Country Friends: How To Get Unlimited Gems For Free (Weird But Works!)

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Country Friends unlimited gems method is a very useful method in the cool new farming adventure game from Gameloft. Country Friends gems are really precious in this game however its not so easy to collect free gems in this game unless you know some special trick like the one we are going to share here. Using this method you can have unlimited free gems in Country Friends and you won't need to ask how to get unlimited gems in Country Friends for free anymore.

Gems in Country Friends are the most important things you could have. Using your gems you can instantly create any item you want, which saves you a lot of time thus greatly speeding up your progress in the game. You need to create many types of things in this game like oranges, apples, milk, eggs, bread, muffin, cookie, chicken feed and many more crops and products. Harvesting and creating all these things in the regular way can take you a lot of time and effort but if you have unlimited free gems in country friends then you can instantly create all these items.

There is one more really important use of country friends gems and that is for increasing your silo storage and barn storage. All the crops you harvest are stored in the Silo and all other products like milk, eggs, bread, cow feed etc are stored in the Barn storage. You need to keep increasing the storage capacity of both these to accommodate all the items and for that you need several amounts of some special objects like wood, stone, rope etc which are hard to find.

country friends barn storage

The good thing is that you can instantly compensate for these missing items using your gems. So if you have enough gems then you can instantly increase your silo and barn storage capacity. This is one more reason why our country friends unlimited gems method can be so important and useful for you.

How To Get Free Gems In Country Friends

Although getting gems in the regular way in country friends is a bit difficult but the game offers you a few ways to get some free gems. You should note that it will take you some time and effort to collect just a few gems using the below mentioned methods but still its good to know them. After that we will show you how to get unlimited gems in country friends for free using our legit trick. So first lets check out some basic ways to get free gems in country friends game from Gameloft.

1. Unlocking Achievements - The game provides you several achievements which you can unlock to earn 1, 2 or more free gems. You can unlock these achievements by leveling up to certain level, expanding your farm, harvesting crops, earning coins, harvesting fruits, delivering orders and so on. You can know when you have unlocked a new achievements by looking at a special symbol above your farmhouse.

country friends achievements

2. Delivering Orders at Community Farm - You can find community farm at the world map. There you can find several orders for you. You will find new set of orders everyday so they are time limited. By delivering these orders at the community farm you can get more free coins and gems.

country friends community orders

3. Daily Reward - The game sends you a new daily reward each day where you get free coins and gems as a reward for playing the game. So make sure you don't miss these free gems and coins and claim them everyday. You can find the daily reward by tapping on the bouncing gift near your farmhouse.

country friends daily reward

country friends daily reward 2

So the above are some ways offered by the game to get a little bit of free gems in country friends. However it will take you a lot of time and effort to earn just a few gems using the above regular methods. But you don't need to worry because we have already found an amazing way to get unlimited gems in country friends. Using our legit method you can get unlimited free gems in country friends within a really short time. As i have already told above that country friends gems are really precious and most important thing in this game and having unlimited gems can make you a high level powerful player extremely fast! The best thing is that our method is completely legit and that's why it will work for all devices and platforms like android, ios, ipad or iphone.

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