Everyone wants to get a 4 star champion in Marvel Contest of Champions because they are undoubtedly the most powerful heroes in the game right now. But you might know that they are very rare. If you could get even just one 4 star character in the game then you should consider yourself lucky because there are many higher level players in the game with no 4 stars in their roster.

Premium hero crystals are the most basic ways to get new champions to add to your collection. You have a chance to obtain a champion who can be from 2 star to 4 star. Although most of the time you will get a 2 star out of the crystal or a 3 star if you are lucky. You might also get a 4 star if you are very very lucky. Although the guaranteed way to get a 4 star is by competing in Multiverse Arenas, i thought about trying to figure out a way to get a 4 star on premium hero crystal. Is there really any way to always get 4 stars champions on a premium crystals?

To know the answer, i decided to open my premium hero crystals in different ways to see what result do i get. Below you will find all the ways i tried to open my premium hero crystals in and my results.

How To Get 4 Star On Premium Hero Crystal

1. The first method i tried was to let the crystal spin on its own and not to tap even when you see a message that says "Tap to stop the crystal" or something like that. Even if you don't tap on the screen to stop the crystal rotation, it will stop on its own in a few seconds. Several times i tried to open my premium hero crystal using this way but didn't get any 4 stars.

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2. Another method that i tried was to tap on a 4 star champion when you see it in the rotating characters' pictures. Although it can be a bit difficult to tap on the desired character because in the rotating pictures but you can try it a few times and can get good enough reflexes to tap on a 4 star. So i tried this method several times and i am sure that i tapped on a 4 star champion but unfortunately it didn't seem to make any difference. I never got a 4 star using this method as well.

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3. Third method that i tried was to not even rotate the crystals, instead just tap directly on the button at the bottom right corner which says "open crystal". But truly speaking i had no confidence on this method because we can't even see the characters which are in there. The result was unfortunately the same i.e. no 4 stars.

4. The last method i tried was to open multiple crystals at the same time and hope to get even one 4 star out of all the crystals. This was similar to the third method above but instead of 1 crystal i tried to open multiple crystals, say 2 or 3 at the same time by tapping the "Open Crystals" button. But this method also did not game me any 4 star.

But luckily i was finally able to figure out a guaranteed method to get 4 star in Marvel Contest of Champions. I discovered this method after a long long time and when i had given up all hopes. This is the only way to get 4 star characters. You can learn about this method by visiting the link below.

Click here to know my only working trick to get 4 star fighters in Marvel Contest of Champions
In this post i am going to show you a really helpful method using which you can get almost unlimited number of clear tickets in Marvel Future Fight. This method is not even going to take a lot of time. Once you learn this method you will be able to farm unlimited clear tickets real quick. Now before i tell you some more about it, check out the screenshot below. You can see that i have farmed lots of clear tickets in Marvel Future Fight.

marvel future fight clear tickets

Let me first tell you a bit about these clear tickets and how they are useful in the game. In Marvel Future Fight, to upgrade our characters we need to collect many kinds of materials and Biometrics. We can't upgrade our heroes without having these necessary things. So in order to obtain them, we need to play the "Normal Mode" and "Elite Mode" again and again. This will take you a lot of time and effort. If you have to upgrade many characters then just think about how many times you will have to replay these stages. Sometimes you might also feel that your effort has been wasted because you might not get the biometric for which you have been playing. Yes, it happens sometimes and it can be frustrating because you just defeated a really difficult boss like Dr. Octopus or Venom etc. and you don't get the prize for which you have been putting in your time and effort.

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This is where "Clear Tickets" come into play in Marvel Future Fight. Using a clear ticket you can instantly clear that stage and also get the items or biometric which you were going to obtain after defeating the boss. Interesting! Isn't it?

How To Farm Clear Tickets In Marvel Future Fight

The game offers you a chance to get clear tickets in "Dimension Rift". These are special stages which you might find suddenly while entering a stage in Normal or Elite mode. You might also get an invitation to join a Dimension Rift when any of your allies finds one. There are a total of 5 stages in a Dimension Rift and the difficulty keeps increasing with each new stage. These are the stages where you could collect clear tickets. You need to play and defeat the boss after which you could get anywhere from 1-3 or more tickets. Now the good thing is that you can play the same stage again and again and keep getting the tickets. But the number of tickets you will get will be random every time. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind like these Dimension Rifts lasts for only 30 minutes so you need to be quick and also the number of energy required will also keep increasing as you play higher level stages in a rift. In the video below you can see me playing in a Dimension Rift and obtaining clear tickets. However this is not the method i use to farm unlimited Clear Tickets in Marvel Future Fight.

Using the above method you will be able to get some tickets but to farm lots of tickets quickly, you need to use an advanced method. The huge number of tickets you see in the image above have been obtained using an advanced method. I figured out this advanced method just few days back and am quite impressed and happy that i found this method.

I have shared my advanced method for farming unlimited clear tickets quickly in a short pdf document. You can download this short ebook right after sharing this post using the button below.

The password for opening the pdf file is -> mybesthub.blogspot.com

Best of luck farming clear tickets in Marvel Future Fight using my advanced but simple method.

In Marvel Contest of Champions you need catalysts to rank up your champions. After you have reached the max level of a rank for a particular champion you can't upgrade him further until you use the required catalyst to upgrade your rank first. The most powerful characters in the game right now are the 3 star and 4 star characters. The catalysts required to upgrade a 3 star character can be found at "Special Event Quests" and so you can max out your 3 stars but you need alpha catalysts to rank up your 4 star champions. If you don't have the alpha catalyst then you can't upgrade your 4 star hero above rank 2.

In this post i will tell you all the ways the game offers you to obtain the alpha catalysts and my how i obtain them using my method. First let's look at all the possible ways to get alpha catalysts in Marvel Contest of Champions.

How To Get Alpha Catalyst In Marvel Contest of Champions

1. The first way the game offers you a chance to get these catalysts is by playing in "Free For All" special event quest. This event is held every Sunday and you have a rare chance of getting an alpha catalyst. However the chance of an alpha catalyst drop is really really low. You have to keep playing the hard and medium level in free for all event. Nobody knows in how many runs you would be able to get one Or would you even get one or not. Be informed that playing in hard mode consumes 3 energy per tile and you will be using a lot of energy refills if you keep trying. It can be a really frustrating way. I have seen people playing continuously for 3 weeks in this event and not getting the alpha. There are two paths in each mode, one is easier and the another is difficult. Most people have obtained the alpha using the easier path of the hard mode in Free For All event.

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2. Second way is a paid option. The game might occasionally offer you a special deal to get an alpha catalyst with the "All-Father Odin's Vault" pack. This pack is very costly to buy but you will get a guaranteed alpha catalyst together with lots of units to spend in the game. But nobody knows when would such offers be provided to someone. It is decided by the game that to whom and when provide such a deal.

3. Another way is by competing in Multiverse Arena in an Alpha Catalyst event. This event is held periodically and runs for 3 days but be warned that the competition in this event is extremely fierce. You will have to compete against the top players of the game and other than that you will need to spend units to compete in this event.

Although being the toughest way, i use the 3rd method above to obtain my alpha catalysts, which is by competing in alpha catalyst arena. This is because i am almost guaranteed to get one if i get placed in the top 50 rank. Now you would be thinking that you will need to spend lots of units (or money) to win here, but you know what? I don't spend even a penny to win in this event because i always have lots of units to spend in this event. No, i don't spend any money to get these units. Watch the screenshot below -

As you can see in the above image, i have 4 alpha catalysts resting in my inventory and some i have already consumed for upgrading. I am able to win in this event because i am able to farm unlimited units in Marvel Contest of Champions. I have figured out a method using which i can farm lots and lots of units without spending money. You can go though my post on how to farm unlimited units and learn to get free units easily. If you are never short on units then you will always win in the alpha catalyst event.

So here i explained all the possible ways to obtain the alpha catalyst in Marvel Contest of Champions. Now it's up to you to choose the best method for you. If you want a quick but not a guaranteed way then you would choose the free for all special event but if you want a guaranteed but a bit longer time consuming method then you should choose the alpha catalyst event and use my method to farm units to use in this event. Best of luck! 
Like so many people, i am also a big fan of disney cartoons and games. I still remember watching the classic Ducktales and Talespin cartoons on TV in my childhood days with my brothers. Those days were the best days of my life i believe.
Here i want to talk about a Ducktales game which has recently been launched on Android and iOS platforms. The game's name is "Ducktales Remastered". I got the news about its launch from some gaming websites. So without wasting much time i went straight to Youtube to watch some gameplay videos of this new game as i was quite excited from its launch because it was a disney game (which are always awesome). Also its my usual habit to watch the gameplay video of the game before downloading it so that i don't waste my time and internet data in downloading a game which i don't like.

So i watched some videos and truly speaking i liked the game a lot! The game was full of mystery with many secret and hidden places in all stages which we can discover to get bonus items. It had almost the same feel of the game i used to play on my NES gaming system in my childhood. This was a 2d game with an awesome storyline and the same classical ducktales characters. I also got to know that this game was actually a port of a pc game means this game was already available on pc before being launched on mobile devices. Below you can watch the gameplay video of this awesome game. 

All in all i was quite happy to find this new Ducktales game and excited to play on my mobile phone. But there was just one thing about this game which changed my mind and i did not downloaded it. The problem is that we can't save our progress in Ducktales Remastered. I don't understand why they didn't gave us the option to save. This game is quite long (which is good) and i am sure nobody would like to play the same 1 or 2 stages again and again. Also nobody would want to sit a whole day to complete the whole game because we can't save the progress. I like to play new stages and explore new things in a game. That is what keeps you tied to a game.

At least for now there is no way to save our progress in this game but if they implement this feature then without doubt i am going to download it and also recommend to others.
Iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champions are the real power elements of your Champions. In order to make your characters more powerful, you need to feed them with lots of ISO 8s untill they reach their highest rank. In this post i will tell you about all the possible ways to get iso 8 in the game and my own unique method for farming unlimited iso 8 extremely fast!

How To Get ISO 8 In Marvel Contest of Champions

First let's have a look at all the possible ways to collect Iso 8s in the game.

1. Story mode quests are the primary sources of Iso 8. You obtain some iso 8s after completing a quest. You can also obtain some quest crystals which might give you some iso 8s, potions or units. You get iso 8s twice in each quest, once when you complete the quest for the first time and second when you complete that quest 100% (by following all the paths).

2. Second way to get Iso 8 are the "Arena Crystals" which you can buy for 2000 battle chips each. You can also get many other things from arena crystals besides Iso 8s.

3. Alliance crystals are one more way to get class specific iso 8. These iso 8s are more effective if you use them on a champion of the same class. These iso 8s are more powerful than regular ones but you don't always get them from the Alliance crystal. You can also get class specific iso 8 when you get a duplicate champion. The higher the tier of your duplicate champion, higher will be the tier of that iso 8.

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So the above are all the ways to get iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champion. But it will take you a lot of time to farm Iso 8 if you follow the above regular methods. The method i am going to show you now is the fastest way to farming unlimited iso 8. Using this guide your inventory will always be full of tier 3 Iso 8s like in the image below.

And your Stash will also be full of such Iso 8 within a really short period of time.

Using which you can quickly upgrade any or all of your champions to the max level and make them extremely powerful fast. It will help you to progress easily in Act 2, Act 3 or upcoming difficult Acts. Not only that, you can also compete easily in special events for new champions. See the image below.


So how to farm so many Iso 8s quickly? Well, the real secret for farming unlimited Iso 8 quickly are the "Potential Rewards". You might have noticed that in the game. On the champion selection screen before a fight in quest mode, you can see a plus icon at the bottom, when you click on it you will see a screen like below.

It shows you have a chance to win a Tier 3 Iso 8, health potion and a quest crystal. You need to fight with your opponent in a specific way to win one or all of these potential reward items. Sometimes you might have received these items but you don't always get them.

After playing this game for many many weeks i finally figured out how to win these potential rewards every time. This is how i am able to get lots and lots of Iso 8s really fast.

Some people say that a particular stage in each act is the best way to farm Iso 8 but i would say each and every stage is good for farming Iso 8 if you know how to win the potential reward every time. However in Act 1, the potential reward iso 8 is tier 2 level. So i would recommend you to choose Act 2 for farming because you get a tier 3 iso 8 here. I would also advice to choose Act 2 over Act 3 since the potential rewards in both acts are the same but you have to use 2 energy per tile in Act 3 while in Act 2 you need only 1 energy per tile.

I have explained my method to win the potential reward every time, in an ebook as a pdf document. You can download this short ebook right after sharing this post using the link below. So best of luck farming Iso 8 in Marvel Contest of Champions.

The password to open the pdf document is > mybesthub.blogspot.com

marvel contest of champions iso 8 guide
marvel contest of champions iso farming
It is a common problem that when you insert your SD or memory card in your PC through a USB slot using a card reader, your computer might not detect it. There can be several reasons for it. The issue might be on your SD card itself or on your PC. In this post i will try to explain you all the possible and best solutions to fix this issue. These fixes will work for almost all versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8 or earlier.

How To Fix Micro SD card not detected In PC Issue

Below you can find the best solutions to make your PC detect your memory card. Make sure to try more than one solution in case one of these doesn't works for you. So let's start -

1. The first thing you should do is to check if your memory card is not damaged. This is to make sure the issue is not with your card itself. So just insert it inside your device (mobile, camera etc.) and open it to make sure it's working fine.

2. After confirming that the card is working, check that the card is not locked. Sometimes the locking switch can accidentally slide in the center making your impossible to read and write on the card. So make sure to unlock it and then connect to your PC.

3. Another solution is to shut down your pc and insert your memory card to the slot and then turn on your PC. This might work and your PC should now detect your SD card.

4. Make sure your computer is able to detect USB devices. To check it, go to your device manager (Right click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager) Now click the arrow next to "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" or "USB Controllers". If you see a yellow exclamation sign next to your device then you have a problem with your USB Controller. To fix it, right click there and choose "update driver software" then choose "Automatically Search for driver software online". Or if you have the drivers on a CD then you can directly install using it. After installing the drivers restart your PC and plug your memory card. Your PC will now detect it.

5. If your memory card was detected by your pc earlier and has stopped detecting suddenly then try to restore your pc to an earlier restore point and it should solve the issue.

6. Try to plug your SD card to another USB port on your PC. You can also try to plug it into another pc or laptop if the latter methods doesn't work.

So the above are all the possible and best ways to successfully detect a memory card in a PC or laptop.  The above explained methods have a high success rate and these methods will work for almost all versions of Windows. Don't forget to comment below if you successfully solved your issue using any of the above methods or any other methods that you used.

Are you frustrated due to not getting a single 4 star champion in Marvel Contest of champion? Don't worry because in this post i will explain you how you can get not just one but unlimited 4 star champions!

If you are a higher level player of Marvel Contest of Champion then you might already know that 4 stars are extremely rare. It looks almost impossible to get even one 4 star hero. This is because they are the most powerful champions in the game. If they are maxed out to their full potential then their power index can be 2800+! You can easily beat powerful bosses like Thanos and Kang if you have a maxed out 4 star champion. So let's look at how to get 4 stars in Marvel Contest of Champion.

How To Get 4 Star Characters In Marvel Contest of Champion

1. The first possible way to obtain a 4 star hero is by buying Premium hero crystals. Each premium hero crystal costs 100 units. Although i would not recommend you to depend upon these crystals to get a 4 star because the chance of getting a 4 star champion from premium hero crystal can be as low as 2%. I would also like to tell you that your Summoner level has no relation with the drop of a 4 star from premium hero crystal. You can find new player with multiple 4 stars while many higher level players with no 4 star champions.

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2. Another way is to compete in the 4 star arenas for a chance to win a 4 star hero. But remember that you will be competing with players from all around the world and the number of 4 stars given away in these arenas are also quite limited.

3. You can also obtain a 4 star character from a 4 star hero crystal. Just like 3 star crystal, they appear as a pop up after you have got a certain number of 3 star heroes. They are for limited time only and are extremely costly. A 4 star hero crystal costs 2500 units which is a lot. But it actually guarantees that you will get a 4 star.

4. Besides the above methods their are some special crystals which are introduced when a new character event starts. These crystals usually cost about 150 units but the chance of getting a star from these crystals also is not much higher.

So you can see above all the possible way to obtain a 4 star hero in Marvel Contest of Champions. Now if you want to get many 4 star champions then i would recommend you to use the 2nd method as explained above, which is to compete in the 4 star character events. That is how i have got my 4 stars. You might be wondering that it is impossible to win there since they give out only 200 or 250 4 stars but i want to tell you that it is possible to win in 4 star arenas.

In 4 star arenas, on average if you score at least 700000 points per day then at the end of arena (after 3 days) you would have at least 2100000 points which is enough to get a 4 star. Remember that these points estimate are just for now and they can increase later. Now to score that much points per day you must have lots of units to recharge your champions. Don't worry, you don't need to spend money to buy so many units. I have shared my method to get unlimited units for free which you can use to collect infinite units within a short period of time. So just follow my method to accumulate units and play in the 4 star character arenas. Recharge your heroes and try to make higher win streaks which awards you maximum points.

So this is my method to get 4 star champions in Marvel Contest of Champions without spending any money. I hope now you too will be able to win the highest tier champions and fully enjoy this game.

marvel contest of champions how to get 4 star characters
marvel contest of champions how to get 4 star heroes
In this post i want to talk about a new Action RPG game which has recently been launched for Android and iOS devices, its called "Marvel Future Future". The game has just been launched but i can see it has a lot of potential to become one of the top games in the store.

The game is full of the most popular Marvel characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Iron Fist, Vision, Green Goblin, Hulk Red Skull, Daredevil, Thor, Black bolt and many more. All the characters have retained their classical fighting style and animation which looks really cool.

So let's have a look at how can we make our heroes more powerful by ranking them up.

How To Rank Up a Hero In Marvel Future Fight

When you rank up a hero, the number of stars on the character will increase which also increases his maximum level cap. A hero can be ranked up to 6 stars which increases the level up to 50!

The most important thing you need to rank up a hero are Biometrics. You need certain number of each character specific biometric in order to rank up. Each biometric can be obtained in a particular stage which you can find out by tapping on the biometric icon. In the video below you can see me ranking up Ironman since i have already collected the required number of biometrics.

After increasing your max level cap you can go to "Gear" option and make your hero more powerful by increasing the individual stats. You need to have certain hero level and also some Materials to increase your attack, defense dodge etc. abilities.

Under "Skills" tab you can increase your special attacks' level using gold. You can also unlock new and more powerful special attacks when you reach higher ranks.

You can make your hero even more stronger by equipping special ISO-8 which can be found in "Daily Missions" and "Dimension Chest". You can only equip a specified number of ISO-8 according to your hero level. You can unlock more slots to equip ISO-8 after increasing your level. There are several kinds of ISO-8 which can be obtained on a particular day.

So i hope now you understand the basics of this new game and how to rank up your hero in Marvel Future Fight. I will soon be making new posts about this game and also some gameplay videos. Let me know in the comments section below what toy think about this new game.

Marvel Contest of Champions is all about adding more and more powerful characters to your roster. As you know that 3 star and 4 star champions are the most powerful in the game right now. Hence everyone is chasing for these champions. The game will be adding even 5 star champions in the game (but nobody knows when). Here i will explain to you how to get guaranteed 3 star characters in Marvel Contest of Champions.

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If you want to progress in Act 2 and Act 3 in the game then you must have at least some Tier 3 (3 star) champions in your team. Tier 3 characters can be easily maxed out since the catalysts required to upgrade them are not very rare. So its better to have 3 star champions but i belive that when more Acts will be added to the game then it would be a necessity to have 4 star champions. In the below screenshot you can see some of my 3 star heroes.

How to Get 3 star Characters in Marvel Contest of Champions

In total there are only 3 possible ways to get a 3 star hero in the game. I will explain each one and also tell you which is the best one as well.

1. The first way to gain a 3 star hero is by opening a "Premium Hero Crystal". Each premium hero crystal will cost you 100 units. Yes, they are a bit pricey and according to my experience, the chance of getting a 3 star character using Premium hero crystal is 10%. Most of the time you will only be getting a 2 star hero.

2. The second way is by completing an ACT 100%. When you fully conquer a quest by fully completing each chapter and by following all the possible paths, you get a 3 star crystal. They have added this system recently and many people are quite happy with it. But it could take you some time to fully complete an act. This way you can gain at least 3 guaranteed 3 star champions since there are only 3 acts in the game.

3.  Another way to collect a 3 star champion is by competing in the "Multiverse Arena". You get a chance to win a new 3 star and 4 star champion in the multiverse arena. Each of these events is held for 3 days and the top ranked players win a 3 star or a 4 star hero. Not only you get a tier 3 champion but you also get 2 premium hero crystals in you manage to get in the highest ranks.

4. The fourth method is a guaranteed way to get a 3 star crystal. Every time you open 10 premium hero crystals, you will get a pop up appear on your screen where you will be offered a chance to buy a 3 star hero crystal for 400 units. This offer only lasts for 60 minutes. This is also a new system they introduced recently and it helped many players to gain higher tier champions. 400 units is a good price for a 3 star. You can check out my post on how to get unlimited free units in marvel contest of champions if you want to be ready to take advantage of this offer when it appears.

So the above are all the possible ways to win a powerful character. The best method depends upon each individual like if you have a good number of two star heroes then you can win a 3 star event and manage to get 3 star champions. While if you are a new player then you should go for the 2nd and the 4th methods as explained above. I hope this post will help you in hunting for a tier 3 champion. Don't forget to comment below how many 3 star champions you have got and which method you used to get them.

marvel contest of champions how to get 3 star characters
marvel contest of champions how to get 3 star crystal
Most of the Android users like to keep their android phones locked using the most popular "Pattern lock" option in Android. Now if someone tries to unlock your device and enters too many wrong patterns then your phone gets locked and asks you to log in with your google account. Many times, if you enter the correct log in details even then it does not unlocks and keeps asking the same. This is where the problem arises. So for that, below i am going to mention the most easiest way to instantly unlock your android phone. This method has a 100% success rate and can unlock your device quite easily!

How to Unlock Android Phone after Too Many Pattern Attempts

The most effective and easiest way is by using an app called "Screen Lock Bypass Pro". This amazing app can unlock your device within minutes. It also does not requires your device to be rooted which is great. However this is a paid app and costs more than $4 to buy from the play store but luckily you can download the pro version of this app for free using the link below.

Click here to download now for free

So now you can easily unlock your android phone without wasting time on useless and extremely tricky methods which don't actually work. Screen lock bypass pro is the only solution which works for this issue.
In Marvel Contest of Champions, Units are extremely important for you if you want to become a really powerful player. Units act as a currency in this game. You have to pay using Units if you want to buy anything in Marvel Contest of Champions. Lets have a look at what you can do in the game using Units.

1. You can buy health potions which cost 25 units each and team health potions which cost 50 Units each. These potions are really important especially when you are facing a dangerous opponent like Kang and Thanos.

2. You can buy solo revives and team revives which cost 40 units and 100 units each respectively!

3. You can buy energy refills for 30 units each. The more energy refills you have more you can play quests and thus increase your Summoner level and collect iso 8 and catalysts.

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4. You can buy various kinds of exciting crystals like premium hero crystals, 3 star hero crystals, 4 star hero crystals and the limited time crystals like the Avengers crystal, Mystic crystal, X-Men crystal and more. Crystals are the most costly items in the game. Till now the most costly crystal that i have seen is 4 star hero crystal which cost 2500 units!

5. You need units to instantly recharge your champion's stamina when you are competing for a new champion in Multiverse Arenas. This costs 5 units per champion recharge.

6. You need to spend units for each fight when you compete for some extremely rare items like alpha catalysts or tier 4 class specific catalysts. You can't upgrade your 4 star characters above level 2 without these catalysts.

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So you saw above how important Units are in this game. But the problem is that you have to spend real money to buy Units and these units are not very cheaper. If you want to get all the attractive things as mentioned above then obviously you must have lots of units. Now if you are like me (and most other players) then you would not like to spend money to get these units. So is there any way to get unlimited units quickly and for free? Yes there is a way! You heard it right, there is a method using which you can get units fast and for free. Look at the screenshot below.

As you can see in the above screenshot that i have 1200+ Units and i got all those units in just a few hours and without spending any money. I haven't invested even a single penny in this game. I am a really experienced player in this game (my Summoner level is 42) so you can say that i keep playing this game for many hours a day and i figured out this method to get free units only by playing this game a lot! Please note that this is not any kind of glitch which we are going to exploit here. It's a genuine method to get unlimited units for free and quickly in Marvel Contest of Champions.

I want to share this method with all of you and so i have created a small ebook (pdf) in which i have clearly explained my method. You can download this ebook using the link below. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below about this great method.

The password for opening the pdf document is --> mybesthub.blogspot.com

marvel contest of champions how to get units
marvel contest of champions how to get units quickly
marvel contest of champions units farming
marvel contest of champions unlimited units
Kang is one of the most toughest players to beat in Marvel Contest of Champions game. In order to unlock Act 3 in the game, you need to first beat Kang and let me tell you that its not much easier to beat him unless you have some maxed out 3 star champions or some 4 star champions who are leveled up to at least Rank 2.
The first time i had beated Kang, i had some 3 star champions but it was still difficult for me to beat him because my champions were not maxed out. Now that i have many 3 star champions and some of them even at their highest ranks and levels, i decided to fight again with this first boss in Marvel Contest of Champions. I have recorded my Marvel Contest of champions Kang battle video and have posted it below. At first i thought that my 3 star Thor with his signature ability unlocked will be enough to beat him but Kang did beated me when only little of his health was left. Anyways i still did defeated him without using any health potions and revives.

As you can see in the video above that the movement of Kang is really quick and it's almost impossible to use your first or second special attacks on him because he will almost always block it so the best thing to do is to always wait till your power level reaches up to third level and then deliver your power attack on him. So now after fighting and beating Kang 100%, my next target is to beat the second boss in the game, which is "Thanos"! He is much more stronger and tougher than Kang. In fact Kang is nothing in front of Thanos. Watch the gameplay video above and let me know in the comments what do you feel about it and have you too beaten him yet? Enjoy!
Today i want to share my unique method which i use to stay motivated throughout the day. You might already know how important it is in life to stay motivated. Motivation gives you hope and energy to do everything in life.

There are many things which can motivate you, basically it depends upon each individual. For example - you could start to feel the motivation feeling by listening any particular song while i would feel the same motivation by a short motivational clip. I noticed that i am feeling a lack of self confidence and motivation and that i seriously need to do something about it. I had to figure out a way to be physically and mentally energetic continuously.

I found that feeding yourself with positive thoughts can greatly boost your confidence level. Being positive is the most important step in building your self confidence. But there was a problem in this and i can guarantee that you might have also noticed this issue if you are trying to become a confident person. The problem is that once you read or watch something positive, it taps positive feelings inside you but it doesn't lasts longer. You would start to feel positive and confident for some minutes to hours but after that the positive feeling disappears. The reason for this is because we are surrounded with so much negativity around us that this small dose of positive energy is lost very quickly. If you focus on your thinking, you will see that you have so many negative thoughts in your mind. You have developed a negative attitude or feeling according to what you see or hear around you. So in order to stay hopeful and motivated, we need to periodically feed our mind with positive thoughts during the whole day and also remember them. We need to shift as much of our thinking to these positive emotions instead of negativity around us.

The thing i use to do so myself are positive or motivational thoughts. If we repeatedly read or watch positive thoughts or clips then they will be firmly established in our mind and thus bring your life to a whole new level. The more time you spend with these positive thoughts more effective they will be. Now you could take a positive thoughts' book and keep reading it at regular intervals the whole day but according to me you will start to feel lazy after few days or sometimes you could also forget where did you kept it and forgot. So i figured out a simple but effective solution for this!

The solution is already in our hands i.e. our smart phones! Our phones are the only thing which we spend the most time with, the whole day. Just think about how many times you pick up or stare at your phone in a day. The truth is that we can't live without it. So why not use it to our advantage.

So i had figured out the idea and now just had to execute it correctly. I decided to find an app in Play Store which would display a positive thought on my smart phone's home screen and also update with a new thought after few minutes to hours. I spent sometime searching for the best app and finally found an app called "Positive Thinking Pro". It is a small app filled with tons of positive thoughts and it works exactly as i wanted. It displays a new powerful quote after the specified number of minutes or hours.

Every time i pickup my phone, my focus goes first on the quote which is being displayed by this cool little app and it keeps me positive and motivates the whole day! You can download the free version or the pro version (costs $1). Pro version has more quotes than the free version. Below you can see how it looks on my Android phone's home screen.

I can tell you that this method is doing wonders for me since i am looking and spending time with these positive thoughts for much longer and i can feel the difference. Just give it a try yourself and let me know in the comments below about what you feel about my method!
As you all might know that right now i am playing Marvel Contest of Champions android game so i thought about doing something extraordinary in this game and share with all of you.

There are a total of 3 Acts right now in the game (Act 4 is not yet available). Act 3 is the hardest of all, especially Chapter 4. Its extremely difficult to progress and complete Act 3 if you don't have a team of 3 star champions. The last three quests of Act 3 Chapter 4 are the most difficult of all because the power index of all opponents are 1400+ and some of them are even awakened. Even with a team of maxed out 3 star champions you are not guaranteed to beat all your opponents.

I have already completed all the Acts 100% but i thought about doing something extraordinary and check if i have really mastered this game or not. So i thought of completing a whole quest using only 1 champion of my team. I also decided that i will not use any heal potions or revives. It was a tough challenge but i had decided to test my skills.

So i chose Act 3, Chapter 4, Quest 4 (Impossible Odds). I had to beat a total of 8 opponents to win this quest. The champion that i had chosen to use throughout this whole quest is "Dr. Strange", since i believe he is one of the most strongest champions in my roster. In the image below you can see the stats of my 3 star Dr. Strange who is not even fully maxed out yet and i will be using him with the same stats in this challenge.

And here is a screenshot of the quest in which i will be playing.

Below you can see the major points in this challenge for me.

1. Total number of opponents to beat = 8
2. Average Power Index of each opponent = 1400
3. Champion that i will use = 3 star awakened Dr. Strange
4. No potions and revives to be used.

I started playing the challenge and recorded the gameplay video and have embedded it below. Watch the video below to see how far i got in this really difficult challenge or whether i was able to win this extraordinary challenge. Don't forget to comment below of what you think about this challenge and whether you have done something like this in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Hey friends! Do you love playing Marvel Contest of Champions game but find it extremely difficult or almost impossible to beat an awakened (duped) 3 or 4 star Wolverine? Don't worry anymore because in this post i will share my tricks on how to beat an awakened Wolverine and even show you myself beating him without using any revives or heal potions!

I saw many people on the official forum of Marvel Contest of Champions that they are struck in the game and can't progress further because they are unable to beat an awakened Wolverine even if they use all their 5 champions in the team. So i thought why not show them exactly how to beat him and best of all without wasting any potions and revives. We will first mention, exactly why wolverine is so difficult to beat and then show you how i beat him every time so easily.

Why is an Awakened Wolverine so difficult to beat

1. The major reason is his continuous health regeneration ability. He regenerates his health numerous times during the fight. You put all your power to deliver a set of combos on him, use your special attacks only to find out that he has only lost very minimum health (due to health regeneration) and then he knocks you down delivering his deadly attacks.

2. Second reason is he inflicts bleed. Dangerous claws of Wolverine quickly drains your health if you got his special attacks on you.

So you saw above, why he is so dangerous and tough to beat. Now below i will tell you how to beat him easily and also show you my gameplay video in which you can see me beating him quite easily.

How to beat an Awakened Wolverine in Marvel Contest of Champions

1. Use a "tech" Class champion - Wolverine is a "mutant" class champion and tech class has advantage over mutant class in the game. So if you have a 3 star or 4 star tech champion in your roster like Iron Man or Star Lord etc. then use them against Wolverine.

2. Use a champion with "bleed" inflicting ability - if you don't have any tech champion but have a character who can inflict bleed damage then he/she can be really effective against him. Gamora is the best character in the game with bleed ability. If you rank her up to rank 3 or 4 then she can deliver deadly bleed damage to opponents. I myself used a 3 star Gamora to beat an Awakened Wolverine.

3. Avoid his special attacks - instead of standing still and blocking his hits, try to move backward when he attacks. Blocking still drains a little health but if you move back when he attacks then you can save much of your health. Best thing is that you can escape both his 1st and 2nd special attacks if you move backwards at the right time.

So that's it! Follow the above simple steps and you too can beat an awakened dangerous wolverine easily. Watch the video below to see how i use the above tricks to beat him in a single fight.