Gods of Rome: How To Get 4 Star Belus (Most Easiest Way!)

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Gods of Rome 4 star Belus is one of the best and an exclusive fighter in this game. His attack moves are really swift and faster and his unique fighting style makes him one of the most dangerous fighters you can have in this fighting game from Gameloft. However, getting a 4 star Belus is not so easy unless you know about a special method which i will show you here. After knowing this method you won't need to ask how to get 4 star Belus in Gods of Rome.

Gods of Rome 4 Star Belus is much harder to get than a 1, 2 or 3 star Belus fighter. You can get a 1 star or 2 star Belus from your daily sphere. If you want to see and feel the looks and unique fighting style of Belus then keep opening your daily spheres everyday and very soon you will have a lower level Belus fighter in your team. A low level Belus have skills like Enraged and Immutable. His Ultras include amazing powers like Rock Steady and Cruel Master. However a 4 star belus will have more powerful and new  Skills and Ultras which can completely destroy your opponents.

How To Get 4 Star Belus In Gods of Rome

4 star Belus in Gods of Rome is an exclusive character and the only way to get him is by opening the Honor Sphere. You can buy Honor spheres in the Temple. However these Honor Spheres can only be purchased using divine keys. Honor sphere costs 2000 divine keys each. So the more divine keys you have, more honor spheres you can open and this makes it finally possible to get the super powerful 4 star Belus fighter.

gods of rome 4 star belus

You might be thinking that it will take you a long time and too much effort to get so many divine keys but i have a really good news for you. I have figured out a method to get unlimited divine keys in gods of rome. Yes, there is a legit way to get unlimited divine keys. After knowing this method to get unlimited divine keys you can buy and open as many honor spheres as you want and within few tries you will finally have a 4 star Belus fighter in your team. I know you can't wait anymore to know this method so read my post here where i have revealed how to get unlimited divine keys in gods of rome.

Another great thing is that while using this method not only you will get one or multiple 4 star Belus fighter but also a lot more golds and gems. So you get a huge bonus with this method!