Why I Didn't Even Downloaded The Awesome Ducktales Remastered Android Game

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Like so many people, i am also a big fan of disney cartoons and games. I still remember watching the classic Ducktales and Talespin cartoons on TV in my childhood days with my brothers. Those days were the best days of my life i believe.
Here i want to talk about a Ducktales game which has recently been launched on Android and iOS platforms. The game's name is "Ducktales Remastered". I got the news about its launch from some gaming websites. So without wasting much time i went straight to Youtube to watch some gameplay videos of this new game as i was quite excited from its launch because it was a disney game (which are always awesome). Also its my usual habit to watch the gameplay video of the game before downloading it so that i don't waste my time and internet data in downloading a game which i don't like.

So i watched some videos and truly speaking i liked the game a lot! The game was full of mystery with many secret and hidden places in all stages which we can discover to get bonus items. It had almost the same feel of the game i used to play on my NES gaming system in my childhood. This was a 2d game with an awesome storyline and the same classical ducktales characters. I also got to know that this game was actually a port of a pc game means this game was already available on pc before being launched on mobile devices. Below you can watch the gameplay video of this awesome game. 

All in all i was quite happy to find this new Ducktales game and excited to play on my mobile phone. But there was just one thing about this game which changed my mind and i did not downloaded it. The problem is that we can't save our progress in Ducktales Remastered. I don't understand why they didn't gave us the option to save. This game is quite long (which is good) and i am sure nobody would like to play the same 1 or 2 stages again and again. Also nobody would want to sit a whole day to complete the whole game because we can't save the progress. I like to play new stages and explore new things in a game. That is what keeps you tied to a game.

At least for now there is no way to save our progress in this game but if they implement this feature then without doubt i am going to download it and also recommend to others.