How I Get Unlimited Alpha Catalysts For Free In Marvel Contest of Champions

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In Marvel Contest of Champions you need catalysts to rank up your champions. After you have reached the max level of a rank for a particular champion you can't upgrade him further until you use the required catalyst to upgrade your rank first. The most powerful characters in the game right now are the 3 star and 4 star characters. The catalysts required to upgrade a 3 star character can be found at "Special Event Quests" and so you can max out your 3 stars but you need alpha catalysts to rank up your 4 star champions. If you don't have the alpha catalyst then you can't upgrade your 4 star hero above rank 2.

In this post i will tell you all the ways the game offers you to obtain the alpha catalysts and my how i obtain them using my method. First let's look at all the possible ways to get alpha catalysts in Marvel Contest of Champions.

How To Get Alpha Catalyst In Marvel Contest of Champions

1. The first way the game offers you a chance to get these catalysts is by playing in "Free For All" special event quest. This event is held every Sunday and you have a rare chance of getting an alpha catalyst. However the chance of an alpha catalyst drop is really really low. You have to keep playing the hard and medium level in free for all event. Nobody knows in how many runs you would be able to get one Or would you even get one or not. Be informed that playing in hard mode consumes 3 energy per tile and you will be using a lot of energy refills if you keep trying. It can be a really frustrating way. I have seen people playing continuously for 3 weeks in this event and not getting the alpha. There are two paths in each mode, one is easier and the another is difficult. Most people have obtained the alpha using the easier path of the hard mode in Free For All event.

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2. Second way is a paid option. The game might occasionally offer you a special deal to get an alpha catalyst with the "All-Father Odin's Vault" pack. This pack is very costly to buy but you will get a guaranteed alpha catalyst together with lots of units to spend in the game. But nobody knows when would such offers be provided to someone. It is decided by the game that to whom and when provide such a deal.

3. Another way is by competing in Multiverse Arena in an Alpha Catalyst event. This event is held periodically and runs for 3 days but be warned that the competition in this event is extremely fierce. You will have to compete against the top players of the game and other than that you will need to spend units to compete in this event.

Although being the toughest way, i use the 3rd method above to obtain my alpha catalysts, which is by competing in alpha catalyst arena. This is because i am almost guaranteed to get one if i get placed in the top 50 rank. Now you would be thinking that you will need to spend lots of units (or money) to win here, but you know what? I don't spend even a penny to win in this event because i always have lots of units to spend in this event. No, i don't spend any money to get these units. Watch the screenshot below -

As you can see in the above image, i have 4 alpha catalysts resting in my inventory and some i have already consumed for upgrading. I am able to win in this event because i am able to farm unlimited units in Marvel Contest of Champions. I have figured out a method using which i can farm lots and lots of units without spending money. You can go though my post on how to farm unlimited units and learn to get free units easily. If you are never short on units then you will always win in the alpha catalyst event.

So here i explained all the possible ways to obtain the alpha catalyst in Marvel Contest of Champions. Now it's up to you to choose the best method for you. If you want a quick but not a guaranteed way then you would choose the free for all special event but if you want a guaranteed but a bit longer time consuming method then you should choose the alpha catalyst event and use my method to farm units to use in this event. Best of luck!