Marvel Contest of Champions - How To Get 4 Star Characters Easily

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Are you frustrated due to not getting a single 4 star champion in Marvel Contest of champion? Don't worry because in this post i will explain you how you can get not just one but unlimited 4 star champions!

If you are a higher level player of Marvel Contest of Champion then you might already know that 4 stars are extremely rare. It looks almost impossible to get even one 4 star hero. This is because they are the most powerful champions in the game. If they are maxed out to their full potential then their power index can be 2800+! You can easily beat powerful bosses like Thanos and Kang if you have a maxed out 4 star champion. So let's look at how to get 4 stars in Marvel Contest of Champion.

How To Get 4 Star Characters In Marvel Contest of Champion

1. The first possible way to obtain a 4 star hero is by buying Premium hero crystals. Each premium hero crystal costs 100 units. Although i would not recommend you to depend upon these crystals to get a 4 star because the chance of getting a 4 star champion from premium hero crystal can be as low as 2%. I would also like to tell you that your Summoner level has no relation with the drop of a 4 star from premium hero crystal. You can find new player with multiple 4 stars while many higher level players with no 4 star champions.

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2. Another way is to compete in the 4 star arenas for a chance to win a 4 star hero. But remember that you will be competing with players from all around the world and the number of 4 stars given away in these arenas are also quite limited.

3. You can also obtain a 4 star character from a 4 star hero crystal. Just like 3 star crystal, they appear as a pop up after you have got a certain number of 3 star heroes. They are for limited time only and are extremely costly. A 4 star hero crystal costs 2500 units which is a lot. But it actually guarantees that you will get a 4 star.

4. Besides the above methods their are some special crystals which are introduced when a new character event starts. These crystals usually cost about 150 units but the chance of getting a star from these crystals also is not much higher.

So you can see above all the possible way to obtain a 4 star hero in Marvel Contest of Champions. Now if you want to get many 4 star champions then i would recommend you to use the 2nd method as explained above, which is to compete in the 4 star character events. That is how i have got my 4 stars. You might be wondering that it is impossible to win there since they give out only 200 or 250 4 stars but i want to tell you that it is possible to win in 4 star arenas.

In 4 star arenas, on average if you score at least 700000 points per day then at the end of arena (after 3 days) you would have at least 2100000 points which is enough to get a 4 star. Remember that these points estimate are just for now and they can increase later. Now to score that much points per day you must have lots of units to recharge your champions. Don't worry, you don't need to spend money to buy so many units. I have shared my method to get unlimited units for free which you can use to collect infinite units within a short period of time. So just follow my method to accumulate units and play in the 4 star character arenas. Recharge your heroes and try to make higher win streaks which awards you maximum points.

So this is my method to get 4 star champions in Marvel Contest of Champions without spending any money. I hope now you too will be able to win the highest tier champions and fully enjoy this game.

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