Minions Paradise How To Quickly Craft and Harvest Items

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In Minions Paradise, crafting more items quickly is the key to levelling up fast and discovering more new stories and quests. There are too many types of items in the game which you need to craft and harvest. Some of these items can be created in few minutes but as you reach more higher levels, you will need to harvest and craft more complex items. Many of these items can take several hours to be crafted. Like it takes 7 and a half hours to create rubbers, 6 hours to create firefly, 4 hours to create paper from paper slicer etc.

So you can see how time consuming it can be to harvest and craft just a few quantities of these items that's why here we are going to share some tips using which you can significantly decrease the time required to make these items and also make more items in less time.

How To Craft and Harvest More Items Quickly

Below are some super tricks to make your paradise items quickly. Follow them and you will start to level up a lot faster and unlock more stories with new characters quickly.

1. Everyday when you start playing the game, your first priority should be to reach the nearest party meter as soon as possible. As soon as you fill your nearest party meter, you will get a speed boost 2x for the next 8 hours. During this period your items will be manufactured a lot faster, almost in half time than their regular required timings. At every level you 5 opportunities to get these speed boost powers. You can see them on the top left of the screen, your party points meter at each level will be divided into 5 parts. At the end if each part you will get a speed boost. You need to collect lots of party points to fill up your meter quickly and thus get a boost, so check out our this post here. You will find our superb tricks to collect several hundreds of party points quickly.

2. You can make more items quickly in the game by unlocking more slots in your "Mix Stuff" houses like "Tool Shed", "Gadget Shack", "Weapons Armory", "Rec Center" etc. Unlocking more slots means you can place more items in the queue and its production will start instantly as soon as the last item has finished, thus saving you a lot of your valuable time. You can unlock these slots using doubloons. The first slot can be unlocked using 8 doubloons then the next one for 16 doubloons and so on.

3. Already keeping some quantity of some basic items in your storage can also help you in crafting complex items faster. There are some basic items in the game which are to be used the most like coconuts, gas clouds, bamboo, ice etc. These are the building blocks of more complex items so if you will already have them in your storage then you will save a lot of time by not needing to harvest them. To store all these items beforehand, your storage capacity should be upgraded enough to hold lots of items, you can use our tricks mentioned at this post to know how to quickly expand your storage and hold more items in it.

4. If you are interested in crafting items much faster by spending a small amount of in game currencies then you can use this method also. This method involves buying items directly from Marketplace by paying sand dollars. But instead of buying the final finished item, you should buy the basic building items for it because these basic items will be much much cheaper than the final item. Then just put these basic items in the production houses to craft your final item. This way you can cheaply and quickly make your items. Here is an example - lets say you have to craft a "frozen banana" which requires ice and banana so instead of buying the frozen banana from the marketplace you can buy just ice and banana because they will be a lot cheaper than frozen banana. You can then use these ingredients to make frozen banana in "Chez Phil".

So friends, these are our tips and tricks using which you can harvest and craft items a lot faster in Minions Paradise. Make sure you use some or all of these to greatly boost your progress rate in the game and have more fun.