Best Fiends Halloween Special Tricks!

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If Best Fiends is one of your favorite mobile games then you could be really happy today because the game has got an amazing update today called "Best Fiends Halloween Special". The game's theme has changed a lot and you can find scary pumpkins, lamp posts and spiders hanging on the main screen.

But other than that there are also some other special updates. One of which is the arrival of a new super rare fiend called "Woody". This fiend has a unique ability to create Beetle Bugs which convert two blocks to yellow flowers at each turn. This new fiend can only be unlocked using real money. If you decide to purchase him, you will get a level 5 Woody fiend with an attack power of 300.

That's not all yet! There is one more special thing in this update and this is the one i like the most in this Halloween update. It's the introduction of the new Monster Slugs in the game. For a limited time, you have the chance to get free gold and diamonds by defeating these monster slugs. After opening the game you will find a big round monster slug symbol. On tapping it you can see how many gold or diamonds you will be rewarded after defeating the specified number of the new monster slugs. In the beginning it will say that on defeating 10 monsters you will get 50 diamonds, then 100 diamonds for beating 25 and 5 gold for defeating 50.

The great thing is that you will find new rewards sliding in as you keep achieving the current ones. That means the target slugs will keep increasing and so will the rewards. I have just played for an hour after updating the game and mine currently says, defeat 1600 monster slugs to earn 300 free diamonds. In the video below you can watch me defeating all 2500 monster slugs and claiming the final reward.

These new slugs will not be found at any special location. You just have to play your game normally, basically the ones whose goal is to defeat specified number of slugs. On entering the levels you will find that they have been transformed from regular slugs to Monster Slugs.

This is a really good opportunity to collect free gold and diamonds. Also don't forget that this is for limited time only so grab it with both hands till it lasts. To give you the maximum benefit of this update , below i am posting some tricks which you can use to defeat maximum monsters and as quickly as possible.

Best Fiends Halloween Special Monster Slugs Tricks

1. Choose only those levels whose goal is to beat slugs only and don't require any particular colored flowers to be collected. Also the more number of slugs required to be defeated the better it is. One such level is level 16 which requires 8 enemies to be beaten. Being a lower level its also really easy to finish this level quickly.

2. Choose only your best fiends before starting the level. Their skill type doesn't matters in this particular case because our main goal is to defeat monster slugs only. So the maximum damage you can do using any skill type the better it is. I would recommend to rank up your fiends to at least level 5.

3. Select a level which you find easy to finish and replay it again and again until all your energy exhausts. You can play the same level infinite times to beat these slugs and your monster slugs defeated count will keep increasing. After few hours when your energy is restored then again follow the same method.

So use the above super tips and collect unlimited diamonds and gold for free in this Halloween Special Best Fiends update!