How I Stay Motivated The Whole Day!

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Today i want to share my unique method which i use to stay motivated throughout the day. You might already know how important it is in life to stay motivated. Motivation gives you hope and energy to do everything in life.

There are many things which can motivate you, basically it depends upon each individual. For example - you could start to feel the motivation feeling by listening any particular song while i would feel the same motivation by a short motivational clip. I noticed that i am feeling a lack of self confidence and motivation and that i seriously need to do something about it. I had to figure out a way to be physically and mentally energetic continuously.

I found that feeding yourself with positive thoughts can greatly boost your confidence level. Being positive is the most important step in building your self confidence. But there was a problem in this and i can guarantee that you might have also noticed this issue if you are trying to become a confident person. The problem is that once you read or watch something positive, it taps positive feelings inside you but it doesn't lasts longer. You would start to feel positive and confident for some minutes to hours but after that the positive feeling disappears. The reason for this is because we are surrounded with so much negativity around us that this small dose of positive energy is lost very quickly. If you focus on your thinking, you will see that you have so many negative thoughts in your mind. You have developed a negative attitude or feeling according to what you see or hear around you. So in order to stay hopeful and motivated, we need to periodically feed our mind with positive thoughts during the whole day and also remember them. We need to shift as much of our thinking to these positive emotions instead of negativity around us.

The thing i use to do so myself are positive or motivational thoughts. If we repeatedly read or watch positive thoughts or clips then they will be firmly established in our mind and thus bring your life to a whole new level. The more time you spend with these positive thoughts more effective they will be. Now you could take a positive thoughts' book and keep reading it at regular intervals the whole day but according to me you will start to feel lazy after few days or sometimes you could also forget where did you kept it and forgot. So i figured out a simple but effective solution for this!

The solution is already in our hands i.e. our smart phones! Our phones are the only thing which we spend the most time with, the whole day. Just think about how many times you pick up or stare at your phone in a day. The truth is that we can't live without it. So why not use it to our advantage.

So i had figured out the idea and now just had to execute it correctly. I decided to find an app in Play Store which would display a positive thought on my smart phone's home screen and also update with a new thought after few minutes to hours. I spent sometime searching for the best app and finally found an app called "Positive Thinking Pro". It is a small app filled with tons of positive thoughts and it works exactly as i wanted. It displays a new powerful quote after the specified number of minutes or hours.

Every time i pickup my phone, my focus goes first on the quote which is being displayed by this cool little app and it keeps me positive and motivates the whole day! You can download the free version or the pro version (costs $1). Pro version has more quotes than the free version. Below you can see how it looks on my Android phone's home screen.

I can tell you that this method is doing wonders for me since i am looking and spending time with these positive thoughts for much longer and i can feel the difference. Just give it a try yourself and let me know in the comments below about what you feel about my method!