Country Friends: How To Get Unlimited Coins For Free (Superb Trick!)

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In this post we are going to share our country friends unlimited coins trick for all of you. Country Friends coins are another important resources in this gameloft game after gems. You will need to use these coins a lot in several ways in the game and many times you might feel shortage of these coins. Therefore in this post we are going to show you how to get unlimited coins in country friends for free. Having unlimited coins in country friends can help you greatly speed up your progress rate in the game. So you can understand how useful this country friends unlimited coins method is.

In Country Friends, coins can be purchased from the in game store but here we will show you how to get unlimited coins for free. But before that let's have a look at exactly why we need coins in this game. After knowing these uses of coins, you will be able to better understand how valuable these coins are and also the best ways to use them in the game. So below are some of the best ways to use coins in country friends.

1. Expanding Land - In order to put more items in your farm, you need to keep expanding it. For that you will need to clear out grass and expand your land. Only then you can create or place more items like cow pasture, field, bird bath, Sheep dog house, chicken pen, guinea pig's home etc. To expand your land you will need to use lots of coins. Not just a few hundreds but several thousands of coins.

country friends land expansion

2. Creating New Items, Animals and Objects From Shop - At the bottom left corner of your game screen you can find the shop icon. Tapping on it will show you several new things you can create in your farm. These includes living areas for your animals like Cow Pasture, Bird Bath, Tabby Cat Playground, Sheep Dog House etc. You can also create new animals like cow, chicken, bird, tabby cat, sheep dog, guinea pig, goat etc. Other than those there are many more things to create from the store. To create most of these, you will need to spend your coins.

country friends shop items

3. Buying Items at Trade Center - Country Friends Trade Center is a place where you can buy crops, vegetables, fruits etc using your coins. This can save you lots of time from manually harvesting these items. So the more coins you have, more items you can buy. You should also note that you need to reach level 10 to unlock and buy items from the Trade Center.

country friends trade center

So the above are some important uses of coins in country friends. Now lets have a look at some basic ways to get free coins in the game. The game provides you many ways to earn free coins. After looking at these basic ways we will show you our method to get unlimited coins in country friends. But before that lets look at some possible ways to earn some coins.

How To Get Free Coins In Country Friends

1. Deliver Mr. Feathers' Orders - This is one of the most easiest and basic ways to get coins. You can always check out Mr. Feathers' order board to find orders for you to deliver. Delivering these orders will earn you coins and XP. The more items you can deliver more coins you can earn.

country friends mr. feathers' orders

2. Deliver Orders at Community Farm - Community farm is another place where you can deliver orders to get free coins. There you can find Bradley the Whale who will deliver your orders and come back with your rewards which could include coins. However you should note that here you will need to deliver several orders to claim your reward.

country friends community orders

3. Selling Items at Stall - Country Friends Stall is another place to get a few more coins. You will be able to unlock it quite earlier in the game. Here you can put your harvested fruits and vegetables for sale so that other players could buy it and earn you some coins. You can set your own price (within a specified limit) while putting an item for sale.

country friends stall

4. Daily Reward - You will get a daily reward from the game for playing it. On most of the days you will get coins as a reward so make sure you collect them everyday. Its not much but still its something. You will find a bouncing gift near your farmhouse everyday. Just tap it to claim your daily reward coins.

country friends daily reward

5. Removing Obstacles - When you expand your land, you could find a few rocks or stones on the cleared land. Removing these stones will give you some more free coins. While removing your obstacle, you will see a bonus meter. Tapping at the right time could give you double reward so make sure you time it correctly to get the most coins.

country friends removing obstacles

So the above are some ways to get free coins in country friends however to get coins using the above methods will take you a lot of time and effort. Even after that you won't be able to get more than just a few hundreds of coins (which could be consumed within few minutes). However you don't need to worry anymore because we have finally figured out a method to get unlimited coins in country friends for free. Using out legit method you can farm several thousands of coins within a really short time. You will never ever feel shortage of coins after applying our method and you will be able to spend it anyway you like in the game. The best thing about this method is that you can apply it right after reading it and since its a legit trick, it works on all platforms and devices like android, ios, ipad or iphone.

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