them to deal with Prince more easily. So let’s see the cards which you should use against Prince

1. Tombstone - I highly recommend to use Tombstone against Prince because this card is easily available to almost all players and other than that it consumes just 3 elixirs which is very cheap. Using Tombstone at the right moment and at the right place can beat down prince even before he could touch any of your arena towers. So as soon as you see your enemy deploying the Prince in the ground, instantly place your Tombstone right behind your arena tower. Your tombstone will keep releasing skeletons which will stop the movement of Prince and at the same time your tower will keep shooting the Prince which will defeat him before he could touch you. To make it more powerful you can deploy 1 or more other cheap cards like Spear Goblins or Bomber at the same time to take him down more quickly.

clash royale tombstone

. 2. Skeleton Army - This is another really effective card against him. Although it is 1 elixir expensive than tombstone but it can make Prince disappear within seconds! Just play the Skeleton Army card right around your enemy’s Prince and will beat him within seconds. If you don’t yet have this card then i recommend you to use the Tombstone as mentioned above.

clash royale skeleton army

3. Minion Horde - Prince can’t attack air enemies hence these Minion Horde can attack him easily without getting hurt from him. Remember you need 5 elixirs to play this card.

clash royale minion horde

4. Witch - Witch is one of the most effective Epic rarity card not only against Prince but against almost any kinds of cards in Clash Royale. She shoots beams and at the same time keeps releasing skeletons witch keeps her enemies away and engaged while she attacks them to beat them easily. She is really effective against Prince as well. You need 5 elixirs to use Witch in the battlefield.

clash royale level 3 witch

So you can see how easy it is to deal with Prince and defeat him. You just need to know the correct cards to use, which you already know now. Use the above mentioned Prince strategy and you will never get scared from Prince anymore.