How to Beat Awakened Wolverine in Marvel Contest of Champions

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Hey friends! Do you love playing Marvel Contest of Champions game but find it extremely difficult or almost impossible to beat an awakened (duped) 3 or 4 star Wolverine? Don't worry anymore because in this post i will share my tricks on how to beat an awakened Wolverine and even show you myself beating him without using any revives or heal potions!

I saw many people on the official forum of Marvel Contest of Champions that they are struck in the game and can't progress further because they are unable to beat an awakened Wolverine even if they use all their 5 champions in the team. So i thought why not show them exactly how to beat him and best of all without wasting any potions and revives. We will first mention, exactly why wolverine is so difficult to beat and then show you how i beat him every time so easily.

Why is an Awakened Wolverine so difficult to beat

1. The major reason is his continuous health regeneration ability. He regenerates his health numerous times during the fight. You put all your power to deliver a set of combos on him, use your special attacks only to find out that he has only lost very minimum health (due to health regeneration) and then he knocks you down delivering his deadly attacks.

2. Second reason is he inflicts bleed. Dangerous claws of Wolverine quickly drains your health if you got his special attacks on you.

So you saw above, why he is so dangerous and tough to beat. Now below i will tell you how to beat him easily and also show you my gameplay video in which you can see me beating him quite easily.

How to beat an Awakened Wolverine in Marvel Contest of Champions

1. Use a "tech" Class champion - Wolverine is a "mutant" class champion and tech class has advantage over mutant class in the game. So if you have a 3 star or 4 star tech champion in your roster like Iron Man or Star Lord etc. then use them against Wolverine.

2. Use a champion with "bleed" inflicting ability - if you don't have any tech champion but have a character who can inflict bleed damage then he/she can be really effective against him. Gamora is the best character in the game with bleed ability. If you rank her up to rank 3 or 4 then she can deliver deadly bleed damage to opponents. I myself used a 3 star Gamora to beat an Awakened Wolverine.

3. Avoid his special attacks - instead of standing still and blocking his hits, try to move backward when he attacks. Blocking still drains a little health but if you move back when he attacks then you can save much of your health. Best thing is that you can escape both his 1st and 2nd special attacks if you move backwards at the right time.

So that's it! Follow the above simple steps and you too can beat an awakened dangerous wolverine easily. Watch the video below to see how i use the above tricks to beat him in a single fight.