How To Get Unlimited Divine Keys In Gods of Rome Fast (Awesome Trick!)

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Gods of Rome divine keys are one of the most precious items you can get in the game. These divine keys gives you a chance to get some of the most amazing items available in the game. However, it can be quite difficult to get these Gods of Rome divine keys if you don't know the right way. So here in this post i will show you how to get unlimited divine keys in Gods of Rome game from Gameloft.

Before looking at the actual method to get unlimited divine keys in gods of rome, first let's see exactly why these keys are so important and how can they be beneficial for you in this fighting game from Gameloft.

Divine keys are basically used to buy Honor Sphere in the game. Each of these Honor Sphere costs 2000 divine keys, which is a lot and can take you lots of time and effort to collect them. These Honor Spheres are really useful because these special spheres can give you the most useful rewards like 10,000 gold, Tier 4 Ichor, free gems, and a chance to win a special character Belus. You can get a 3 star or a 4 star Belus fighter from this Honor Sphere.

gods of rome honor sphere

So you saw the use of these divine keys and why are they so useful. Now let's check out some ways to collect these keys in the game. After that i will show you how to get unlimited divine keys in Gods of Rome fast and for free.

How To Get Divine Keys In Gods of Rome

Divine keys can be earned by participating in the PVP events. There can be several events found in the PVP events. Below you can learn about them in a bit more detail.

1 vs 1 - 1vs1 PVP event is the most common event in the game. Here you have to fight 1 on 1 with another fighter. Each battle victory will earn you 25 divine keys and there is a cool down time of 2 hours for each fighter. If you don't have enough fighters and you want to earn more keys then you can instantly reset the cool down time of your fighter using some gems.

3 vs 3 - 3vs3 events are the time limited special events where you can earn more divine keys than the 1 vs 1 events. But you must have the required types of fighters to enter these events. In these events you will get 15 divine keys for each victory but there are also some great milestone rewards which give you a lot more divine keys fast. If you managed to get a rank reward then you can get even more keys but its too difficult to get a rank especially when you are new or a low level player.

gods of rome pvp milestone rewards

Versus Sphere - Versus spheres are another good way to get divine keys in Gods of Rome. You can get these versus spheres by playing in the 1 vs 1 pvp event. Each victory will give you one versus sphere. You have a chance to win up to 250 divine keys from one of these spheres.

gods of rome versus sphere

So the above are some good ways to get these special keys in gods of rome but to get unlimited divine keys, you must follow a special trick. Using this trick you can get tremendous amount of divine keys extremely fast. This is a genuine and legit method and anyone can follow it. More divine keys means more chances to get the most powerful 4 star Belus fighter together with more gems, gold and ichors!

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