Boom Beach: How To Get Unlimited Diamonds Fast & For Free (Legit Trick)

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Hey friends! did you always wanted to know how to get unlimited diamonds in boom beach? or is there any way to get unlimited boom beach diamonds fast? then here i have a really good news for you because in this post i will show you how to get unlimited free diamonds in this game. There are so many boom beach lovers who wish they had lots and lots of diamonds so that they could upgrade or max out everything instantly. But the problem is that most of them don't know how to get more diamonds fast, that's why i have created this post in which i will share my legitimate trick on how to get unlimited diamonds in boom beach fast and for free. In the video below you can see some of the best ways to spend your diamonds on in boom beach.

Boom Beach diamonds can be your most valuable resource in the game because using your diamonds you can upgrade anything instantly which saves you from several hours of waiting. Although you can buy these diamonds from inside the game itself but the game is quite generous and provides you several ways to get these boom beach diamonds for free. So before learning about my unlimited diamonds in boom beach method, let's first have a look at all the possible best way to get diamonds in boom beach. It's important that you first get to know these methods because then you will be able to better apply the unlimited diamonds method which i will share later in this post.

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds In Boom Beach For Free

Below are all the best ways to get free diamonds on boom beach. The below mentioned methods will work on all devices whether it be android, iphone or ipad. It doesn't matters what device you are playing this game on because the same methods will apply on all devices. These are the best boom beach diamonds tips you could ever find. So let's check out these awesome ways to get free diamonds fast in boom beach.

1. Collect treasure chests - Treasure chests are one of the most easiest ways to get free diamonds in boom beach. You can find these chests in the archipelago. They appear randomly every few hours and can contain anywhere from 2 to 6 or even more diamonds in each chest. So make sure you don't miss them and keep checking for them every few hours.

boom beach treasure chests

2. Complete Achievements - Unlocking achievements is a great way to get lots more diamonds. There are several achievements for you to unlock. You can get 10, 20, 25 or even 300 diamonds for completing many achievements. You can upgrade your headquarters, upgrade gold storage to a particular level, remove trees, destroy enemy bases etc to unlock various achievements.

3. OP Rewards from Task Force - You get op rewards if you are a part of a task force and they can contain several free diamonds for you. You don't get OP reward everyday, you only get them when an operation is finished. You also need to be at a particular level before you could join a task force.

boom beach how to get more diamonds

4. Defend an enemy attack - The game rewards you with some free diamonds if you successfully defend an enemy attack while you are offline. For that you need to have strong enough weapons at your base like sniper towers, cannon, mortar, flamethrower etc. The more upgraded and powerful your base is better you can defend an enemy attack to get more diamonds.

5. Destroy enemy troops - Boom Beach not only rewards you when you successfully prevent an enemy from destroying your base but also when you destroy enough troops of your enemy during the attack. If your base is destroyed during an enemy attack even then you have a chance to earn some diamonds depending upon how many enemy troops you have beaten. You can check how many diamonds you have earned by going to the archipelago then checking the activity log, there you can claim your diamonds.

6. Victory Point Rewards - You get daily victory point rewards which could contain diamonds together with other valuable resources like wood, stone, gold etc. You will get three choices to choose from and you can only choose one of them. So make sure you collect them everyday so you don't lose a chance to get some more diamonds.

boom beach how to get more diamonds

7. Unlock more regions in Archipelago - You can unlock more areas in the archipelago by upgrading your radar. Then use gold to unlock the areas. There you have a chance to get more treasure chests which contain 10 or more diamonds.

So you can see that the game already provides you several ways to earn some diamonds for free but if you use the above mentioned methods to earn diamonds then it will take you several weeks and lots of efforts to earn just a few hundred diamonds (and which will be consumed in just few minutes!). But luckily i was able to find a method using which you can get unlimited diamonds in boom beach without wasting that much time and effort. Using this awesome method you can get several thousands of diamonds in boom beach quite fast! The best thing about this method is that you can learn and apply this method within just few minutes of reading this. In the screenshot below you can see i have got 805 diamonds for free using this method (click the image for a bigger and better view).

boom beach how to get unlimited diamonds

I have clearly explained my method to get unlimited diamonds in boom beach in a short ebook (pdf). You can download this pdf and read it on your android, iphone, ipad or computer. You can download this ebook for free using the link below.

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