How To Beat Hammerman's HQ 10 At HQ Level 5 In Boom Beach

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In this post i will show the most easiest and powerful way to beat Hammerman's HQ 10 at your home base headquarters level or HQ level 5 only. Yes, its really possible to beat hammerman's hq level 10 at such a low HQ level. This method does not involves escaping from any corner and destroying directly the Hammerman's headquarters because that would be too risky and can even take you several attempts (and thus losing gold) to actually succeed in doing so. You will also not enjoy the actual fun of defeating hammerman's hq 10 that way. So i will show you the best strategy to destroy hammerman's hq lvl 10 by actually fighting directly and succeeding in it at just HQ level 5. So let's learn the actual strategy.

At hq level 5 you will have 3 landing crafts and Heavy, Zooka and Rifleman troops unlocked. I recommend you to load 2 Heavy troops in two landing crafts and 4 Zookas in one landing craft. So we will have a total of 8 attackers to defeat hammerman's hq 10 base. I also recommend you to upgrade your Heavy to level 2, this will add some more health to their stats and so they will be able to face the damage for longer.

Now let's have a look at base layout of hammerman's hq level 10. There are only 3 weapons which will attack us but the most dangerous of them is the MMG 9000 in the center. Due to its too much health its really important to destroy it as soon as possible because the longer it will stay there, more the damage it can do to us. There are also 2 mortars on both sides of it but it will be easier to destroy them because they don't have that much health. There are also lots of mines in case someone tries to escape from any corners but we don't have any problem from these mines because we are not going to mess with them and we will enter from the center area which is wide open. So we have seen our troop strategy and also a good look at the hammerman's hq lvl 10 layout. Now let's look at our actual strategy guide on how to beat hammerman's hq level 10.

How To Beat Hammerman's HQ Level 10

Pre planning is really important and we must already decide that on which weapon we are going to attack first and take it down. As we can see that the MMG in the center is the most powerful and normally we should destroy the most powerful weapons first but here we will attack and destroy the right mortar first. This is because if we attack the MMG 9000 first then it will take a long time to destroy it and till then the right mortar can do much damage to us. That's why our first strategy is to shoot 3 artillery on this right mortar. It's no problem if that doesn't completely destroy it because out troop can then take it down easily.

The next step will be to enter all your troops. If the right mortar is still there then first of all direct your troops towards it using a flare. When it is destroyed then your troop will start attacking the MMG in the center. Now keep attacking this MMG 9000 with all your troops. Make sure your Zookas are away from it because if Zookas are gone then we will lose. When your troops' health goes some down then boost their health using a medkit.

After the big MMG is destroyed, use a flare to direct your troops towards the left mortar. It will be destroyed very quickly. Now our way is completely clear! Now let your troops attack the radars and other bases, it will greatly decrease the hammerman's headquarter's health so we can destroy it fast. Within a few more seconds you will have successfully defeated the Hammerman's HQ level 10!

Below i have also embedded a video walkthrough of the above strategy. In hammerman's hq 10 walkthrough video below you can see me following the above mentioned strategy and defeating successfully the hammerman's hq 10.

One last thing i want to say is that although it is possible to beat Hammerman's HQ 10 at your home base headquarters level 5 but i recommend you to beat him after reaching at least hq level 6. This is because after you reach hq level 6 you will unlock one very important resource, which is stone. Stone is quite difficult to get in the beginning and if you defeat hammerman after reaching hq 6 then you will also get stones together with others rewards like gold, wood, power stones etc. However its up to you that when you actually want to beat him. Best of luck!