Minions Paradise How To Level Up Fast! (Tricks From Level 50 Player)

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Minions Paradise is gaining popularity quite fast and now everyone wants to know about how to level up fast in Minions Paradise. If you are a minions paradise player then you might be familiar about minions paradise levels. At every level we need to collect certain number of party points in order to level up, like we need about 14000 party points to reach level 40. 27000 points for level 44. 29000 party points to reach level 46. So you can see that the points required to level up will keep going higher and higher and some times you can find a tremendous increase of like 10 thousand party points to reach next level. In this post i will share my Minions Paradise tips and tricks to level up fast. You will learn about the strategy which i use to level up extremely fast in minions paradise. Using this method i have been able to collect 20000 or more party points in a day quite easily.

Before going towards the actual tips and tricks let me tell you about the benefits of leveling up in minions paradise. There are many benefits which you receive every time you level up. However the greatest benefit of reaching a higher level is that you will get more minions joining your paradise. You will get 1 or 2 more minions on reaching certain levels (right now i have 29 minions at level 45). More minions means you can produce more items quickly and thus have more fun!

Other things that you get after leveling up are free doubloons and sand dollars. You will get 2 doubloons and a few thousand sand dollars as a leveling up reward. These in game currencies help you to manufacture items instantly or buy them from the marketplace.

One more benefit is that you get to unlock some items quickly which can only be unlocked at certain levels. These items can stop your game progress because being on a lower level you won't be able to unlock and create them. So the sooner you reach higher levels, more quickly you will be able to unlock these kinds of objects.

So you learnt about the rewards, now let's know about the regular or basic ways to collect party points in the game. Below you can find all the regular ways to get party points in the game.

1. Celebration Station orders - You can always find your celebration station filled with lots of orders which you need to complete. Each order completion will reward you with party points and sand dollars. You will get higher reward from the order which requires more time to make the items required for that order. The rewards are already mentioned at the top of each order so you can choose which one to complete.

2. Phil's orders - Phil also have some orders for you but not always. You can periodically check him out if he has some orders to complete. You can know about it by observing a special symbol over his hut when its available.

3. Special Character's orders - Occasionally you will find new characters in the game from the Minions movie. You can unlock them by completing their orders from the celebration station. These characters have their own story and their own special orders for you. You can unlock these characters and complete their orders also to collect party points.
4. "Mix Stuff" Manufacturing units - There are some special production houses in the game which are used to produce more complex type of items like grenade, freeze ray, ice sculpture, remote control car, ice cream, sushi, headlamp, grappling hook and many many more. Each time you make any of these items, you will earn party points. These special production units are Weapons Armory, Rec Center, Chez Phil, Tool Shed and Gadget Shack. You can create these houses by touching the hammer icon at the bottom left of your screen and then choosing "Mix Stuff".

5. Mini Games - You will get a few party points every time you play any of the mini games in Minions Paradise. You can play them after every few minutes and get some points.

So the above are all the basic ways to accumulate party points in Minions Paradise. If you invest your time in the game spending time in collecting points from the above places then soon you will be able to collect several hundred points fast.

I am however not depending upon the above places only to level up. I spend some time at the above mentioned places but only when its required. The above mentioned methods will take a lot of effort and time to give you points. I use a different strategy to level up fast in the game. I use a party points farming kind of method to quickly farm several hundreds of party points quickly and level up fast. I will explain about my party points farm strategy below. You too can use the levelling up guide below to level up quickly in Minions Paradise.

How To Level Up Fast In Minions Paradise

I have actually dedicated a complete area which is being used to make party points only. I have cleared out a whole area and have created some "Distractivities" on it. Distractivities are the enjoying spots of your minions. At these points you can make your minions play games like volleyball, soccer, table tennis etc and in return you will get party points. There are many kinds of distractivities like Paradise Pinata, Volleyball net, Island soccer, table tennis set, lounge chair, flying disc, hot tub, leisure swing and more. The great thing is that except a few, you can create up to 5 numbers of each of these activities. However the price will keep on increasing for the next activity you create of the same kind.

The trick is to create as many of these distractivities as possible. Try to allocate an entire area for farming party points using distractivities only. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to pay using doubloons and sand dollars to create them and the price will also keep increasing therefore i would recommend you to don't waste your sand dollars on purchasing items instead save them for making these distractivities games first. You can make your items without using sand dollars so keep saving them until you have enough activities created in your farm.

Each of the distractivities create different numbers of party points in different number of minutes. If you have just started making your farm then i would recommend you to start with creating a few Hammock which will give you 20 points in 5 minutes. Then after collecting more sand dollars and levelling up you can create several volleyball nets and horseshoes. After that you can progress further to create the most advanced ones like Flying Disc and Leisure Swing which give you 200 points in an hour and 450 party points in 3 hours respectively. However the last ones are the most expensive and you must have lots of doubloons to create them. But remember that once you create them, you will keep earning party points from them forever and level up fast.

So friends this is my Minions Paradise leveling up guide. Using the above strategy i have been able to level up quite fast in Minions Paradise and now you too can utilize my above tips and tricks to level up quickly.

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