How To Get Unlimited Free Units In Marvel Contest of Champions

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In Marvel Contest of Champions, Units are extremely important for you if you want to become a really powerful player. Units act as a currency in this game. You have to pay using Units if you want to buy anything in Marvel Contest of Champions. Lets have a look at what you can do in the game using Units.

1. You can buy health potions which cost 25 units each and team health potions which cost 50 Units each. These potions are really important especially when you are facing a dangerous opponent like Kang and Thanos.

2. You can buy solo revives and team revives which cost 40 units and 100 units each respectively!

3. You can buy energy refills for 30 units each. The more energy refills you have more you can play quests and thus increase your Summoner level and collect iso 8 and catalysts.

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4. You can buy various kinds of exciting crystals like premium hero crystals, 3 star hero crystals, 4 star hero crystals and the limited time crystals like the Avengers crystal, Mystic crystal, X-Men crystal and more. Crystals are the most costly items in the game. Till now the most costly crystal that i have seen is 4 star hero crystal which cost 2500 units!

5. You need units to instantly recharge your champion's stamina when you are competing for a new champion in Multiverse Arenas. This costs 5 units per champion recharge.

6. You need to spend units for each fight when you compete for some extremely rare items like alpha catalysts or tier 4 class specific catalysts. You can't upgrade your 4 star characters above level 2 without these catalysts.

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So you saw above how important Units are in this game. But the problem is that you have to spend real money to buy Units and these units are not very cheaper. If you want to get all the attractive things as mentioned above then obviously you must have lots of units. Now if you are like me (and most other players) then you would not like to spend money to get these units. So is there any way to get unlimited units quickly and for free? Yes there is a way! You heard it right, there is a method using which you can get units fast and for free. Look at the screenshot below.

As you can see in the above screenshot that i have 1200+ Units and i got all those units in just a few hours and without spending any money. I haven't invested even a single penny in this game. I am a really experienced player in this game (my Summoner level is 42) so you can say that i keep playing this game for many hours a day and i figured out this method to get free units only by playing this game a lot! Please note that this is not any kind of glitch which we are going to exploit here. It's a genuine method to get unlimited units for free and quickly in Marvel Contest of Champions.

I want to share this method with all of you and so i have created a small ebook (pdf) in which i have clearly explained my method. You can download this ebook using the link below. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below about this great method.

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