Marvel Future Fight - How To Rank Up A Hero

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In this post i want to talk about a new Action RPG game which has recently been launched for Android and iOS devices, its called "Marvel Future Future". The game has just been launched but i can see it has a lot of potential to become one of the top games in the store.

The game is full of the most popular Marvel characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Iron Fist, Vision, Green Goblin, Hulk Red Skull, Daredevil, Thor, Black bolt and many more. All the characters have retained their classical fighting style and animation which looks really cool.

So let's have a look at how can we make our heroes more powerful by ranking them up.

How To Rank Up a Hero In Marvel Future Fight

When you rank up a hero, the number of stars on the character will increase which also increases his maximum level cap. A hero can be ranked up to 6 stars which increases the level up to 50!

The most important thing you need to rank up a hero are Biometrics. You need certain number of each character specific biometric in order to rank up. Each biometric can be obtained in a particular stage which you can find out by tapping on the biometric icon. In the video below you can see me ranking up Ironman since i have already collected the required number of biometrics.

After increasing your max level cap you can go to "Gear" option and make your hero more powerful by increasing the individual stats. You need to have certain hero level and also some Materials to increase your attack, defense dodge etc. abilities.

Under "Skills" tab you can increase your special attacks' level using gold. You can also unlock new and more powerful special attacks when you reach higher ranks.

You can make your hero even more stronger by equipping special ISO-8 which can be found in "Daily Missions" and "Dimension Chest". You can only equip a specified number of ISO-8 according to your hero level. You can unlock more slots to equip ISO-8 after increasing your level. There are several kinds of ISO-8 which can be obtained on a particular day.

So i hope now you understand the basics of this new game and how to rank up your hero in Marvel Future Fight. I will soon be making new posts about this game and also some gameplay videos. Let me know in the comments section below what toy think about this new game.