Minions Paradise: How To Expand Your Paradise Fast!

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The game for which every minion fan were waiting for has finally arrived in play store. We are talking about the new amazing minions mobile game called "Minions Paradise" from EA. The game has finally been released globally and you can now download it for free.

We are soon going to post some amazing and useful posts about this game with helpful tips, tricks and tutorials to help you progress faster in coming days. In this post we are going to tell you how to expand your paradise quickly so that you have more land or space for placing decorative stuffs or manufacturing and mixing units like Bamboo Grove, Razor Clam Bed, Ice Mountain, Tool Shed, Gadget Shack etc. etc.

When you start playing the game, you will find that most areas on your paradise are full of grasses and debris. In order to clean up the space by cutting these grasses and debris, you will need some specific items like Fish Stick, Lawn Mover, Sickle, Saw and Pickaxe. You can know the required items and their quantity by touching an area to clean up whether it be a grassy area or an area with some debris.

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How To Quickly Expand Your Paradise

There are a few ways to obtain these items in the game. The basic source to get these items is by harvesting items from coconut grove, gaseous swamp and bamboo grove. You can also find them at more advanced units like Spider Web Farm, Ice Mountain, Banana Grove etc. You will find the required items pop up randomly while you employ your minions in the above manufacturing units. They don't arrive too often but the more you harvest, more is your chance to get these items. So the game needs you to give in your time in the game and progress steadily.

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Another way to obtain these items is by purchasing them from the marketplace. You can find these items quite often in the marketplace and they are often in pack of 2, 3 or more. You can buy them using sand dollars, which acts as one of the in game currencies. The game offers you several ways to earn these sand dollars for free.

Also note that the price of any items in the marketplace is not fixed at a certain price because they are being sold by other users of the game. The price can be increased or decreased by the players while putting the item in the marketplace. Some users price these items little higher while others like to sell them cheaper so that their items are sold quickly. So you can find the same item at varying prices.

So the best method to expand your paradise fast in minions paradise is to keep collecting sand dollars from various sources in the game and don't waste them on items which can be manufactured easily. Don't buy those items in the marketplace which you can harvest in some time. The trick is to keep collecting these sand dollars and use them to buy the items required to clean up the paradise. It doesn't really takes a lot of time to collect thousands of sand dollars. So use them wisely and very quickly you will be able to expand your paradise.