How To Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Reset, Gmail or Internet

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Most of the Android users like to keep their android phones locked using the most popular "Pattern lock" option in Android. Now if someone tries to unlock your device and enters too many wrong patterns then your phone gets locked and asks you to log in with your google account. Many times, if you enter the correct log in details even then it does not unlocks and keeps asking the same. This is where the problem arises. So for that, below i am going to mention the most easiest way to instantly unlock your android phone. This method has a 100% success rate and can unlock your device quite easily!

How to Unlock Android Phone after Too Many Pattern Attempts

The most effective and easiest way is by using an app called "Screen Lock Bypass Pro". This amazing app can unlock your device within minutes. It also does not requires your device to be rooted which is great. However this is a paid app and costs more than $4 to buy from the play store but luckily you can download the pro version of this app for free using the link below.

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So now you can easily unlock your android phone without wasting time on useless and extremely tricky methods which don't actually work. Screen lock bypass pro is the only solution which works for this issue.