An Incredible Marvel Contest of Champions Kang Boss Battle/Fight

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Kang is one of the most toughest players to beat in Marvel Contest of Champions game. In order to unlock Act 3 in the game, you need to first beat Kang and let me tell you that its not much easier to beat him unless you have some maxed out 3 star champions or some 4 star champions who are leveled up to at least Rank 2.
The first time i had beated Kang, i had some 3 star champions but it was still difficult for me to beat him because my champions were not maxed out. Now that i have many 3 star champions and some of them even at their highest ranks and levels, i decided to fight again with this first boss in Marvel Contest of Champions. I have recorded my Marvel Contest of champions Kang battle video and have posted it below. At first i thought that my 3 star Thor with his signature ability unlocked will be enough to beat him but Kang did beated me when only little of his health was left. Anyways i still did defeated him without using any health potions and revives.

As you can see in the video above that the movement of Kang is really quick and it's almost impossible to use your first or second special attacks on him because he will almost always block it so the best thing to do is to always wait till your power level reaches up to third level and then deliver your power attack on him. So now after fighting and beating Kang 100%, my next target is to beat the second boss in the game, which is "Thanos"! He is much more stronger and tougher than Kang. In fact Kang is nothing in front of Thanos. Watch the gameplay video above and let me know in the comments what do you feel about it and have you too beaten him yet? Enjoy!