Donkey Kong For Android Free Download (N64, Wii, GBA & SNES Game)

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Donkey Kong android apk is now available here as a free download. This is the exact same game which we and almost everyone used to play on our nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii consoles. If you always wondered how to get donkey kong on android or how to download donkey kong on android then your search finally ends here. Here you can download donkey kong game app for android for free. Please note that we have not ported or providing you this donkey kong for android, we have just searched for this game online and finally found the original or genuine app and then letting you know about that here. Watch the video below to bring back your old golden memories when you used to play this game on your gaming consoles (which now you can play on your android phones and tablets).

Donkey Kong game has always been extremely popular. Now it can be found on almost all gaming consoles. But this is the only place where you will find the original nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii version donkey kong for android. This is the donkey kong android apk which you need to download and install on your android phone or android tablet to play. After installing the app on your phone or tablet just launch the game using the newly created icon on your home screen. A great new added feature is that you can also save and load your game anytime you want. You will find many save and load states so that you can save multiple game data.

If you search for this game on the android market then you will not find the original version but some copycat of the original game so don't look for donkey kong game on the android market. This is the place where you will find the exact same game which was available on nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii. So don't wait anymore and download donkey kong for android apk for free using the link below. After visiting the link below you will be able to choose the donkey kong game which you want to download. You can also see screenshots and gameplay video of each game before downloading.

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