Boom Beach: How To Gain Experience Points Incredibly Fast!

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Boom Beach experience level is one of the most important things which you need to constantly upgrade in Boom Beach. You can't even think about destroying powerful enemy bases without increasing your experience level using experience points. This is why most players and especially new players keep asking how to gain experience points in boom beach. So for all of those players, we have created this post which will teach you some powerful ways to generate Boom Beach experience points and increase your experience level fast. These are the best tips you will ever find to gain fast exp or xp in Boom Beach so make sure you read these tips and tricks carefully.

Upgrading your experience level is important because you can't upgrade your Headquarters without reaching at a certain experience level. For example, in order to upgrade your Headquarters to level 6 you must be at experience level 11. At every level you need to get a specified number of experience points to reach the next experience level. You can find out how many points you need by tapping your experience level number at the top left of the screen. There you can see how many points you have right now and the total number of points you need to get. So let's look at exactly how to gain experience points fast in Boom Beach.

How To Get Experience Points In Boom Beach

Below you can learn the Boom Beach quick xp generating tips!

1. Upgrading your base buildings or any storage units like Residence, Sawmill, Gold Storage, Sniper Tower, Machine Gun, Cannon, Flamethrower, Landing Craft, Gunboat etc. is the most common way to gain experience points. Every time you upgrade any of these types of things, you will earn experience points towards your experience level. You can find out how many points you will earn for upgrading any object at the upgrade confirmation window of that object.

2. You can also earn experience points from the Armory. Armory is a place where you can upgrade your attacking units which includes your troops like Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Warrior, Grenadier, Scorcher and other things like Artillery, Flare, Boom Mine, Barrage etc. By upgrading them you increase your ability to tackle higher level and more powerful Blackguards.

The above are the only ways to collect experience points in Boom Beach. So in the end it comes down to resources. To upgrade your buildings you need wood and to upgrade the things listed in step 2 above, you need gold. If you keep producing enough gold and wood then indirectly you can keep upgrading your level. So let's look at some of the ways to get wood and gold in Boom Beach.

First we will look at how to produce wood. Your main and most common source of wood is Sawmill. The more sawmill you create, more wood you can produce. You should also keep upgrading your sawmill, this will increase its level and then your sawmill can produce much more wood.

Another fast way to get wood is to remove the mangrove trees found at your home island. The more trees you can remove, more wood you will get.

Now lets look at some of the ways to get gold. Just like Sawmill produces wood, Residence produces gold in Boom Beach. The more Residence you can create and upgrade, more faster you can produce gold.

Second way to earn gold is to defeat and free the villages in the archipelago. Each free village will keep sending you gold through a boat, as a thanks for saving them. The more villages you can free, more gold you will keep getting from them. You can upgrade your Radar to find and explore more villages in the archipelago.

Now in order to gain experience points, you just need to keep collecting wood and gold using the methods as described above and keep upgrading your buildings, troops, objects etc. and you will never stop upgrading your experience level in Boom Beach!

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