Boom Beach Heavy: Incredible Strategies and All Tricks!

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Heavy is one of the most incredible and useful troops in Boom Beach, especially when you are on a lower level. He is a muscular guy who makes you stand in a battle for longer because he can take massive damage and at the same time attacking the enemy bases. You can unlock Heavy after reaching only Headquarters level 2, which won't take longer. In this post we will explore the most awesome tips, tricks and strategy especially for Heavy which will give you an in depth and useful knowledge about Heavy in Boom Beach. So let's start with his stats.

Boom Beach Heavy Stats

Below you can see the full stats of Heavy at each level. After looking at the stats you can know in advance what you can expect from Heavy upgrade and modify your troop upgrade strategy accordingly. These Heavy upgrade stats can be really useful for you. Please note that you can upgrade your Heavy in Armory and you will need lots of gold according to how many levels you want Heavy to upgrade. You will also need to keep upgrading your Armory to upgrade Heavy to more higher levels.

Level - Health - Damage Per Second (DPS)

Level 1 Heavy Stats = 1000-26
Level 2 Heavy Stats = 1080-28
Level 3 Heavy Stats = 1166-31
Level 4 Heavy Stats = 1260-33
Level 5 Heavy Stats = 1360-36
Level 6 Heavy Stats = 1469-39
Level 7 Heavy Stats = 1587-42
Level 8 Heavy Stats = 1714-46
Level 9 Heavy Stats = 1851-50
Level 10 Heavy Stats = 1999-54
Level 11 Heavy Stats = 2159-59
Level 12 Heavy Stats = 2332-64
Level 13 Heavy Stats = 2518-69
Level 14 Heavy Stats = 2720-75
Level 15 Heavy Stats = 2937-81
Level 16 Heavy Stats = 3172-88
Level 17 Heavy Stats = 3426-96
Level 18 Heavy Stats = 3700-104
Level 19 Heavy Stats = 3996-113
Level 20 Heavy Stats = 4316-123
Level 21 Heavy Stats = 4661-133

Boom Beach How To Get More Heavy 

Heavy is such a powerful player that you might want to add more Heavy to your Landing Crafts. In fact its actually a good and safe idea to have more than just a few Heavy troop. It greatly multiplies your power during the battles. So let's look at exactly how you to get more Heavy in Boom Beach.

In order to create more Heavy you need to upgrade your landing craft. Every time you upgrade your landing craft your Troop capacity increases by 1. Since the unit size of Heavy is 4 therefore you need to upgrade your landing craft 4 times to add 1 more Heavy to your landing craft. So it can be quite expensive or time consuming if you want to add many more Heavy in a single craft because the cost to upgrade your craft will keep increasing after each level upgrade. So the best thing and a much cheaper alternative is instead of upgrading a single craft, upgrade other crafts also and divide the Heavy among all those landing crafts. For example, you can put 2 Heavy in two crafts each instead of putting 4 Heavy in a single craft. You should also remember that a single landing Craft can hold a maximum of 6 Heavy and you can only assign one type of troop to a landing craft.

You will need lots of wood to upgrade your crafts. You can produce your wood in Sawmill. You can also upgrade your sawmills to produce more wood per hour. Other ways to get wood is to free as many villages as you can in the Archipelago. These villages will keep sending you wood through a boat. You can also remove some mangrove trees at your home island to get wood faster.

Boom Beach Heavy Max Level

A max level Heavy can be extremely disastrous for your enemies. Heavy with max level will have a health of 4661 and can do 133 damage per second. However it can take you a long time and effort to fully max out Heavy without spending diamonds because you need several thousands of Gold to reach max level Heavy. But don't worry if you can't wait to see a maxed out Heavy. In the video below you can see several max level Heavy troops in action!

Boom Beach Heavy Weakness

Is there really any Heavy weakness? I don't actually see any major weakness in Heavy but because we are exploring all the points of Heavy that's why we need to cover this topic as well. According to me there are a few weaknesses like the range of Heavy is short, due to which they have to go really close to enemy buildings to attack them and another one is damage per second (DPS), which is low. But these weaknesses can be easily overcome by upgrading Heavy to some more upper levels. This will increase his DPS and also his health.

Although there is one more weakness which can't be covered even after a good Heavy Upgrade and that is his unit size. The unit size of Heavy is 4 which is a lot, especially for new players. You need to upgrade your landing craft 4 times to accommodate just 1 more Heavy in it. Although its not a weakness in Heavy himself but can be for the players who love Heavy.

Besides all the above weaknesses we should not forget about Heavy damage capability which is quite good. Heavy damage ability ranges from 26 DPS at level 1 to 133 DPS at level 21.

Boom Beach Heavy Zooka Attack and Defense Strategy

In Boom Beach Heavy and Zooka can be a deadly combination for your enemies. The specialities of both these troop types are just opposite of each other. While Heavy is good for taking damage on himself on the other hand Zooka's weapons have a high DPS range. If you manage to get a good Heavy Zooka ratio then you can easily defeat the most powerful enemy bases.

Let's take a look at a perfect heavy zooka ratio. Let's say you currently have 3 landing crafts then the best ratio would be to have Heavy in 2 crafts and 1 landing craft with Zookas. The more troops of each kind you can manage to place in your crafts, the more powerful your attack will be. If you have 4 crafts then put Zookas in 2 crafts and Heavy in 2 Landing Crafts and so on. Keep upgrading your landing crafts to accomodate more heavy and zookas in there.

Now let's talk about the best Heavy Zooka attack strategy. There is one basic and powerful attack strategy when using this combination, and that is to send in your Heavy first, let them do the damage they can and also take the damage over them. After a few seconds, send in your Zooka troops and let them do as much damage as they can. This is a great defense strategy for Zooka. Because Zookas have very low Health compared to other troops that's why we need to keep them in defense and let them attack far from the base. If you follow this heavy and zooka attack and defense strategy then you will rarely lose a battle.