In Minions Paradise, crafting more items quickly is the key to levelling up fast and discovering more new stories and quests. There are too many types of items in the game which you need to craft and harvest. Some of these items can be created in few minutes but as you reach more higher levels, you will need to harvest and craft more complex items. Many of these items can take several hours to be crafted. Like it takes 7 and a half hours to create rubbers, 6 hours to create firefly, 4 hours to create paper from paper slicer etc.

So you can see how time consuming it can be to harvest and craft just a few quantities of these items that's why here we are going to share some tips using which you can significantly decrease the time required to make these items and also make more items in less time.

How To Craft and Harvest More Items Quickly

Below are some super tricks to make your paradise items quickly. Follow them and you will start to level up a lot faster and unlock more stories with new characters quickly.

1. Everyday when you start playing the game, your first priority should be to reach the nearest party meter as soon as possible. As soon as you fill your nearest party meter, you will get a speed boost 2x for the next 8 hours. During this period your items will be manufactured a lot faster, almost in half time than their regular required timings. At every level you 5 opportunities to get these speed boost powers. You can see them on the top left of the screen, your party points meter at each level will be divided into 5 parts. At the end if each part you will get a speed boost. You need to collect lots of party points to fill up your meter quickly and thus get a boost, so check out our this post here. You will find our superb tricks to collect several hundreds of party points quickly.

2. You can make more items quickly in the game by unlocking more slots in your "Mix Stuff" houses like "Tool Shed", "Gadget Shack", "Weapons Armory", "Rec Center" etc. Unlocking more slots means you can place more items in the queue and its production will start instantly as soon as the last item has finished, thus saving you a lot of your valuable time. You can unlock these slots using doubloons. The first slot can be unlocked using 8 doubloons then the next one for 16 doubloons and so on.

3. Already keeping some quantity of some basic items in your storage can also help you in crafting complex items faster. There are some basic items in the game which are to be used the most like coconuts, gas clouds, bamboo, ice etc. These are the building blocks of more complex items so if you will already have them in your storage then you will save a lot of time by not needing to harvest them. To store all these items beforehand, your storage capacity should be upgraded enough to hold lots of items, you can use our tricks mentioned at this post to know how to quickly expand your storage and hold more items in it.

4. If you are interested in crafting items much faster by spending a small amount of in game currencies then you can use this method also. This method involves buying items directly from Marketplace by paying sand dollars. But instead of buying the final finished item, you should buy the basic building items for it because these basic items will be much much cheaper than the final item. Then just put these basic items in the production houses to craft your final item. This way you can cheaply and quickly make your items. Here is an example - lets say you have to craft a "frozen banana" which requires ice and banana so instead of buying the frozen banana from the marketplace you can buy just ice and banana because they will be a lot cheaper than frozen banana. You can then use these ingredients to make frozen banana in "Chez Phil".

So friends, these are our tips and tricks using which you can harvest and craft items a lot faster in Minions Paradise. Make sure you use some or all of these to greatly boost your progress rate in the game and have more fun.
In Minions Paradise, rope, wood and palm are the most important items if you want to progress faster. These are the three things which you need in order to expand your storage. If you don't have a big enough storage capacity then you won't be able to hold more number of items and if you can't store your items then there would be no point of creating them. That's why you should periodically keep expanding your storage using wood, rope and palm.

In this post i will explain you about all the possible ways to collect these three items in the game. You can choose any of these methods according to you, so let's check them out!

How To Get Rope, Wood and Palm

1. The basic and the most cheapest way to get them is by harvesting different items in the game. You need to just simply play your game and occasionally you will find any of these three items drop while harvesting. They can drop while harvesting coconuts from coconut grove, gas clouds from Gaseous Swamp, bamboo from bamboo grove etc. However this method requires some patience but sooner or later wood, rope and palm will drop from them. If you want a more quicker way to obtain them then check out the next method.

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2. Marketplace is the best place to get any of your required items including rope, wood and palm. Go to the "Buy" panel of marketplace and check if any of the slots have one of these items. You can refresh every 5 minutes to get new items for you. Also don't forget to link your facebook account with the game to unlock all the slots. Right now these items are not much expensive and you can buy them for few hundred sand dollars.

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3. This third method is the most expensive one so if you need to urgently upgrade your storage instantly or you don't have enough patience of some days then you can use this method. It's really straightforward, just buy them using doubloons. But remember that doubloons are harder to get than sand dollars and if you decide to expand your storage using doubloons then you won't have the option to buy any of these three items individually. You will have to buy all them together, which can cost you a lot of doubloons unless you are short by just a few rope, wood or palm.

One more thing to remember is that every time you upgrade your storage, the next time you will need one more wood, rope and palm than the previous time. Means right now you might need 5 rope, wood and palm then after you expand your storage, you will then need 6 quantities of all these items and so on.

So the above are all the possible ways to get wood, rope and palm in minions paradise. I believe that most players go for the first method and some rare players would go for the third one. You can choose whichever you find best according to you just remember that you don't necessarily need to spend real money or in game currencies to obtain these items.
Minions Paradise is gaining popularity quite fast and now everyone wants to know about how to level up fast in Minions Paradise. If you are a minions paradise player then you might be familiar about minions paradise levels. At every level we need to collect certain number of party points in order to level up, like we need about 14000 party points to reach level 40. 27000 points for level 44. 29000 party points to reach level 46. So you can see that the points required to level up will keep going higher and higher and some times you can find a tremendous increase of like 10 thousand party points to reach next level. In this post i will share my Minions Paradise tips and tricks to level up fast. You will learn about the strategy which i use to level up extremely fast in minions paradise. Using this method i have been able to collect 20000 or more party points in a day quite easily.

Before going towards the actual tips and tricks let me tell you about the benefits of leveling up in minions paradise. There are many benefits which you receive every time you level up. However the greatest benefit of reaching a higher level is that you will get more minions joining your paradise. You will get 1 or 2 more minions on reaching certain levels (right now i have 29 minions at level 45). More minions means you can produce more items quickly and thus have more fun!

Other things that you get after leveling up are free doubloons and sand dollars. You will get 2 doubloons and a few thousand sand dollars as a leveling up reward. These in game currencies help you to manufacture items instantly or buy them from the marketplace.

One more benefit is that you get to unlock some items quickly which can only be unlocked at certain levels. These items can stop your game progress because being on a lower level you won't be able to unlock and create them. So the sooner you reach higher levels, more quickly you will be able to unlock these kinds of objects.

So you learnt about the rewards, now let's know about the regular or basic ways to collect party points in the game. Below you can find all the regular ways to get party points in the game.

1. Celebration Station orders - You can always find your celebration station filled with lots of orders which you need to complete. Each order completion will reward you with party points and sand dollars. You will get higher reward from the order which requires more time to make the items required for that order. The rewards are already mentioned at the top of each order so you can choose which one to complete.

2. Phil's orders - Phil also have some orders for you but not always. You can periodically check him out if he has some orders to complete. You can know about it by observing a special symbol over his hut when its available.

3. Special Character's orders - Occasionally you will find new characters in the game from the Minions movie. You can unlock them by completing their orders from the celebration station. These characters have their own story and their own special orders for you. You can unlock these characters and complete their orders also to collect party points.
4. "Mix Stuff" Manufacturing units - There are some special production houses in the game which are used to produce more complex type of items like grenade, freeze ray, ice sculpture, remote control car, ice cream, sushi, headlamp, grappling hook and many many more. Each time you make any of these items, you will earn party points. These special production units are Weapons Armory, Rec Center, Chez Phil, Tool Shed and Gadget Shack. You can create these houses by touching the hammer icon at the bottom left of your screen and then choosing "Mix Stuff".

5. Mini Games - You will get a few party points every time you play any of the mini games in Minions Paradise. You can play them after every few minutes and get some points.

So the above are all the basic ways to accumulate party points in Minions Paradise. If you invest your time in the game spending time in collecting points from the above places then soon you will be able to collect several hundred points fast.

I am however not depending upon the above places only to level up. I spend some time at the above mentioned places but only when its required. The above mentioned methods will take a lot of effort and time to give you points. I use a different strategy to level up fast in the game. I use a party points farming kind of method to quickly farm several hundreds of party points quickly and level up fast. I will explain about my party points farm strategy below. You too can use the levelling up guide below to level up quickly in Minions Paradise.

How To Level Up Fast In Minions Paradise

I have actually dedicated a complete area which is being used to make party points only. I have cleared out a whole area and have created some "Distractivities" on it. Distractivities are the enjoying spots of your minions. At these points you can make your minions play games like volleyball, soccer, table tennis etc and in return you will get party points. There are many kinds of distractivities like Paradise Pinata, Volleyball net, Island soccer, table tennis set, lounge chair, flying disc, hot tub, leisure swing and more. The great thing is that except a few, you can create up to 5 numbers of each of these activities. However the price will keep on increasing for the next activity you create of the same kind.

The trick is to create as many of these distractivities as possible. Try to allocate an entire area for farming party points using distractivities only. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to pay using doubloons and sand dollars to create them and the price will also keep increasing therefore i would recommend you to don't waste your sand dollars on purchasing items instead save them for making these distractivities games first. You can make your items without using sand dollars so keep saving them until you have enough activities created in your farm.

Each of the distractivities create different numbers of party points in different number of minutes. If you have just started making your farm then i would recommend you to start with creating a few Hammock which will give you 20 points in 5 minutes. Then after collecting more sand dollars and levelling up you can create several volleyball nets and horseshoes. After that you can progress further to create the most advanced ones like Flying Disc and Leisure Swing which give you 200 points in an hour and 450 party points in 3 hours respectively. However the last ones are the most expensive and you must have lots of doubloons to create them. But remember that once you create them, you will keep earning party points from them forever and level up fast.

So friends this is my Minions Paradise leveling up guide. Using the above strategy i have been able to level up quite fast in Minions Paradise and now you too can utilize my above tips and tricks to level up quickly.

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The game for which every minion fan were waiting for has finally arrived in play store. We are talking about the new amazing minions mobile game called "Minions Paradise" from EA. The game has finally been released globally and you can now download it for free.

We are soon going to post some amazing and useful posts about this game with helpful tips, tricks and tutorials to help you progress faster in coming days. In this post we are going to tell you how to expand your paradise quickly so that you have more land or space for placing decorative stuffs or manufacturing and mixing units like Bamboo Grove, Razor Clam Bed, Ice Mountain, Tool Shed, Gadget Shack etc. etc.

When you start playing the game, you will find that most areas on your paradise are full of grasses and debris. In order to clean up the space by cutting these grasses and debris, you will need some specific items like Fish Stick, Lawn Mover, Sickle, Saw and Pickaxe. You can know the required items and their quantity by touching an area to clean up whether it be a grassy area or an area with some debris.

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How To Quickly Expand Your Paradise

There are a few ways to obtain these items in the game. The basic source to get these items is by harvesting items from coconut grove, gaseous swamp and bamboo grove. You can also find them at more advanced units like Spider Web Farm, Ice Mountain, Banana Grove etc. You will find the required items pop up randomly while you employ your minions in the above manufacturing units. They don't arrive too often but the more you harvest, more is your chance to get these items. So the game needs you to give in your time in the game and progress steadily.

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Another way to obtain these items is by purchasing them from the marketplace. You can find these items quite often in the marketplace and they are often in pack of 2, 3 or more. You can buy them using sand dollars, which acts as one of the in game currencies. The game offers you several ways to earn these sand dollars for free.

Also note that the price of any items in the marketplace is not fixed at a certain price because they are being sold by other users of the game. The price can be increased or decreased by the players while putting the item in the marketplace. Some users price these items little higher while others like to sell them cheaper so that their items are sold quickly. So you can find the same item at varying prices.

So the best method to expand your paradise fast in minions paradise is to keep collecting sand dollars from various sources in the game and don't waste them on items which can be manufactured easily. Don't buy those items in the marketplace which you can harvest in some time. The trick is to keep collecting these sand dollars and use them to buy the items required to clean up the paradise. It doesn't really takes a lot of time to collect thousands of sand dollars. So use them wisely and very quickly you will be able to expand your paradise. 
If Best Fiends is one of your favorite mobile games then you could be really happy today because the game has got an amazing update today called "Best Fiends Halloween Special". The game's theme has changed a lot and you can find scary pumpkins, lamp posts and spiders hanging on the main screen.

But other than that there are also some other special updates. One of which is the arrival of a new super rare fiend called "Woody". This fiend has a unique ability to create Beetle Bugs which convert two blocks to yellow flowers at each turn. This new fiend can only be unlocked using real money. If you decide to purchase him, you will get a level 5 Woody fiend with an attack power of 300.

That's not all yet! There is one more special thing in this update and this is the one i like the most in this Halloween update. It's the introduction of the new Monster Slugs in the game. For a limited time, you have the chance to get free gold and diamonds by defeating these monster slugs. After opening the game you will find a big round monster slug symbol. On tapping it you can see how many gold or diamonds you will be rewarded after defeating the specified number of the new monster slugs. In the beginning it will say that on defeating 10 monsters you will get 50 diamonds, then 100 diamonds for beating 25 and 5 gold for defeating 50.

The great thing is that you will find new rewards sliding in as you keep achieving the current ones. That means the target slugs will keep increasing and so will the rewards. I have just played for an hour after updating the game and mine currently says, defeat 1600 monster slugs to earn 300 free diamonds. In the video below you can watch me defeating all 2500 monster slugs and claiming the final reward.

These new slugs will not be found at any special location. You just have to play your game normally, basically the ones whose goal is to defeat specified number of slugs. On entering the levels you will find that they have been transformed from regular slugs to Monster Slugs.

This is a really good opportunity to collect free gold and diamonds. Also don't forget that this is for limited time only so grab it with both hands till it lasts. To give you the maximum benefit of this update , below i am posting some tricks which you can use to defeat maximum monsters and as quickly as possible.

Best Fiends Halloween Special Monster Slugs Tricks

1. Choose only those levels whose goal is to beat slugs only and don't require any particular colored flowers to be collected. Also the more number of slugs required to be defeated the better it is. One such level is level 16 which requires 8 enemies to be beaten. Being a lower level its also really easy to finish this level quickly.

2. Choose only your best fiends before starting the level. Their skill type doesn't matters in this particular case because our main goal is to defeat monster slugs only. So the maximum damage you can do using any skill type the better it is. I would recommend to rank up your fiends to at least level 5.

3. Select a level which you find easy to finish and replay it again and again until all your energy exhausts. You can play the same level infinite times to beat these slugs and your monster slugs defeated count will keep increasing. After few hours when your energy is restored then again follow the same method.

So use the above super tips and collect unlimited diamonds and gold for free in this Halloween Special Best Fiends update!
In this post i am going to explain about the yellow meteormites and the blue meteormites in Best Fiends game and some useful tips and tricks about these two types of meteor mites.

There are two types of meteormites in the game namely the Yellow Meteormites and the Blue Meteormites. You need both these kinds of meteor mites to rank up your characters so that they can become more powerful. They are really important in the game because you need them in order to rank up your characters otherwise you will have to spend lots and lots of diamonds to upgrade your characters.

While playing the game you will notice that blue meteormites are more rare than the yellow meteormites. So be wise and spend these meteormites carefully.

How to Get Yellow and Blue Meteormites in Best Fiends

Below you can find all the possible ways to collect lots of meteormites in Best Fiends.

1. The most simplest way to collect them is by playing the game. You will find some yellow meteor mites while matching and blasting several matching colors. However you will find only yellow ones this way and they can be 1 or 2 in numbers.

You should also try to use as less moves as you can to finish the level because after you have cleared the level, the number of moves you have left will blast out random colored blocks and will give you even more meteors.

2. This one is the best way to get huge number of these meteors at once. After you finish a level, you will get 3 keys which you can use to open three random locks in the game which arrives just after claiming the keys on finishing a level. There will be nine locks behind which you can find diamonds, energy, yellow meteormites and blue meteormites. If you are lucky then you can find up to 1000 meteormites or more! You can also find and unlock new characters behind these locks if you are super lucky.

You get these three keys only once for completing each level, after that even if you refinish that level, you won't get the free keys. Besides the 3 keys you get, you can also purchase additional keys using diamonds. However the cost will keep increasing with more levels you unlock.

3. The third source to get these meteormites from is the "Fiend of Fortune" which is a spin the wheel game. You will get to spin this wheel once every 10 minutes so you can play this for 6 times in an hour. In Fiend of Fortune, you can win free energy, keys, yellow meteormites, blue meteormites, diamonds and also increase your energy capacity. The rewards are really interesting and for free.

So the above are all the ways to find these meteormites in the game. The more you engage yourself in the game, the more you will be rewarded with these meteor mites.
Best fiends is a really popular and new puzzle adventure game for android and iOS. We need to solve various interesting and beautiful puzzles in each level. Right now there are more than 300 levels in the game. Other than the regular levels, there are also some special quests for each or some characters in the game. They usually consist of 15 levels and we can get really awesome rewards for completing all levels of these mini quests. Jojo's quest is one such special mini quest and in this post i will share some tricks for each of the 15 levels in jojo's quest like level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ..12, 15.

To play the Best Fiends Jojo's quest we need to first unlock the quest. For that we must have unlocked the character Jojo and also rank him up to at least level 5. We can unlock Jojo and other characters by opening locks using the keys that we get after finishing a level. But getting the exact character is really unpredictable. So if you don't want to play the gamble and want the guaranteed Jojo character then you can simply purchase a level 5 jojo and unlock Jojo's quest for 1000 diamonds. 1000 diamonds is really a lot but if you want to play jojo's quest then you need to either collect that much diamonds (which can take a lot of time) or buy it for real money. However if you have patience then just keep playing the game everyday and sooner or later you will have enough diamonds to unlock the jojo's quest because the game offers several ways to collect diamonds for free.

Now let's know a little bit about the reward which we will get for completing the jojo's special quest. The reward is really well worth it because we will be able to unlock a new purple mushroom character called "Labbit" which is a super rare character. His attack power and special skill is truly awesome.

Best Fiends Jojo's Quest All Levels Tricks

Below i will post my tricks for each individual 15 levels of this special quest as soon as i complete each levels. Each level has different goals and it can take you a lot of time and effort if you don't know the right way to achieve each goal but using my tricks you will be able to complete these levels quickly and without much effort.

Level 1 Tricks - The goal of the level 1 is to blast 6 boxes in 24 moves. You will find that all the 6 boxes are placed horizontally at the bottom under the ice with a frozen yellow flower in the center. The trick to solve this level is to just get the jojo's special skill bomb (which blasts horizontally) to the bottom center spot and just blast it out. All the 6 boxes will be destroyed at once and the level will be cleared.

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Level 2 Tricks - Here the goal is to destroy 4 boxes in 27 moves. The trick to solve this level is similar to level 1 but here we have to use 2 special skill bombs because the 4 boxes are placed separately in groups of two. The only way to blast these boxes is by using the jojo's bomb. So try to match the jojo's yellow color flowers as much as you can so that you could get these bombs sooner.

Level 3 Tricks - The goal here is to beat 4 slugs and destroy 4 boxes in 22 moves. This one is a pretty tricky level. The 4 boxes are placed again in groups of two but with jojo's skill bombs with them. What's the trick here? There is a secret here, i.e. normally the bomb will blast out horizontally but when you put another bomb in its horizontal path, the first bomb will change its direction and will blast vertically instead of horizontally. So simply put two jojo's skill bombs next to these already existing bombs and both groups of boxes will be destroyed. Also keep matching other colors to attack the slugs and beat them.

Level 4 Tricks - Destroy 14 boxes in 27 moves. You might be thinking 27 moves are enough to complete any level but this level is setup in a really tricky way. All the boxes are placed at two sides of the screen with bombs lined up in the center and they are all frozen. In order to blast the boxes or bombs you need to first unfreeze them. The trick here is to not blast any bombs until all the 14 boxes have been unfreezed because even if the box has been unfreezed, you will need to blast it 3 times to destroy it completely using the regular matching method but using a bomb it will be destroyed in just 1 move. It will take you several tries to completely unfreeze all the boxes but keep going and eventually you will be able to do it.

Level 5 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 6 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 7 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 8 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 9 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 10 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 11 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 12 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 13 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 14 Tricks - coming soon....

Level 15 Tricks - coming soon....