Transformers Earth Wars: How To Get Unlimited Cyber Coins Fast & For Free (Best Trick)

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Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins trick that we am going to share in this post is our exclusive method and can be a super useful trick for you in this ultimate strategy game from Backflip Studios. Transformers Earth Wars cyber coins are the most important resources in this game and they act as an in game currency. Cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars are extremely precious and are used for many important purposes in the game. Having unlimited cyber coins in transformers earth wars can make you an elite or extremely powerful player in no time. That is why in this post we are going to show you how to get unlimited cyber coins fast and for free in Transformers Earth Wars.

Before looking at the actual Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins method, let's first look at exactly why and how these cyber coins are important in this game. It is important to know these cyber coins uses so that you can make the best use of your cyber coins after you get unlimited cyber coins in transformers earth wars using our legit method.

Transformers Earth Wars Cyber Coins Uses

1. Upgrade Buildings Instantly - The most amazing use of cyber coins are that you can use them to upgrade any building instantly. This helps you rank up extremely fast in this game. When you start the upgrade process of any building like energon harvester, alloy harvester, mortar, scanner, Headquarters, laser turret, beam laser, missile launcher, weapons lab etc., you can see the required amount of cyber coins to complete the upgrade process of that building instantly. As time passes, the required amount of coins will keep decreasing. So if you wait long enough (which is difficult for most players) you will need to spend less cyber coins but if you can't wait then you can spend the required number of coins to finish the upgrade process instantly.

transformers earth wars instant buildings upgrade

2. Buy Energon - Transformers Earth Wars energons are one of the resources that you will need to create certain buildings like alloy harvester or defense buildings like auto cannon, stasis mine, autobot outpost, beam laser, shock tower etc. They are also used to clear out obstacles found on your home base and make space for your buildings. So energons are another really important resources which you can instantly buy using cyber coins.

transformers earth wars alloy and energons

3. Buy Alloy - Transformers Earth Wars alloy are another important resources in the game. You will need to use it with energon to create and upgrade many buildings. You can buy 25%, 50% or 90% of your alloy storage capacity using your cyber coins.

4. Buy Fuel Cells - Transformers Earth Wars fuel cells are consumed every time you attack a rival player or play the story mode using the Battle icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. They recharge automatically on their own but if you want to play more instantly then you can buy them using cyber coins. Normally it takes 4 minutes to gain 1 fuel cell.

transformers earth wars fuel cells

5. Buy Rare Quantum Crystal - Transformers Earth Wars rare quantum crystals are the most powerful types of crystals. You are guaranteed to get a 2 star bot from these crystals. If you are lucky enough then you can get even a 4 star bot out of these. Each rare quantum crystals costs 450 cyber coins.

transformers earth wars rare quantum crystals

6. Buy Build Bot - Transformers Earth Wars build bots are really important types of bots. The more build bots you have, more buildings you can create or upgrade together at a time. You start with two build bots and can buy more later using your cyber coins.

transformers earth wars build bot

So the above are the important uses of Transformers Earth Wars cyber coins. Now let's check out some ways to get some transformers earth wars cyber coins for free. Although its a bit difficult to get these coins but the game offers you a few ways to get some cyber coins for free. After showing you these regular ways, we will show you our exclusive method to get unlimited cyber coins fast in transformers earth wars for free.

How To Get Cyber Coins In Transformers Earth Wars

Below are all the possible regular ways to get cyber coins in the game.

1. Complete Achievements - Completing achievements is a good way to get some cyber coins for free. There are several achievements to complete like upgrade your alloy harvester, upgrade your Headquarters to level 5, upgrade your scanner etc. Most of the time you will be completing these achievements on your own by playing the game regularly. You will get better rewards like more cyber coins for completing some difficult tasks.

transformers earth wars achievements

2. Increasing Your Rank - Every time you rank up, you will get a few more cyber coins. Its not a lot of coins but still something. You will gain XP when you create new buildings or upgrade the existing buildings and when you defeat your opponents in the battles. The faster you do all these things, more quickly you will be able to rank up and earn some free cyber coins.

transformers earth wars rank increase

3. Buy Cyber Coins - Buying cyber coins is also an option from the in game store. Although we don't stop you from buying them from inside the game but you will not need to buy them if you use our Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins trick that we are going to share below.

So the above are some ways to get a few cyber coins for free. However the above mentioned methods will take you a lot of time and effort to collect just a few cyber coins. Therefore we have played this game hard and figured out an intelligent trick to get unlimited cyber coins fast and for free. Using our exclusive method you can get unlimited cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars really fast. This is a legit way to get unlimited free cyber coins fast and therefore works for all devices and platforms like android, iOS, ipad and iphone.

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