Ogads Review & My New $50 Per Day Method For 2016 (For Free)

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Ogads reviews are being looked by almost every mobile content lock publishers because ogmobi is without doubt the best incentive mobile network out there. I can say that ogmobi is the best among similar other networks because i have used this network myself and found that provide the maximum revenue for each app installs. In this Ogmobi review i will explain you how and why ogmobi is the best mobile and now desktop content locking network.

ogmobi review

First of all if you want to know, is ogmobi legit? then let me tell you that there is no doubt about that. Ogmobi is not only legit but also the best network if you want to get paid maximum money for people downloading some free, interesting and useful apps. Ogmobi pays you whenever someone downloads and installs free apps like games, antiviruses, cleaners etc. on their android or iOS devices. The minimum payment is only $50, which is not very high if you know the correct ogmobi method to promote your niches. A lot of people make that much money in just 1 day! In this post i will show you how you too can make $50 or more per day with ogmobi (now called ogads) for free. They also offer a wide range of payment methods like Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Payoneer Prepaid Master Card and Payoneer Bank Transfer. You can receive your ogmobi payment using any of these methods.

ogmobi payment

One of the best things is that if you are looking for ogmobi help like how to use ogmobi then they have ogmobi tutorial videos inside the member's area. You can find ogmobi tutorial video for each and every tool ogmobi/ogads offers. These ogmobi video are updated periodically when they add some new features in any of their toold. This is the only network i have found that provides such helpful tutorial video for its affiliates.

Why Ogmobi/Ogads Is The Best

1. Fast Approval - Its very easy to get accepted at ogmobi/ogads network. The approval time is also quick. You will be approved within 24 hours and receive the approval notification email.

2. Best Support - The support provided by the network is awesome. I get reply to my support request emails within 2 hours. If you want even faster support then just contact your affiliate manager at skype. You can find your account manager's skype id after logging in to your account.

3. New offers Everyday - Ogads adds new and high paying offers everyday.

ogmobi offers

4. High Paying Offers - I have seen many such networks and found that ogmobi/ogads provides the maximum revenue per install. This is because they have contact directly with the advertisers while other networks use other networks to get their offers which cuts down the revenue for their publishers.

5. Wide Range of Tools - Ogads/Ogmobi has several tools like content locker (for mobile and desktop traffic), Mobile Locker, Mobile Rewards, Smart Link and Offer API. You can choose any tool according to your promotion method.

6. High Converting Landing Pages - They provide you a wide range of landing pages to choose from. All their landing pages are really attractive which greatly increases the conversion rate for publishers,

7. High Conversion Rate - Most of the days my conversion rate is around 40% At other cpa networks you will see that average users get around 10% conversion and the best publishers get a maximum of 20% but at ogmobi the average conversion rate is 40% which means much much more earnings than other networks!

8. Fast Payments for Publishers - Usually you will receive your ogmobi earnings on a net 30 basis but you can switch to net 15 or net 7 also by contacting your account manager if you start to earn some good money everyday.

So you saw above why and how ogmobi is the best mobile incentive network. Now i will tell you how i am making more than $50 per day with ogads for free. Below is a screenshot of my most recent payment from Ogads, which is $1000+. Click the image for a bigger view.

ogmobi earnings

My $50 Per Day Method For 2016

I don't actually use any of those methods which have been shared everywhere on the internet because those methods are being used by everyone and they stop working after sometime so i never waste my time with them. Everyone will tell you about the Youtube method, instagram account method etc. but the truth is that those methods don't work anymore. If you don't believe me then go ahead and try to use those methods and you will see what i am trying to say. You will only be wasting your precious time and effort with those old dead methods.

Instead i use my own developed methods to make huge money with ogads. I always keep creating my own new methods which you will not find anywhere else. Here i will share one of my simple but extremely profitable exclusive method using which you can easily earn good money with ogads. You can request me my most profitable private and exclusive method, after you start earning money using my below mentioned method or any of your own methods as my referral. So here we go! Remember that you must join Ogads using the link below to get my private method. My private method is for my referrals only. If you have already joined ogads then you can still become my referral. You just need to contact your affiliate manager or account manager at skype or using email and ask him to change your referrer to me. You will then become my referral.

My Ogads ID is 15843
If you ask your account manager to change your referrer to me then ask him to move you under my ID (which is 15843)

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I will try to keep it short and simple. We mainly need two things, which are niches and targeted traffic. The hardest thing is to find good niches and a source to get huge traffic. Here i will show you how to get targeted referral traffic from two highly popular sites. So lets get straight to the methods!

How To Find Niches - The niches which convert best with ogads are android/iOS games che @ts and h @cks. You can easily make this a whitehat niche by providing your user an ebook containing useful tips and tricks about that game. You can find these tips and tricks about a game using other sites with a go0gle search. Now let's see how to find out about latest games. Follow the steps below -

Method 1 To Find Niches

1. Go to Youtube
2. Search for "android gameplay"
3. In the Filters settings, change to "Today" or "Last Hour"

You can now find several new niches! These will be latest videos posted by users about new android games. Choose a niche which you think could be most popular (look at views count) and create a free blog for that game's h @ck (actually provide an ebook with tips).

Method 2 To Find Niches

If you own an android smartphone then you can use that to find new popular niches! Follow the steps below.

1. Open Play Store on your phone
2. Choose "Games" and then "Top Charts"
3. Switch to "Top New Free" or "Top New Paid" tab

There you will find the new and most popular games! There are also some games which are in soft launch and not released for all countries. So you can use free apps like "Hola" (which is a VPN) to browse the play store of any country! You will find new popular games in every country, so more and more niches for you!

Getting Targeted Traffic

Now to get the traffic we will be using a less known but highly profitable site called Quora. Quora is a site where people ask questions and other users can answer their questions. It has an alexa rank of 135! So what we will be doing is answer the questions with the link to our blog (which has the h @ck).

First we need to find the related question. For that follow the steps below -

1. Go to go0gle and type the following text ---> inurl:quora.com "your game name here"
2. Replace "your game name here" with the name of your game (don't forget the " symbol before and after the game name)

Now you will see hundreds of questions about your niche asked by quora users. You now just need to go to the questions and answer with a link to your site. Try to choose targeted questions (where users are asking about how to get game resources for free) and also try to make your answers helpful. Write a detailed answer with images or videos in them.

3. Now quora has a feature where people can vote on your answer. The more positive votes you get, better and higher placement your answer will get (and more trust as well). Now you can use a site like microworkers.com to get unlimited upvotes on your answer at a very cheap price! So just create a task at microworkers and you start getting upvotes on your answer. Even if you don't buy upvotes, you still get views on your answer but having higher placements gives you even more exposure.

If you don't see many questions about your game when you search at go0gle using the above keyword phrase then simply ask the question yourself at quora for your game and use another account to post your answer! You can use this method with Yahoo answers also.

So friends this is one of my exclusive methods using which i am easily generating more than $50 per day with Ogads. You can use this method and start earning lots more with Ogads! Remember if you really want to earn hundreds or more per day with Ogads then simply become my referral at ogads and submit the quick form below to request my private and most profitable ogads method for free.

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