Best Fiends Yellow & Blue Meteormites Tricks!

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In this post i am going to explain about the yellow meteormites and the blue meteormites in Best Fiends game and some useful tips and tricks about these two types of meteor mites.

There are two types of meteormites in the game namely the Yellow Meteormites and the Blue Meteormites. You need both these kinds of meteor mites to rank up your characters so that they can become more powerful. They are really important in the game because you need them in order to rank up your characters otherwise you will have to spend lots and lots of diamonds to upgrade your characters.

While playing the game you will notice that blue meteormites are more rare than the yellow meteormites. So be wise and spend these meteormites carefully.

How to Get Yellow and Blue Meteormites in Best Fiends

Below you can find all the possible ways to collect lots of meteormites in Best Fiends.

1. The most simplest way to collect them is by playing the game. You will find some yellow meteor mites while matching and blasting several matching colors. However you will find only yellow ones this way and they can be 1 or 2 in numbers.

You should also try to use as less moves as you can to finish the level because after you have cleared the level, the number of moves you have left will blast out random colored blocks and will give you even more meteors.

2. This one is the best way to get huge number of these meteors at once. After you finish a level, you will get 3 keys which you can use to open three random locks in the game which arrives just after claiming the keys on finishing a level. There will be nine locks behind which you can find diamonds, energy, yellow meteormites and blue meteormites. If you are lucky then you can find up to 1000 meteormites or more! You can also find and unlock new characters behind these locks if you are super lucky.

You get these three keys only once for completing each level, after that even if you refinish that level, you won't get the free keys. Besides the 3 keys you get, you can also purchase additional keys using diamonds. However the cost will keep increasing with more levels you unlock.

3. The third source to get these meteormites from is the "Fiend of Fortune" which is a spin the wheel game. You will get to spin this wheel once every 10 minutes so you can play this for 6 times in an hour. In Fiend of Fortune, you can win free energy, keys, yellow meteormites, blue meteormites, diamonds and also increase your energy capacity. The rewards are really interesting and for free.

So the above are all the ways to find these meteormites in the game. The more you engage yourself in the game, the more you will be rewarded with these meteor mites.