Minions Paradise Guest of Honor Review & Best Strategy For Maximum Benefit

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Minions Paradise Guest of Honor is a new and really amazing feature in the Minions Paradise game. After the implementation of this feature, it has become a bit easier for players to collect and craft items or level up faster than before. In this post we will explain everything about this new system and what is the best strategy to follow so that you invite the right character at the right time for maximum benefit. Guest of Honor system has not only made the collection of resources faster but also more interesting for players. So lets see what actually its all about and how to use it.

Guest of Honor can be activated in the game every time you fill a block in the party bar, which is found at the top left of your screen. It's called the "Party Meter" and is divided into 5 or 6 parts. As soon as you complete a block by collecting party points, you will be able to activate the Guest of Honor. You will now see a popup where you will find several characters, one of whom you can invite for the party. Your selected character will then dance in his unique style on the stage which is pretty interesting and funny to watch. Earlier whenever Phil used to throw a party, you would see only Phil and the other minions dancing but now you will also find your choosen character dancing in there. You can also use the arrow symbols bottom left of the screen during the party to zoom in on your character to watch his dance more clearly.

But Guest of Honor is not only about inviting your favorite character for dancing during the party, the best thing is that each of theses characters will grant you specific advantages in the game for few hours. Each character will give you different benefit therefore you should choose the most required benefit at that time. Below we will explain the benefit of inviting every character which are available right now in the game and also some strategies for each so that you know which character you should invite.

Minions Paradise Guest of Honor All Characters

So below are the details of each and every characters available to choose from the Guest of Honor screen along with the benefit they will provide you in the game.

Glam Slammer - Glam Slammer is a wrestler who can give you advantage with your distractivities. If you invite him, then you can get your distractivities to produce party points at double speed i.e. 2x for 16 hours. I have invited him and was amazed to see his funny dance, you should also definitely invite him. However in order to benefit the most i would recommend you to invite him only when you have at least 10+ distractivities. The more distractivities you have, more party points you can produce. Also if are on lower level and want to increase your levelling rate to unlock more items then you should choose him.

Mr. Spikey - He is a character with spikes on his suite and he is quite cute to see. I haven't invited him yet but this character will let you collect and craft your items at double speed for 16 hours. You can invite him when you want to finish several orders on the celebration Station quickly. Put the items in the queue and let the game make them at double speed while you rest for the whole day.

Professor Flux - He is a really intelligent scientist and so is his benefit that you will get. By inviting Professor Flux you can speed up your distractivities at triple speed i.e. 3x. You can call it a better version advantage of Glam Slammer. I have invited him and was surprised to see how fast i was making party points from my distractivities. For example - if one of your distractivities takes 30 minutes to make party points then after inviting Professor Flux you can produce the same points in just 10 minutes! But a downside is that it will be active for only 4 hours. But i can tell you that in these 4 hours you can generate several thousands of party points if you have a good enough distractivities farm. I recommend you to use it when you have time to play the game continuously for few hours. It is best for frequent players who play the game for several hours. If you play the game for just a few times a day then you won't get much benefit by inviting this character.

Frankie Fishlips - He is a villain who can help you make your items at double speed for 13 hours and 30 minutes. The benefit is not much different from Mr. Spikey and unless you want to see Fishlip's funny dance, you could choose Mr. Spikey over him. In the video below you can watch me inviting Frankie Fishlips in the Guest of Honor. You will really enjoy his uniqe dance style!

Kevin - You might already be much familiar with Kevin the minion. In minions paradise game you can always see him standing at the villain island. When you invite him, he will speed up your distractivities by 2x for 12 hours. I would recommend Glam Slammer over Kevin because Glam will give you the same benefit for 16 hours.

French Maid - French Maid will give you an ultimate advantage in the game. After inviting her, you will get 3x the rewards for completing any orders from the celebration station. If you are short on sand dollars then it is best to invite French Maid and get lots of sand dollars fast by finishing orders quickly.

BEE-DO - He is a really popular character. After inviting him you will speed up your distractivities by 2x for 12 hours which is same as Kevin's. So Glam Slammer is still superior and more advantageous than both Kevin and BEE-DO.

Bob - Bob is a cute little funny minion. He will give you almost similar advantage like French Maid. You will get double reward for finishing celebration station orders but it will be active for 8 hours unlike 4 hours for French Maid. So if you want more rewards faster but are short on time then you can invite French Maid and if you have enough time to play on that day then go for Bob.

Stuart - Stuart will allow you to make your items at double speed but for just 8 hours. He is far less advantageous than Mr. Spikey and Frankie Fishlips who give the same advantage for 16 hours and 13 hours 30 minutes respectively. I doubt anyone will choose him over the two others if their only motive is to benefit in the game however if you want to enjoy Stuart's unique funny dance then you should choose him at least once.

So the above are all the character currently available at the Guest of Honor selection screen. After reading the details above you can easily decide which one should you choose and when. Besides the above details, i found some other important points which i am mentioning below.

1. One important thing to remember is that you can't invite the same character consecutively if you had choosen him as the previous Guest of Honor. You can only invite him again after 5 more parties. If you want to select the same character again then you can do so by paying 25 doubloons.

2. The second thing to note is that if you invite a new character while previous characters' benefit is active then the previous character's remaining advantage time will end. For example - You have invited Glam Slammer who speeds up your distractivities for 16 hours. Now let's say you still have 8 hours left and you invite Mr. Spikey then your remaining time of 8 hours from Glam Slammer will be gone and your new benefit from Mr. Spikey will be active now. So make sure you keep this in mind and try to completely use the current benefit before inviting a new character from Guest of Honor.

So this is everything you need to know about Minions Paradise Guest of Honor system. After learning the strategies mentioned above you will now be familiar with each guest and will know which one you should invite at that time.