Minions Paradise How To Get Rope, Wood and Palm

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In Minions Paradise, rope, wood and palm are the most important items if you want to progress faster. These are the three things which you need in order to expand your storage. If you don't have a big enough storage capacity then you won't be able to hold more number of items and if you can't store your items then there would be no point of creating them. That's why you should periodically keep expanding your storage using wood, rope and palm.

In this post i will explain you about all the possible ways to collect these three items in the game. You can choose any of these methods according to you, so let's check them out!

How To Get Rope, Wood and Palm

1. The basic and the most cheapest way to get them is by harvesting different items in the game. You need to just simply play your game and occasionally you will find any of these three items drop while harvesting. They can drop while harvesting coconuts from coconut grove, gas clouds from Gaseous Swamp, bamboo from bamboo grove etc. However this method requires some patience but sooner or later wood, rope and palm will drop from them. If you want a more quicker way to obtain them then check out the next method.

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2. Marketplace is the best place to get any of your required items including rope, wood and palm. Go to the "Buy" panel of marketplace and check if any of the slots have one of these items. You can refresh every 5 minutes to get new items for you. Also don't forget to link your facebook account with the game to unlock all the slots. Right now these items are not much expensive and you can buy them for few hundred sand dollars.

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3. This third method is the most expensive one so if you need to urgently upgrade your storage instantly or you don't have enough patience of some days then you can use this method. It's really straightforward, just buy them using doubloons. But remember that doubloons are harder to get than sand dollars and if you decide to expand your storage using doubloons then you won't have the option to buy any of these three items individually. You will have to buy all them together, which can cost you a lot of doubloons unless you are short by just a few rope, wood or palm.

One more thing to remember is that every time you upgrade your storage, the next time you will need one more wood, rope and palm than the previous time. Means right now you might need 5 rope, wood and palm then after you expand your storage, you will then need 6 quantities of all these items and so on.

So the above are all the possible ways to get wood, rope and palm in minions paradise. I believe that most players go for the first method and some rare players would go for the third one. You can choose whichever you find best according to you just remember that you don't necessarily need to spend real money or in game currencies to obtain these items.