Hello friends, today i am going to do an in depth Segals solutions program review. Like most of the men, i am also suffering from hair loss since a long time and like everyone i have also tried countless products, pills and lotions with little or no result. Recently i came to know about a completely natural or herbal product called Segals Solutions Program. I have seen at many forums and websites online that many people have got amazing results by using this product. There are also no known Segals Solutions side effects. Although the product has been available since a long time but i came to know about it just few years back. At that time i could not use this product because i was using some other treatment (which didn't worked) to treat my hair loss problem. Watch the video below to learn more about Segals Solutions Program and their products.

Segals solutions program is still not very popular online and people are looking for a legitimate review of it that's why here i am going to do a really in depth Segals solutions review. By in depth i mean that i will be posting weekly update about the effect of the treatment, what improvements (if any) i am noticing with each week, am i feeling any side effects and every other single details. You will not find such a review of Segals Solutions products anywhere else.

A Little Background About My Hair Loss Problem

I have been suffering from hair loss since i was 17 years old (now i am 26). I have dandruff problem also on my scalp and my hair became dry and lifeless with time. Since few years i have also started noticing many of my hair losing their natural color and becoming white. Now my hair is really thin, dry and lifeless. I have tried many treatments like minoxidil, olive oil, coconut oil, homeopathy medicines, allopathy medicines but none of them worked effectively to cure my hair fall completely.

About Segals Solutions Program

Segals Solutions offers various natural products like shampoo, conditioner, pills and their formula. We have to choose the shampoo and conditioner according to our hair type. They recommend to use all 4 products for the best possible and fast results. Their products contain several natural ingredients like saw palmetto, Fo-ti, biotin, nettle, Aloe Vera extract and many others which have been proven to be really good for arresting hair loss. Below you can find all the ingredients of each product. I have already got the products delivered to me and the below ingredients are exactly as mentioned on each product.

Ingredients of Segals Solutions Products

Segals Hair Root Formula ingredients  - Segals Hair Root Formula contains Vitamin B5, Biotin, Jojoba oil, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Vitamin E, Horsetail extract, Rosemary extract, Nettle extract, Aloe Vera extract, green tea, burdock root extract etc.

Segals Dandruff/Dry Scalp Shampoo ingredients  - Segals Dandruff/Dry Scalp Shampoo contains Zinc Pyrithione, Sage leaf extract, Birch Bark extract, Aloe Vera extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B5).

Segals Dandruff/Dry Scalp Conditioner ingredients  - Segals Dandruff/Dry Scalp Conditioner ingredients  contains Zinc, Sage Leaf extract, Birch Bark extract, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin B5.

Segals Advanced Hair Supplement ingredients  - Segals Advanced Hair Supplement pack includes a total of 60 capsules which contain Silica 7% (Aqueous Horsetail Extract) (75 mg), Fo-ti (He Shou Wu) (150 mg), Kelp (150 mg), Nettle (115 mg) and Saw Palmetto (10 mg).

I have ordered the above Segals shampoo and conditioner because i have dandruff issue likewise you should order the shampoo and conditioner according to the type of hair you have. Other shampoos and conditioners from Segals include Damaged/Dry Hair Shampoo and conditioner, Permed/Color Treated Hair Shampoo and conditioner, Hair Protector Leave-In Conditioner etc.

I have done a bit of research on some of the ingredients contained in the products and found that they greatly help in improving the hair condition by making them thicker, darker and healthier. Some of them also have great ability of blocking DHT. Everyone knows that excessive DHT in the scalp is one of the major reasons of hair loss. Segals Solutions shampoo's ingredients deeply cleanses the scalp and removes the excess sebum opening the hair follicle pores.

My Experience Using Segals Solutions Program Products

I ordered the above mentioned  4 products and got it delivered to my home in the next few days. I also received an email which contained the important usage instructions of each product. According to it i have to massage the "Segals Hair Root Formula" every night. Take 1 capsule of "Segals Advanced Hair Supplement" everyday after meals and use the shampoo and conditioner thrice a week. From the next day i started using the products as directed and now below i will be posting weekly updates on the effect of this treatment. If you need to ask any questions then you can post them in the comments below and i will try my best to help you. In the below images you can see the products and the box in which they arrived.

AfterWeek - My hair is looking much shinier and is a bit softer than before. I feel some itchiness in the scalp after using the hair root formula but according to Segals website it is normal to feel some itchiness at the beginning and it will go away in few days. I think there is some slight decrease in hair loss as i find much less hair between my fingers when i move my hand through my hair. Also very few hair found on the pillow in the morning.

After 2 Weeks - The itchiness in the scalp is gone now and i don't feel any itchiness after applying the Hair Root Formula. I also notice very few hair on my fingers when i massage the formula on my scalp in the night. There definitely seems to be a slight decrease in hair fall. However, in the morning when i apply the Segals dandruff/dry scalp shampoo, i find lots of hair (at least 50-60) on the floor while washing away the shampoo. I don't really know if there is any improvement in hairloss or not because throughout the day i experience very less hair fall but while shampooing i experience much more hair loss. Anyways, it would be too early to arrive on any conclusion as it's been only 2 weeks. Let's see what happens after 3 weeks.

After 3 Weeks - Its been 3 weeks now since i started following Segals Solutions Program. The great thing is that the dandruff problem is completely gone now. There is no itchiness in the scalp as well. The hair is definitely shinier and softer than before (earlier my hair felt really dry and dull). Although i noticed so many great achievements already, there is still problem of hair loss when i use the shampoo. It is said that loosing around 100 hair per day is normal but i want to save my every single strand of hair :) Anyways i am definitely not going to stop here due to this. Meanwhile i have also sent a support ticket to Segals Solutions and waiting for reply. Let's see what they have to say about this. See you in the next week's update.

After 4 Weeks - Been using Segals Solutions Program for 4 weeks now and there is a really good news this week! My hair loss has stopped about 90% already! I am surprised to see that Segals Solutions is working so well. The problem of losing lots of hair while shampooing in the morning is also gone, thanks to Segals Solutions customer care support. As i had mentioned in the previous week's update that i have contacted Segals support and asked about the reason of hair fall while using their shampoo and they told me that over application of the Segals Hair Root Formula on the previous night could be the reason for it. They advised to use only a little amount of it as hair follicles have only a limited capacity to absorb. I thought about it and found it to be true. I was actually applying too much of the Hair Root Formula (in hope of fast results) on my scalp. So i followed their advice and was glad to see that there were no more hair on the floor when i used the shampoo on the next morning! So friends if you also face a similar issue when using Segals shampoo then follow this advice.

After 5 Weeks - The hair condition has become overall good. The hair looks shiny throughout the day. Hair loss has decreased by almost 70%. I lose almost no hair while passing my hands through the hair or while massaging the formula at nights. The only times i lose the most hair is only when i wash my hair, but that has also decreased a lot after using Segals products. I still notice some hair fall when washing my hair but its really low now. I am sure that after using the products for few more weeks or months, my hair loss will stop completely and permanently. One more great achievement i can notice now is that, i had many white hairs earlier which have started to grow in black now (my natural hair color is black). Its really amazing to see that many hairs are half black (at the bottom) and half white (at the top) which confirms that the hair is now growing in its natural color! Its been only a little over one month now but improvements are really noticeable. It has increased my confidence in Segals Solutions now and am going to order another batch of products in the next few days so that i don't miss any days. See you in the next week's update.

After 6 Weeks - Welcome to the 6th week's update. Nothing special to report this week. I can say that my hair loss has decreased by 70-90% till now. On some days i notice increased hair loss while on other days i notice less hair fall. As you can see in the 4th week's update i mentioned a 90% decrease of hair loss but after 5 weeks the percentage dropped to 70%. So there is rise and fall in the hair fall rate. However there is nothing to worry about it, since its been only 6 weeks and on the segals solutions website they have mentioned that the results will start stabilizing after about 3 months. As of yet there are no signs of new hair regrowth, although it will be too early to expect new hair to grow. Will keep you all updated.

After 7 Weeks - There is still rise and fall in the hair fall rate like before. I believe this is normal to expect until 3 months have passed. But one thing is clear that i am now experiencing much less hair fall and Segals Solutions is actually working and doing its work. I can say its working slowly and steadily. We must remember that once the hair loss is completely stopped using Segals Solutions Program, it will not reoccur. Unlike minoxidil, we don't need to use it for our entire life. There is now improvement in the hair thickness as well.

After 8 Weeks - 8 weeks have passed since i started using Segals Solutions products. I am glad to say that Segals Solutions Program is definitely working. Any oil, pills, shampoos etc. i had used earlier never gave such a result. Segals Solutions has greatly decreased my hair fall. My hair condition is much much better now and its been just 8 weeks so far. I lose much less hair now, almost unnoticeable. I can say that it has already stopped my hair loss by 90%. Few months back, Segals solutions was my only hope and now i am really happy that it worked really well. See you in the next week's update.

After 9 Weeks - Can't believe that 9 weeks have passed now. Time passes so quickly that we don't even realize. Anyways getting to the point, the results are now just getting better and better. Hair texture is much better and the hair fall has reduced by 95% or more. Right now my hair is in the best state after i started Segals Solutions program. I never felt my hair so stronger before in my entire life! This happiness can't be expressed. The problem which has been chasing me since my late teenage and throughout my twenties seems to be finally beaten! I would like to advise anyone using Segals products that to be consistent in its usage. Don't miss any days or stop the usage if it doesn't seems to be working in the beginning. Some people start getting results earlier than others depending on for how long you have been losing your hair. See you next week.

After 10 Weeks - Hair condition this week is also just great like the last few weeks. Hair strands have become really strong from the roots and are also thicker than when i started using Segals products. 

After 11 Weeks - Sorry for the late update this week. Been busy with some work but i have a really interesting update this week for all of you. After two months of being on Segals Solutions, i decided to take pictures of my scalp to find out about any hair regrowth. I am somewhere in the middle of Norwood II and Norwood III on the Hamilton Norwood Scale. My hairline has receded with hairloss all over my scalp. My greatest priority is to regrow my hairline that's why after 2 months of using Segals products i took a close picture of my hairline. I tried to take the best quality picture with my 8 MP mobile camera. Then just after 1 week of taking the picture i took a new picture of the same spot of my scalp i.e. hairline. I am so amazed to see that there are actually some fine hair regrowth. They are not vellus hair but actually terminal hairs! You can see both images below.

segals solutions hair regrowth

You can clearly see the difference in both images (Click on the picture for a bigger view). Although it's too early for hair regrowth but you can see that it has already started. This shows how effective Segals Solutions really is. Now i am much more excited and motivated and will try to capture a new image every week (but won't be posting it here) so that i can measure my progress.

After 13 Weeks - (Will be updated on 27th September 2015)

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