How To Get Unlimited Gems In Gods of Rome For Free (Awesome Trick!)

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Gods of Rome unlimited gems trick can be one of the most useful tricks for you in this game. These Gods of Rome gems act as the premium in game currency and can help you become the most powerful player fast. In this exclusive post i will show you how to get unlimited gems in Gods of Rome for free. Using this method you will be able to get unlimited gems for free in this amazing fighting game from Gameloft.

Gods of Rome unlimited gems trick is really useful but before learning this method to get unlimited gems in gods of rome, let's first look at some of the most important uses of gems in this game. This way you will be able to understand about the best ways to use or spend your gems in gods of rome. Below you can find all the uses of gems in this game.

1. For Buying Epic Spheres - Epic spheres are one of the most powerful spheres available in the Temple. They cost 100 gems each. You can get the most powerful 4 star fighters using these spheres. These fighters are super powerful and can completely change the game for you. If you have unlimited gems then you can buy unlimited epic spheres!

gods of rome epic sphere

2. For Buying Limited Time Spheres - The game periodically provides you limited time special spheres. You can get some special or unique fighters using these special spheres. Usually the cost is 150 gems each but can change according to the sphere.

gods of rome guardian sphere

3. For Resetting The Cool Down Time - When you play in the PVP events, your fighter has to wait for 2 hours before you could use him again. But using your gems you can instantly reset the cool down time and use your fighter for as many times as you want!

Above are the current uses of gems in gods of rome but in the coming time i am sure there will be many more ways to spend gems in this game. Therefore it is really important to have unlimited gems in gods of rome.

Now before looking at the actual way to get unlimited gems in gods of rome, let's now look at all the possible ways to get free gems in gods of rome. It is important to know about these methods to get free gems so let's have a quick look at them.

How To Get Free Gems In Gods of Rome

1. The most easiest way to get some quick free gems is to play the Story Mode. Here you can find several Acts. When you complete these acts you will earn some free gems. The great thing is that you will get gems two times. Once when you complete an act for the first time and then again when you complete that act completely (100%).

gods of rome story mode

2. Another great way to earn gems is to complete chapters in the acts. Each act has many chapters to complete. Completing a chapter is faster than completing a full Act. Just like the acts, you will get gems two times, once when you complete a chapter for the first time and then again when you complete that chapter completely (100%).

gods of rome exploration rewards

3. If you want an even more faster way to get free gems then you can complete several stages inside each chapters in Story Mode. Stages have more than one way inside them to reach the boss. And you get gems not only when you win that stage for the first time but also when you completely finish that stage (by following all the paths) 100%.

gods of rome completion rewards

4. By Levelling Up - Your level in the game shows how experienced player you are. You can raise your level by playing the story mode. The good thing is that you get some free gems when you level up. So the more you play, more gems you can earn.

gods of rome levels

5. Milestone Rewards In PVP Events - You can also play in the PVP events to get some more free gems. Each event has several milestone rewards and many of these milestones award you free gems. You should note that these events are held for a limited time and you must have the required types of fighters to unlock and enter these events.

gods of rome milestone rewards

6. Honor Spheres - Honor spheres are another great way to get lots of gems fast. You can always find the Honor sphere in the Temple. You can buy these spheres using Divine keys. These divine keys can be earned in the PVP events.

So the above are some good ways to get more free gems in gods of rome. However using the methods mentioned above you won't be able to get that many gems and it will also take you lots of time and effort to get gems using the above methods. But you don't need to worry because i have figured out an amazingly intelligent trick to get unlimited gems in gods of rome for free. Using this trick you can get unlimited gems really fast in gods of rome without putting in lots of effort. The great thing is that you can learn and apply this method within two minutes of learning it and it works for both android and iOS.

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