Boom Beach: How To Get Unlimited Wood Fast! (Awesome Trick!)

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In Boom Beach woods are one of the most important resources you will need. Without wood you can't upgrade anything in the game. There are so many things which you need to keep upgrading such as Headquarters, Vault, Sniper Tower, Gunboat, Landing Crafts, Mortar etc. etc. Almost everything in the game requires wood to upgrade so it's really important to keep producing more and more wood fast in Boom Beach.

In the beginning of the game, you won't feel much shortage of the wood because your economy and defense units will be in the beginning stages and hence won't need much wood but soon you will notice that you have not enough wood because the amount of wood required to upgrade them will keep on increasing as they reach higher levels. That's why it's really necessary to know how to get unlimited wood faster in Boom Beach. In this post i will show you how to get more free wood faster in Boom Beach. These are best tips for the production of unlimited and fast wood.After learning the methods below you will never need to ask how do i get more wood on boom beach. So let's get started!

How To Get More Wood In Boom Beach

First let's have a look at all the normal possible ways to get wood quickly in Boom Beach. Using these ways and tips you can learn how to get some quick, free and fast wood in Boom Beach.

1. Sawmill wood production - Sawmills are the most basic ways to get wood in Boom Beach. The more sawmills you can create more free wood you can generate. Also keep upgrading your sawmill to increase their level, this way they will produce much more wood per hour.

2. Harvesting Mangrove trees - You will find your home base island full of lots of Tress and some rocks. The good thing is that you can remove these mangrove trees and get the wood out of it in your wood storage. This is another good and easy way to get wood fast. In this method you actually convert gold to wood because you will need to spend gold to remove these trees. So this can also be called a method to buy wood in Boom Beach. However you can only remove a limited number of trees at every level. So in order to harvest more trees and get more easy wood you need to keep upgrading your experience level. The more higher experience level you are at the more trees you can remove.

3. Attacking enemy bases is one of the best ways in the game for getting more wood fast. Every time you attack and defeat an enemy base found in the archipelago, you get free wood. The higher the level of the enemy the more wood you will get. You can know how much wood you will get for defeating an enemy by tapping his island location in the archipelago before actually attacking him. This method can give you the most wood faster but its not easy to defeat some high level players (who give the most wood) and lower level enemies will not get you much wood.

4. Another great way to get more wood faster is to have one or more wood resource bases. While unlocking more areas in the archipelago you will come around some resource bases. You need to defeat the enemy at the resource bases to make it your own. Once you have acquired the base, it will become yours and it will keep giving you wood every hour. So try to find some wood resource bases and win it to get more free wood faster in Boom Beach

 5. Creating statues is a good way to increase the wood production rate from sawmills and wood resource bases. You will need some special stones called Power Stones to create statues. You specially need to create Life statues to boost the wood production rate. You can find these power stones after defeating enemies and bosses. You can create statues in the Sculptor.

6. Victory Point Rewards are an extra way way to get some wood in Boom Beach. The game gives you some random free rewards everyday for collecting victory points. The resources or items given in the Victory Point Reward is decided by the game so you may not get wood everyday but most of the time you should get it. You get to choose from three different things provided and you can select any one.

So the above are all the possible basic ways to get wood in Boom Beach. However the above mentioned method will take you a lot of time and effort to get wood and you will not get unlimited wood using the methods above. I have discovered a unique method which provides you unlimited wood almost instantly in Boom Beach. My unlimited wood method will give you so much wood that your wood storage will not be able to hold it and you will need to keep upgrading your wood storage, this unlimited wood method is so powerful!

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