Minions Paradise Unlimited Free Sand Dollars Tricks!

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Minions Paradise sand dollars are the most valuable in game currencies in the game. As you might know that they are mainly used to make several types of things from the "Store" like "Make Stuff", "Mix Stuff", "Decorate Stuff" and "Distractivities". Other than that they are also used to purchase any items from the marketplace which can greatly help in quickly finishing orders from Celebration Station Order and other quests. That's why sand dollars are so useful and in this post i will explain to you how to get unlimited free sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

After learning these Minions Paradise unlimited free sand dollars trick you can quickly generate several thousands of sand dollars in really short amount of time. These are the exact methods that i have used myself to collect around 1 million sand dollars for free! Yes, these tricks are so powerful that you can really generate that many sand dollars in the least time possible. So without waiting anymore, let's check out the actual methods to get unlimited free sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

How To Get Unlimited Free Sand Dollars In Minions Paradise

Below i am going to share how do i get several thousands or around 1 million sand dollars in fastest time possible. You can use some or all of the below tricks to collect the most amount of this in game currency.

1. Finishing Celebration Station Orders - This is one of the most basic ways to collect sand dollars. You simply collect and craft items required for the orders and just fill the orders and you get the specified amount of sand dollars and party points. You can always find several orders to be filled at the celebration station so there is plenty of opportunities for you. If the order requires some complex items then you will get higher amount of sand dollars.

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2. Levelling Up - levelling up is another most basic way to get sand dollars. Every time you level up you will receive a few thousand sand dollars. There is nothing special required here, you just collect party points to level up and earn sand dollars. The party meter bar at the top left of the screen is divided into 5 or 6 parts and you will get sand dollars every time you fill up each bar so you will receive free sand dollars for about 7 times at each level. That can add up to about 20,000 sand dollars at each level.

3. Stuart's Concert - You can play in this special event to earn not only sand dollars but also doubloons. Each special event is held for few hours and there are many events held everyday. The next special event starts right after the end of previous one so you have many chances here. You can take help from your facebook friends also to finish the orders faster. This way you and all your friends, who helped, will earn the rewards.

4. Phil's orders - There are also many Phil's quests. You can find an icon over phil's hut when there is any phil's quest available. These quests will also award you party points and sand dollars. Some of the quests' name from Phil are "Weapons by phil", "Hot Stuff", "Goin' Fishin'", "Going Bananas", "Chez Phil", "Cool Sculpture", "Phil on Ice" and many others. These quests are a great way to collect sand dollars and also many unique stickers for the Phil's stickerbook.

5. Story Quests - Other than Phil's quests there are also many story quests from many other characters like Kevin, French Maid, Bee-Do, Glam Slammer, Frankie Fishlips etc. You can find their quests from the celebration station. When a new story quest from these characters will be available, you can find their orders on the celebration station. You can then fill their orders to unlock their quests and earn sand dollars by completing them.

6. Mini Games - Mini games are a great way to farm unlimited sand dollars for free. There are 5 mini games so you can play all of them to earn free sand dollars and doubloons. But you should remember that some of these games require up to 10 free minions at a time so make sure you have enough minions to play. The best thing about mini games is that they run continuously throughout the day so you can keep playing for as many times as you want.

7. Selling to the Captain - You can find a minion standing in blue uniform near Phil's hut. He is ready to buy your items and pay you some sand dollars for it. He appears quite frequently near the Tiki Lounge to buy items from your storage. However i would recommend you to sell him only till you are at lower levels in the game. If you are at higher levels then use the next method mentioned below because you will get much more sand dollars this way.

8. Selling in the Marketplace - Marketplace opens up for you as soon as you reach level 7. Here you can sell your items at your own price (there is a minimum and maximum limit but you can set your price in between). You can unlock more selling slots using some doubloons and more slots means you can put more items on sale. You can put up to 6 number of any items at one slot at a time. You should try to sell items which are in demand because they will pay you the most sand dollars. If you see a green upward arrow next to an item then it means the demand is increasing for that item so you can craft and collect that item and put it on sale in the marketplace to get sand dollars.

So the above are some basic ways to get sand dollars in Minions Paradise. However it will take you a long time and lots of effort to get unlimited or millions of sand dollars using the above methods. I actually have 2 more super unique and secret methods which i use to collect up to or more than a million sand dollars very fast and without much effort. To know my other 2 secret methods you just need to share this post using the link below. As soon as you share this post using the below link you will be able to download a short ebook in which i have clearly explained my other 2 actual methods to get millions of sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

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