Transformers Earth Wars: How To Get Unlimited Alloy & Energon (Instantly!)

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Transformers Earth Wars unlimited alloy and energon method that we are going to share in this post is an incredible trick to get unlimited alloy and energon in this amazing strategy game from Backflip Studios. Transformers Earth Wars alloy and energon are two very important resources and using our exclusive trick you can get unlimited alloy and energon in this game in a very short amount of time. After that you will never need to ask how to get unlimited alloy and energon in Transformers Earth Wars.

Now before looking at the actual trick to get Transformers Earth Wars unlimited energon and alloy method, let's first look at exactly why these two resources are so important in this game. That means you must first become aware of the uses of energon and alloy in Transformers Earth Wars.

Alloy and energon in Transformers Earth Wars are basically used to upgrade your buildings and weapons like Headquarters, Mortar, Laser Turret, Autobot Outpost, Beam Laser, Auto Cannon etc. These are the buildings and weapons which need both of these resources to upgrade them.

transformers earth wars weapon upgrade

There are also a few things which specifically need only alloy or energon to upgrade them like your Scanner, Wall, Energon Harvester and Energon Storage require only alloy to upgrade them. In the same way Alloy Harvester, Alloy Storage and for upgrading your transformer's special abilities you need energon. I should also mention that you also need Spark to upgrade your character's ability together with energon. Spark can be found by opening flawed quantum crystals.

So you saw above why alloy and energon are so important in the game. Now let's look at all the possible ways to get these two resources in the game. After that we will show you our exclusive trick to get unlimited alloy and energon instantly in Transformers Earth Wars.

How To Get Alloy and Energon In Transformers Earth Wars

The game provides you enough ways to get energon and alloy. However which method you want to use depends on you. Don't worry because first we will show you all the ways to get them and then show you the best of them all so that you can get unlimited alloy and energon with least or no effort at all.

1. Energon Harvester and Alloy Harvester - These are the first and the basic ways to get alloy and energon in the game. They will keep producing their resources on their own. To get more resources out of them you will need to upgrade your alloy harvester and energon harvester. This way they will produce more resources per hour. You must also keep upgrading your alloy storage and energon storage so that they can hold more amount of these resources. Together with upgrading these two, you must also keep upgrading your Headquarters. Without upgrading your Headquarters you can't upgrade your alloy and energon harvester and storage.

transformers earth wars alloy harvester

transformers earth wars energon harvester

2. Attacking Other Players - This is another and a faster way to get alloy and energon. Go to the Battle options and attack other players to get their resources. You will find many modes of battle their. The tougher enemy you face, more amount of resources you can get. However you will need very stronger bots or transformers to fight the strongest opponents for greater rewards. Below you can find all the battle modes available and the maximum reward you can get for fighting there.

transformers earth wars battle modes

Mode        Max Reward

Initiate -            1,400 alloy
Apprentice -      4,300 alloy
Commando -     8,500 alloy
Lieutenant -      14,000 alloy
Strike Officer - 43,000 alloy
Captain -           160,000 alloy
Major -              375,000  alloy

3. Buy Using Cyber Coins - The last and the fastest way to get alloy and energon is to buy them from the store using cyber coins. You can buy 25%, 50% and 90% alloy and energon of your total energon storage or alloy storage capacity. Cyber coins act like the in game currency in Transformers Earth Wars and can be bought using real money.

transformers earth wars alloy and energon

So the above are all the ways to get alloy and energon in transformers earth wars. Now you might be thinking about the best way of them all then let me tell you that the best way to get unlimited alloy and energon instantly is to buy them using cyber coins from the store. Now i know that like most of the players you don't want to spend real money to buy cyber coins. Then let me tell you that you don't actually need to spend real money to get cyber coins because we have figured out a legit trick to get unlimited cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars. After applying this smart trick you will get unlimited cyber coins and then you can buy unlimited alloy and energon for as many times as you want from the store. We recommend you to buy 90% energon and alloy pack from the game after getting cyber coins using our method because 90% fill pack is much more profitable than 25% and 50% fill packs which costs 370 cyber coins and 540 cyber coins respectively.

We have already shared our method to get unlimited cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars. You can read that post here. Just go through our transformers earth wars unlimited cyber coins post, learn our method and apply instantly to collect free cyber coins and then buy unlimited alloy and energon using them.