Minions Paradise Unlimited Free Doubloons Tricks!

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In this post i am going to share the best ways to get unlimited free doubloons in Minions Paradise. After learning these Minions Paradise unlimited free doubloons tricks you won't have to worry about doubloons anymore and you would be able to progress in the game at great speed, level up fast and unlock more quests.

Doubloons are one of the two in game currencies in Minions Paradise and is somewhat more difficult to get than sand dollars. Doubloons are also quite expensive to purchase in the game. They are used to craft or harvest any item instantly so it saves you a great amount of time. You can also use them to instantly purchase the items required to upgrade your storage. So you can understand how important and useful this Minions Paradise unlimited free doubloons method really is. Now that you know the importance of doubloons let's now look at actually how to get them without buying them for real money.

How To Get Unlimited Free Doubloons In Minions Paradise

Below are the ways to get unlimited doubloons in the game. The best thing is that all these tricks are genuine and if you keep repeating the methods as mentioned below then you will be having lots and lots of doubloons in your account without much effort. So without waiting anymore lets learn the actual methods.

1. Stuart's Concert Social Event - Social events are a great way to not only earn free doubloons but also sand dollars. There are three types of concerts of varying times in which you need to fill the orders. Here you can earn 5, 10 and 15 doubloons each time you participate in the event. These events run continuously throughout day and night. Another event instantly starts as soon as the previous one ends so make sure you don't miss any of them so that you can collect the most doubloons possible. Below are some special tips on how to quickly finish these events.

A. Make sure you connect your facebook account with the game and invite your friends to help you with Stuart's Concert. This way your friends can also help you in filling the orders quickly. Another benefit of inviting your facebook friends is that everyone participating or helping in the event will get the reward! So its more reward for less work.

B. Already having the required items in your storage can give you even more benefit because you won't have to wait for hours to collect the required items. After playing several events, you will notice that there are some specific items which are required in the Stuart's Concert. So you can craft these items in bulk in your free time and keep them ready in your storage so that you can instantly use them when needed in the event. You can also buy these items from the marketplace using sand dollars if you don't want to put in your time in collecting them.

2. Second way to collect doubloons is by playing the interesting mini games. There are 5 mini games in Minions Paradise and each of them have their specific cool down timings. Fishing Frenzy is the best mini game to earn unlimited free doubloons because its cool down time is just 1 minute and you need only 1 minion to play this mini game. Of course you can also play the other ones right after playing fishing frenzy to collect even more doubloons. However keep note that some mini games require 9 or 10 minions to play so make sure you have enough free minions if you want to play all the mini games.

3. There is one more way to get doubloons for free but i won't recommend you to depend on this method because it gives you the least doubloons in the longest time. It is by levelling up. You will get 2 doubloons when you level up by collecting the required party points. You will not receive them every time but most of the time you will. However i would recommend you the above two methods to get doubloons faster. Obviously you don't want to depend only on this third method in order to get free doubloons quickly.

So friends, the above are the only ways to get unlimited doubloons for free in Minions Paradise right now. Yes, you will have to play hard and invest in your time but it will pay off very well. If you use all the above methods then there will be no end to the number of free doubloons you can earn. Best of luck farming unlimited free doubloons!