Marvel Contest of Champions - How to Get Guaranteed 3 Star Champions

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Marvel Contest of Champions is all about adding more and more powerful characters to your roster. As you know that 3 star and 4 star champions are the most powerful in the game right now. Hence everyone is chasing for these champions. The game will be adding even 5 star champions in the game (but nobody knows when). Here i will explain to you how to get guaranteed 3 star characters in Marvel Contest of Champions.

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If you want to progress in Act 2 and Act 3 in the game then you must have at least some Tier 3 (3 star) champions in your team. Tier 3 characters can be easily maxed out since the catalysts required to upgrade them are not very rare. So its better to have 3 star champions but i belive that when more Acts will be added to the game then it would be a necessity to have 4 star champions. In the below screenshot you can see some of my 3 star heroes.

How to Get 3 star Characters in Marvel Contest of Champions

In total there are only 3 possible ways to get a 3 star hero in the game. I will explain each one and also tell you which is the best one as well.

1. The first way to gain a 3 star hero is by opening a "Premium Hero Crystal". Each premium hero crystal will cost you 100 units. Yes, they are a bit pricey and according to my experience, the chance of getting a 3 star character using Premium hero crystal is 10%. Most of the time you will only be getting a 2 star hero.

2. The second way is by completing an ACT 100%. When you fully conquer a quest by fully completing each chapter and by following all the possible paths, you get a 3 star crystal. They have added this system recently and many people are quite happy with it. But it could take you some time to fully complete an act. This way you can gain at least 3 guaranteed 3 star champions since there are only 3 acts in the game.

3.  Another way to collect a 3 star champion is by competing in the "Multiverse Arena". You get a chance to win a new 3 star and 4 star champion in the multiverse arena. Each of these events is held for 3 days and the top ranked players win a 3 star or a 4 star hero. Not only you get a tier 3 champion but you also get 2 premium hero crystals in you manage to get in the highest ranks.

4. The fourth method is a guaranteed way to get a 3 star crystal. Every time you open 10 premium hero crystals, you will get a pop up appear on your screen where you will be offered a chance to buy a 3 star hero crystal for 400 units. This offer only lasts for 60 minutes. This is also a new system they introduced recently and it helped many players to gain higher tier champions. 400 units is a good price for a 3 star. You can check out my post on how to get unlimited free units in marvel contest of champions if you want to be ready to take advantage of this offer when it appears.

So the above are all the possible ways to win a powerful character. The best method depends upon each individual like if you have a good number of two star heroes then you can win a 3 star event and manage to get 3 star champions. While if you are a new player then you should go for the 2nd and the 4th methods as explained above. I hope this post will help you in hunting for a tier 3 champion. Don't forget to comment below how many 3 star champions you have got and which method you used to get them.

marvel contest of champions how to get 3 star characters
marvel contest of champions how to get 3 star crystal