Minions Paradise 1 Million Sand Dollars Reached! Learn My Trick!

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Today i am very happy because i have finally collected more than 1 million sand dollars in Minions Paradise. So this is a post in which i want to brag about it and also share some of my tips about how i reached to this point in very short time period.

Being a Minions Paradise player, you might know that how important and useful sand dollars are in the game. Using these sand dollars you can buy any item from the marketplace, whenever you want. It saves you a lot of time from manually crafting and collecting those items. This way you can use your minions for other works in the game, like in distractivities for generating party points to level up fast etc.

minions paradise one million sand dollars

I still can't believe that i have over 1 million sand dollars in my account and that too without spending any money in the game. This is one of the things i liked the most about this game. The game does not forces you to spend real money in order to progress in the game. This is why i love playing this game everyday.

There are many ways in the game to earn sand dollars like playing the mini games, filling celebration station orders, participating in events etc. but these things won't allow you to collect millions of sand dollars fast. So for all of you i have created a post specially for teaching you how to get unlimited sand dollars in Minions Paradise for free and in the shortest time possible. Make sure you don't forget to check out that post if you too want to earn infinite sand dollars for free.

You know, when you have too much of something then you start to think that you are never going to lose all of it ever but that's not true. I think that if i start spending these sand dollars like crazy then i might lose all of it in just few days. I have noticed it once when i had about half a million sand dollars. I started buying items very carelessly and then i realized that i have reached to 3,50,000 sand dollars from half a million in just few hours! So i just want to advise you that to only spend your sand dollars when its really necessary, even if you have one million sand dollars.