Minions Paradise How Many Levels Are There? Find Out Here!

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Everyone playing the Minions Paradise game wants to reach higher levels as soon as possible. But don't you want to know how many levels are there in Minions Paradise? If you visit the game's official social pages then you can find many players who are above level 40 in the game. Together with them you can also find many players asking about how many total levels are there.

In reality nobody knows the real answer but according to me there are infinite levels in the game. Because if they are going to cap the number of levels players can reach then it would also put an end to the players' progress. I myself don't want only a certain number of levels.

Right now i am level 50 and it took me a lot of time and effort to reach there. So one thing is clear that as we reach more higher levels then it is going to take more and more time and effort to reach the next level. When i was at level 49 then i needed 32500 party points to reach level 50 but finally when i reached level 50 then required points to reach level 51 jumped to 45000 party points! That's a lot of increase in asking points.

But one thing i was really happy about reaching level 50 was that i received 1 new minion joining my paradise after a long long time. Since many levels i was levelling up fast but not receiving any new minions which was quite discouraging but finally i got a new minion after reaching level 50. Since more minions means we can make more items that's why each and every minions is so valuable. Now i am just waiting to reach level 51 and see if i get some more minions or not.

I hope i will keep levelling up this way and the game will have lots and lots of levels so that we will have fun for a long long time!