Marvel Contest of Champions - Ultimate ISO 8 Farming Method

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Iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champions are the real power elements of your Champions. In order to make your characters more powerful, you need to feed them with lots of ISO 8s untill they reach their highest rank. In this post i will tell you about all the possible ways to get iso 8 in the game and my own unique method for farming unlimited iso 8 extremely fast!

How To Get ISO 8 In Marvel Contest of Champions

First let's have a look at all the possible ways to collect Iso 8s in the game.

1. Story mode quests are the primary sources of Iso 8. You obtain some iso 8s after completing a quest. You can also obtain some quest crystals which might give you some iso 8s, potions or units. You get iso 8s twice in each quest, once when you complete the quest for the first time and second when you complete that quest 100% (by following all the paths).

2. Second way to get Iso 8 are the "Arena Crystals" which you can buy for 2000 battle chips each. You can also get many other things from arena crystals besides Iso 8s.

3. Alliance crystals are one more way to get class specific iso 8. These iso 8s are more effective if you use them on a champion of the same class. These iso 8s are more powerful than regular ones but you don't always get them from the Alliance crystal. You can also get class specific iso 8 when you get a duplicate champion. The higher the tier of your duplicate champion, higher will be the tier of that iso 8.

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So the above are all the ways to get iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champion. But it will take you a lot of time to farm Iso 8 if you follow the above regular methods. The method i am going to show you now is the fastest way to farming unlimited iso 8. Using this guide your inventory will always be full of tier 3 Iso 8s like in the image below.

And your Stash will also be full of such Iso 8 within a really short period of time.

Using which you can quickly upgrade any or all of your champions to the max level and make them extremely powerful fast. It will help you to progress easily in Act 2, Act 3 or upcoming difficult Acts. Not only that, you can also compete easily in special events for new champions. See the image below.


So how to farm so many Iso 8s quickly? Well, the real secret for farming unlimited Iso 8 quickly are the "Potential Rewards". You might have noticed that in the game. On the champion selection screen before a fight in quest mode, you can see a plus icon at the bottom, when you click on it you will see a screen like below.

It shows you have a chance to win a Tier 3 Iso 8, health potion and a quest crystal. You need to fight with your opponent in a specific way to win one or all of these potential reward items. Sometimes you might have received these items but you don't always get them.

After playing this game for many many weeks i finally figured out how to win these potential rewards every time. This is how i am able to get lots and lots of Iso 8s really fast.

Some people say that a particular stage in each act is the best way to farm Iso 8 but i would say each and every stage is good for farming Iso 8 if you know how to win the potential reward every time. However in Act 1, the potential reward iso 8 is tier 2 level. So i would recommend you to choose Act 2 for farming because you get a tier 3 iso 8 here. I would also advice to choose Act 2 over Act 3 since the potential rewards in both acts are the same but you have to use 2 energy per tile in Act 3 while in Act 2 you need only 1 energy per tile.

I have explained my method to win the potential reward every time, in an ebook as a pdf document. You can download this short ebook right after sharing this post using the link below. So best of luck farming Iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champions.

The password to open the pdf document is >

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