Transformers Earth Wars: How To Get 4 Star Bots/Transformers (As Many As You Want!)

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Transformers Earth Wars 4 star bots are the most powerful bots in the game. Although they are extremely powerful and destructive, its quite difficult to get even just one 4 star autobot or decepticon. But you don't need to worry about it anymore because in this post we are going to show you how to get 4 star bot in transformers earth wars, be it an autobot or decepticon. This is the only way to get Transformers Earth Wars 4 star bots in this strategy game from Backflip studios and Space Ape.

Using this transformers earth wars 4 star transformers method you can get the most powerful bots like 4 star Grimlock, 4 star Bumblebee, 4 Star Optimus Prime etc. The 4 star bot that you can get, depends on which side you join the game from (autobots or decepticons). There will be many more transformers characters added to the game later so you can get those characters too using our exclusive method.

transformers earth wars 4 star

Transformers Earth Wars 4 star bots have a really high power ratings right from the beginning and when you upgrade them further they become super powerful and dangerous for your enemies. These 4 star transformers have more abilities unlocked which you can upgrade further using Spark (which can be found by opening Flawed Quantum crystals in Space Bridge) and energons. They also have much better stats by default like health, damage per second, range and speed. So now let's look at how to get 4 star transformers in Transformers Earth Wars.

How To Get 4 Star In Transformers Earth Wars

Below you can find all the possible regular ways together with our exclusive method to get unlimited 4 star bots or transformers in transformers earth wars.

1. The first and the regular way to get a 4 star is to obtain an at least 2 star bot and then rank up and upgrade him to 4 star. You can get 1 star, 2 star or 3 star autobots or decepticons by opening Common Quantum crystals in space bridge. You get one common quantum crystal every 24 hours so make sure you claim them as soon as they are available. You can then rank up your 1, 2 or 3 star transformers by gaining XP from winning battles and them upgrade them further in Weapons Lab. Let me tell you that this process to convert your 2 or 3 star transformer into a 4 star will take you a long long time. It might take you several weeks and much hard work to get 4 star bots using this method.

transformers earth wars common quantum crystal

transformers earth wars weapons lab

2. Now lets look at another and the most easiest and fastest way to get 4 star transformers or bots in Transformers Earth Wars. In this method you can get 4 star bots instantly by opening Rare Quantum crystals. Rare Quantum crystals are guaranteed to give you a 2 star or above bots so they are the best types of crystals. However each rare quantum crystals cost 450 cyber coins. Now you might be thinking that how would you get so many cyber coins? But what if i tell you that there is a method using which you can get unlimited cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars.

transformers earth wars rare quantum crystal

Yes, there is actually a method that we have discovered after a lot of hard work in playing this game, using which you can collect unlimited cyber coins really fast. That means you can buy and open more rare quantum crystals and get as many 4 stars as you want. This is a completely legit way to get unlimited cyber coins and that's why it works for both android and ios. You can read our post on how to get unlimited cyber coins in transformers earth wars here. Just go through this post and you can instantly learn our trick to get unlimited cyber coins. Then you can use these coins to buy unlimited rare quantum crystals and get your 4 star transformers or bots fast.