Frankie Fishlips Has Entered The Minions Paradise and Minions (2015) Movie

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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you might know that how much i love playing android games and sharing my unique tips and tricks about those games. So right now i am playing a really amazing game called Minions Paradise. This game is currently in soft launch and is not available worldwide. The game will be released globally with the release of the Minions (2015) movie. Although the game is in pre launch but i am already addicted to it and have reached a much higher level in the game where i found a new character called Frankie Fishlips who seems to be a villain in the Minions movie.

Frankie Fishlips is a green humanoid creature in the game. As the Minions movie is not out yet so we don't know much about him but it is confirmed that he is going to be a new villain in the Minions 2015 movie. It is going to be really interesting to see his animation and personality in the actual movie. In the Minions Paradise android and iOS game we don't get to see much about him as the animations are quite limited in such games.

In order to invite Frankie Fishlips in the Minions Paradise mobile game, you have to fill Frankie's orders on the Minion Board. As soon as you complete his orders you will watch him appear in the game. After appearing, he will make some joy for his appearance on the island and then he will sit comfortably on his chair. He will then relax and give you some orders to complete like creating a pond so that his piranhas can stay there, creating a fountain for a better condition on the island and much more. You will be rewarded with XP and sand dollars for completing these tasks. Overall you are definitely going to enjoy his stay on your paradise.

You might be wondering that at what point or when will you be able to invite or unlock Frankie Fishlips in the game then let me tell you that it's not going to be much early. You can only summon Frankie when you reach around level 24 or 25. Although if you are a really active gamer then it won't take you longer to reach this level. If you can't wait to see Frankie Fishlips gameplay then i have a good news for you. I have recorded my gameplay when i unlocked Fishlips and have already posted it. In the video below you can watch me inviting Frankie Fishlips in the game and completing his tasks.

All the above information are about his appearance in the game but i am waiting to see his appearance and his evil plans in the Minions 2015 movie.