How To Fix SD Card Detection Issue In PC

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It is a common problem that when you insert your SD or memory card in your PC through a USB slot using a card reader, your computer might not detect it. There can be several reasons for it. The issue might be on your SD card itself or on your PC. In this post i will try to explain you all the possible and best solutions to fix this issue. These fixes will work for almost all versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8 or earlier.

How To Fix Micro SD card not detected In PC Issue

Below you can find the best solutions to make your PC detect your memory card. Make sure to try more than one solution in case one of these doesn't works for you. So let's start -

1. The first thing you should do is to check if your memory card is not damaged. This is to make sure the issue is not with your card itself. So just insert it inside your device (mobile, camera etc.) and open it to make sure it's working fine.

2. After confirming that the card is working, check that the card is not locked. Sometimes the locking switch can accidentally slide in the center making your impossible to read and write on the card. So make sure to unlock it and then connect to your PC.

3. Another solution is to shut down your pc and insert your memory card to the slot and then turn on your PC. This might work and your PC should now detect your SD card.

4. Make sure your computer is able to detect USB devices. To check it, go to your device manager (Right click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager) Now click the arrow next to "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" or "USB Controllers". If you see a yellow exclamation sign next to your device then you have a problem with your USB Controller. To fix it, right click there and choose "update driver software" then choose "Automatically Search for driver software online". Or if you have the drivers on a CD then you can directly install using it. After installing the drivers restart your PC and plug your memory card. Your PC will now detect it.

5. If your memory card was detected by your pc earlier and has stopped detecting suddenly then try to restore your pc to an earlier restore point and it should solve the issue.

6. Try to plug your SD card to another USB port on your PC. You can also try to plug it into another pc or laptop if the latter methods doesn't work.

So the above are all the possible and best ways to successfully detect a memory card in a PC or laptop.  The above explained methods have a high success rate and these methods will work for almost all versions of Windows. Don't forget to comment below if you successfully solved your issue using any of the above methods or any other methods that you used.