Hard Quest With Only 1 Champion in Marvel Contest of Champions!

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As you all might know that right now i am playing Marvel Contest of Champions android game so i thought about doing something extraordinary in this game and share with all of you.

There are a total of 3 Acts right now in the game (Act 4 is not yet available). Act 3 is the hardest of all, especially Chapter 4. Its extremely difficult to progress and complete Act 3 if you don't have a team of 3 star champions. The last three quests of Act 3 Chapter 4 are the most difficult of all because the power index of all opponents are 1400+ and some of them are even awakened. Even with a team of maxed out 3 star champions you are not guaranteed to beat all your opponents.

I have already completed all the Acts 100% but i thought about doing something extraordinary and check if i have really mastered this game or not. So i thought of completing a whole quest using only 1 champion of my team. I also decided that i will not use any heal potions or revives. It was a tough challenge but i had decided to test my skills.

So i chose Act 3, Chapter 4, Quest 4 (Impossible Odds). I had to beat a total of 8 opponents to win this quest. The champion that i had chosen to use throughout this whole quest is "Dr. Strange", since i believe he is one of the most strongest champions in my roster. In the image below you can see the stats of my 3 star Dr. Strange who is not even fully maxed out yet and i will be using him with the same stats in this challenge.

And here is a screenshot of the quest in which i will be playing.

Below you can see the major points in this challenge for me.

1. Total number of opponents to beat = 8
2. Average Power Index of each opponent = 1400
3. Champion that i will use = 3 star awakened Dr. Strange
4. No potions and revives to be used.

I started playing the challenge and recorded the gameplay video and have embedded it below. Watch the video below to see how far i got in this really difficult challenge or whether i was able to win this extraordinary challenge. Don't forget to comment below of what you think about this challenge and whether you have done something like this in Marvel Contest of Champions.