Minions Paradise All Mini Games Review With Super Tips!

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There is no doubt that Minions Paradise is the most fun minions mobile game ever. The game has several kind of tasks to be completed by the players. Occasionally you might feel bored of the regular harvesting and crafting of items therefore the game also offers some mini games which can refresh your mood.

Other than the regular story quests of the characters and filling of orders, we can also play mini games in Minions Paradise. There are a total of 5 interesting mini games. In this post we will have a look at all these games and also share some tips and tricks to get the most out of these games.

Mini games are located at various parts of the island. They can be accessed by navigating directly on the island or through the totem pole. However in the beginning you will find that these mini games are locked. In order to unlock any of these, you will need to clear out the area surrounding that mini game by clearing the grass. You can learn our tricks as mentioned here to learn how to expand your paradise fast and unlock these mini games.

Mini games are not only really fun to play but can also be really beneficial for your in game progress. Before looking at each of these mini games individually, first let's look at some benefits of playing these mini games.

Minions Paradise Mini Games Benefits

Below are the following ways in which these games can be useful for you in the game.

1. You will get some party points every time you play any of these games. Each game offers different amount of party points which you will earn for playing it. So they can be a good source to quickly collect some party points for a few seconds of fun.

2. You will also find the hidden mignette of totem pole at these mini games. You need to collect all 5 pieces of the totem pole to unlock it. You can then shuffle the pieces to make various designs of your totem pole and decorate your paradise.

3. The best benefit of playing mini games is that you will earn free doubloons and sand dollars. Usually you can earn 5 doubloons or 3000 sand dollars but may be this could change. You will not earn both of these together but alternatively.

So the above are the ways in which unlocking and playing these mini games can be useful for you. Now let's have an in depth look at each mini game and also some tips.

Minions Paradise Mini Games Review

Below are the full details and tips regarding all 5 mini games in Minions Paradise.

1. Fishing Frenzy - Fishing Frenzy is the first and the most beautiful 3d mini game in Minions Paradise. In this interesting game you need to collect the golden alligator teeth to earn points. When you start playing this game, a random minion will come whom you will control to jump over obstacles and collect golden alligator teeth. The difficulty level of the game is medium in the beginning but after playing for several times it will become quite easy for you to collect these golden teeth.

As you might know that there is a waiting time for each mini game. You can't keep playing continuously a mini game. The best thing is that Fishing frenzy has a cool down time of just 60 seconds so you can play after just 1 minute of wait. Another great thing is that you need just 1 minion to play it which is cool! You will get certain number of points for each action while it like for jumping over obstacles, collecting a golden teeth and passing through a checkpoint. You need to collect a total of 7500 points to get your reward. If you want to collect some doubloons and sand dollars fast then you can do so by playing this mini due to the benefits as mentioned above.

2. Mango Toss - Mango Toss game requires you to use more skills than Fishing Frenzy. In mango Toss, you have to throw mango from top of the tree into the baskets on the island. For the first few times you play it, its almost guaranteed that you won't be able to throw your mangoes in the target. It is a bit difficult than other mini games but is also more fun than others to play. You will get 15 party points every time you play it and you also need 9 minions to play it. You have to collect 2500 points and waiting time is 5 minutes after each play.

The best tip to throw your mangoes correctly is to take at least 1 second to swipe your finger towards the basket. There is a total time of 46 seconds but instead of missing several shots, it is better to throw correctly in just 1 chance so taking 1 seconds of time to throw each mango is the best way to collect maximum points.

Another best tip is to swipe your finger and stop just about half an inch before the basket holding minions. This will make sure you will successfully throw almost all your mangoes at the correct places.

3. Butterfly Catch - Butterfly Catch is another mini game in the paradise. You need just 2 minions to play this game but you won't find it much interesting to play. At least i didn't find it much attractive unlike the other mini games. You have to catch butterflies with your net which will give you 1, 5 and 10 points for catching different colored butterflies. If you got stung with bees (which you will) then you will lose 1 point. I find it quite boring because if you got stung with any bees then for few seconds you won't be able to do anything. Another reason i didn't liked it much is because you will get very few points while playing it each time and need 5000 points to claim your reward so it will take you a long long time get your reward.

4. Water Slide Dive - Water Slide Dive is the least skill requiring mini game. You don't need any special skills to collect points here. You can also assume that in this mini game, the points are not in your hands and is decided by the game mainly. The game ends in just one touch. The only good thing is the beautiful animation work. You will see a minion climbing and preparing to slide and finally dives into the sea.

You need just 1 minion to play it and the cool down time is 5 minutes. This mini game will take the most time for you to claim your reward. While playing it, you basically have to just tap once at the right time and you can get a score of anywhere from 1 to 4 which can give you 10, 50, 100 or 150 points while the target total is 5500 points! So it will take you long long time and according to me this Water Slide Dive is not worth playing. I dislike it the most among all mini games due to the reasons as stated above.

5. Topiary Treasure Hunt - You can say Topiary Treasure Hunt is the most easiest mini game in Minions Paradise. The best tip here is to just keep looking around the bush while minions are cutting it and start tapping the leaves as soon as they drop on the ground. You can tap a leaf multiple times to make sure you collect it quickly and correctly. The bronze leaf will give you 1 point, silver leaf will give you 5 points and the golden leaf will give you the most points, i.e. 20 points. You will need 10 minions to play it and need a total score of 1500 points to claim the reward. The cool down time is 5 minutes.

So friends this was my review of all Minions Paradise's mini game. Hope you liked the details mentioned and the tips to score the most points possible in each mini game.