Rockman games for android has been asked for, ever since the evolution of android gaming. Genuine Rockman android games are hard to find because rockman series is so popular that there have been many similar games created by others. But none of those games can compare t the original rockman games which we used to play in our early days. The android gamers also want to play the same retro rockman games on their android phones and tablets therefore here we are going to provide you these original rockman android games apk. You will not find these rockman games for android anywhere else.

Before allowing you to download rockman for android let me tell you a few more important things about these rockman game for android. From here you can free download all the rockman android games apk. You don't need to download all the rockman android games from a single file because that would significantly increase the download file size and on the other hand that would be too many rockman games to play by a single person. Therefore we are going to provide you links to individual rockman games' apk files so that you can choose and download any or multiple games individually. Before downloading you will be able to see a gameplay video and some screenshots of the rockman game so that you only download the ones you like.

These are the exact same rockman games which we used to play on Nes, Snes, Sega Genesis and GBA (Game Boy Advance). Below you can find all the titles under the above mentioned gaming consoles that have been ported or converted to android.

Rockman Games For Android

Here is the list of Rockman Nes games for android - Rockman 1, Rockman 2, Rockman 3, Rockman 4, Rockman 5 and Rockman 6.

Here is the list of SNES Rockman games for android. You might already know that rockman is also known as Mega Man and on Snes console its game titles were named similarly. Maga Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man 7 are the games which you can download for android.

Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Zero 2 are the GBA games which are available here to download for android.

There are also two Sega Genesis Rockman games which can be downloaded and played on android namely Mega Man - The Wily Wars and Rockman X3.

All the above rockman games have been perfectly ported to android. An additional feature of game save and load have been implemented in the port so that you can save your game and play it later when you want. You can access the individual download links for all the rockman android games apk after sharing this post using the link below. So just share this post in few seconds using the link below and then you can choose and download your favorite rockman android game for free.

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If you want to know how to get angels in adventure capitalist fast then this is the only post that can help you to get more or unlimited angels fast in adventure capitalist game. This game is becoming popular at an amazing pace and so is the demand for adventure capitalist unlimited angels. Angel Investors or simple called angels are one of the best things you could get in this game because they will greatly boost your profits (which is what this game is all about). Each angel will boost your profits by 2% so the more angels you have, faster profits you will get. That's why in this post we are going to share with you a trick for adventure capitalist unlimited angels or getting more and more angels fast or within just few minutes. After learning this unique method you won't need to ask how to get angel investors in adventure capitalist game or how do you get angel investors in adventure capitalist game.

The normal way to get angel investors is by resetting your adventure capitalist game to zero. But you can't reset your game until you have some angels waiting to join. You can only reset (and get angels) when some angels are there to join. You can see how many angels are waiting to join by going to "Investors" tab in the left panel and checking the number of angels at "Claimed with restart" button. If there are some angels then you can reset your game and claim your angel investors. Angels arrive when you have played the game for long enough, (say for few days) and have collected enough earnings to attract them. In the video below you can see how your profits boost after getting 5732 angels in few minutes.

Before getting to know the actual method to get unlimited angels let's have a look at some more reasons to getting angels. Their first importance i have already mentioned that they will increase profits by 2% so if you could get 1000 angels then your profits will increase by 2000%. Their next importance is that you can buy managers using your angels. These managers will make your business cheaper and thus will greatly help you. The last and the best use of angels is that you can buy amazing angel upgrades using your angels like Angelic Mutiny, Donut Swap, Newspaper Swap, Divine Intervention, Newspaper Merger and many more. You should note that for buying these angel upgrades you will have to spend or sacrifice your angels which means you will lose them. Many of these awesome upgrades will cost you millions of angel investors so if you play like others then it will take you several weeks or months to unlock these upgrades but by using our unlimited angels method you can unlock these angel upgrades within just few minutes to hours.

The good news is that you don't need to wait for several days, weeks or months to get more angels. Using the method or strategy i am going to share here you will be able to get unlimited angels really fast. This is the method that i developed after playing the game for several days and now by using this method you too can have unlimited or more angels in no time in adventure capitalist.

I have clearly explained my method to get unlimited angels fast in a short ebook (pdf). You can download and read this pdf on your mobiles or computers and learn this method in just few minutes. You can download this ebook for free right after sharing this post using the link below.

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Do you know that you can actually play boom beach on windows phone 8 and 10. You might be surprised to know this but there is a way to get boom beach for windows phone 8 and tablet. Officially the game has only been released for android and iOS therefore you can't find boom beach on windows store but some super gamers have finally figured out a way to play boom beach on windows phones.

While browsing online, i saw that boom beach on windows tablet and phone is in huge demand among gamers. There are some reasons for this, first of all is that boom beach is from the same developers (Supercell) who created the immensely popular game Clash of Clans which has millions of downloads on the store. That's why Boom Beach already attracted so much audience even before its launch. Another reason for huge demand of boom beach for windows phone is that this game is really addictive and is one of the best games you could play on your windows 8 and 10 phone and tablets. The graphics of the game is really beautiful and 3d with cartoonish look. That's why many windows phone gamers want to download boom beach for windows 8 phone also.

So, for many days i tried to figure out that is there any way to play boom beach on windows 8 and windows 10 and after several days of trying hard and research i got success and found a method to play boom beach on windows 10 and windows 8 phone and tablets. I am not going to provide here any boom beach game for windows since there isn't any. What i am going to show you is a method using which you will be able to play this game on your windows phones easily. After following this method you can also get boom beach to work on nokia lumia phones like lumia 535, lumia 920, 925, 930, 435 etc. So this way boom beach will be available for nokia lumia also. There are a few steps in this method which you need to follow before being able to play boom beach on windows phone. The full steps will take around 5 to 10 minutes to be completed and then you can install boom beach for windows tablet also.

I have explained my method with full details and screenshots in a short ebook. You can download this ebook (pdf) and read it on your phones or PC and quickly learn the exact method to play boom beach on windows phone. You can download this ebook using the link below.

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Donkey Kong android apk is now available here as a free download. This is the exact same game which we and almost everyone used to play on our nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii consoles. If you always wondered how to get donkey kong on android or how to download donkey kong on android then your search finally ends here. Here you can download donkey kong game app for android for free. Please note that we have not ported or providing you this donkey kong for android, we have just searched for this game online and finally found the original or genuine app and then letting you know about that here. Watch the video below to bring back your old golden memories when you used to play this game on your gaming consoles (which now you can play on your android phones and tablets).

Donkey Kong game has always been extremely popular. Now it can be found on almost all gaming consoles. But this is the only place where you will find the original nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii version donkey kong for android. This is the donkey kong android apk which you need to download and install on your android phone or android tablet to play. After installing the app on your phone or tablet just launch the game using the newly created icon on your home screen. A great new added feature is that you can also save and load your game anytime you want. You will find many save and load states so that you can save multiple game data.

If you search for this game on the android market then you will not find the original version but some copycat of the original game so don't look for donkey kong game on the android market. This is the place where you will find the exact same game which was available on nes, snes, gba, N64 and Wii. So don't wait anymore and download donkey kong for android apk for free using the link below. After visiting the link below you will be able to choose the donkey kong game which you want to download. You can also see screenshots and gameplay video of each game before downloading.

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Ninja Gaiden android game has been asked for many times by our visitors therefore here we are going to provide you Ninja Gaiden android apk file which is available for free download. This is the original ninja gaiden game which we and you used to play on Nintendo Entertainment System or simply called NES. I am sure that anyone who loves to play video games had played these 8 bit games in their early days. But many people still remember those games and want to play them on their smartphones or android devices so for all of those people we have brought this ninja gaiden game for android. If you want to bring back those beautiful memories then you can watch the Ninja Gaiden nes gameplay video below.

Ninja Gaiden was one of the best action platformer games ever released on nes. Ryu Hayabusa has been the childhood heroes of so many gamers. Many of our readers and gamers have been looking for the same classic Ninja Gaiden nes game for android therefore we finally brought this ninja gaiden android apk game. However we have not created this game, we just searched hard for this classic action platformer nes game for android and we found it.

This is the android apk game file which you can download for free. After downloading just install the game (which takes a few seconds) and then launch the game using the ninja gaiden android game icon from your home screen. A great benefit of this ninja gaiden android version is that you can save and load your game progress anytime you want. This is really great because if you are busy and can't play the full game at once then you can just save your game and load it later when you are again free to play. So now is the time to bring back your old golden and memorable days when you used to play this game with your friends and family. Now you can play the same game on your android phones. You can download this ninja gaiden android game using the link below.

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Xmen vs Street Fighter android game has always been in huge demand by the fighting game lovers. This game has incredible animation and amazing graphics due to which it attracted many gamers. The game was originally released in 1996 and since then became extremely popular fighting game. Later the game was also ported to PC by the gamers but due to the tremendous rise in android gaming in the last few years, players now wanted the x-men vs street fighter on android. So for all those who were waiting for xmen vs street fighter for android, we are going to make it available. In the video posted below you can watch an amazing gameplay video of this ultimate game.

On some other websites, you can find some games claiming to be the xmen vs street fighter apk but the truth is that either they are fake or they don't work at all. This is the only place where you will find a tested, working and original xmen vs street fighter for android game. Since the game was originally released as a coin based game hence it was not so easy to port it to other devices. Later it was ported to pc but only recently it was successfully ported to android phones and tablets. This original port is not available easily but we finally found it, tested it and then made it available here. So if you are looking for a completely working xmen vs street fighter apk then this is the only place where you can find it. The game is available as a free download.

To play x-men vs street fighter on android, all you have to do is to download the xmen vs street fighter apk using the link below. Then install the game using the free apk you downloaded. Let the game install completely (it might take up to 30 seconds or more). After the game is installed then just launch the game using the icon on your home screen and start playing. We are sure that this will be the best fighting game you might have ever played on your android phone and tablets because this game has many of the most popular characters from X-Men and Street Fighter series. Some of the characters which you can choose from are Cyclops, Magneto, Ken Masters, Akuma, Ryu, Wolverine, Juggernaut etc.

This xmen vs street fighter android game has some additional great features. One of those is that you can save and load your game. This is really great because you can use it as a cheat by saving your game when you are in a good or winning situation in a fight and then load your game from the same time in case you lose or are about to lose that fight. This way you will never lose a single fight.

Another great feature is that you can play this game together with your friends and family because it supports bluetooth. So you can play multiplayer mode also by turning on and connecting through bluetooth. I know you can't wait anymore to play this x-men vs street fighter on android. You can download this game for free using the link below.

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In this post i will show the most easiest and powerful way to beat Hammerman's HQ 10 at your home base headquarters level or HQ level 5 only. Yes, its really possible to beat hammerman's hq level 10 at such a low HQ level. This method does not involves escaping from any corner and destroying directly the Hammerman's headquarters because that would be too risky and can even take you several attempts (and thus losing gold) to actually succeed in doing so. You will also not enjoy the actual fun of defeating hammerman's hq 10 that way. So i will show you the best strategy to destroy hammerman's hq lvl 10 by actually fighting directly and succeeding in it at just HQ level 5. So let's learn the actual strategy.

At hq level 5 you will have 3 landing crafts and Heavy, Zooka and Rifleman troops unlocked. I recommend you to load 2 Heavy troops in two landing crafts and 4 Zookas in one landing craft. So we will have a total of 8 attackers to defeat hammerman's hq 10 base. I also recommend you to upgrade your Heavy to level 2, this will add some more health to their stats and so they will be able to face the damage for longer.

Now let's have a look at base layout of hammerman's hq level 10. There are only 3 weapons which will attack us but the most dangerous of them is the MMG 9000 in the center. Due to its too much health its really important to destroy it as soon as possible because the longer it will stay there, more the damage it can do to us. There are also 2 mortars on both sides of it but it will be easier to destroy them because they don't have that much health. There are also lots of mines in case someone tries to escape from any corners but we don't have any problem from these mines because we are not going to mess with them and we will enter from the center area which is wide open. So we have seen our troop strategy and also a good look at the hammerman's hq lvl 10 layout. Now let's look at our actual strategy guide on how to beat hammerman's hq level 10.

How To Beat Hammerman's HQ Level 10

Pre planning is really important and we must already decide that on which weapon we are going to attack first and take it down. As we can see that the MMG in the center is the most powerful and normally we should destroy the most powerful weapons first but here we will attack and destroy the right mortar first. This is because if we attack the MMG 9000 first then it will take a long time to destroy it and till then the right mortar can do much damage to us. That's why our first strategy is to shoot 3 artillery on this right mortar. It's no problem if that doesn't completely destroy it because out troop can then take it down easily.

The next step will be to enter all your troops. If the right mortar is still there then first of all direct your troops towards it using a flare. When it is destroyed then your troop will start attacking the MMG in the center. Now keep attacking this MMG 9000 with all your troops. Make sure your Zookas are away from it because if Zookas are gone then we will lose. When your troops' health goes some down then boost their health using a medkit.

After the big MMG is destroyed, use a flare to direct your troops towards the left mortar. It will be destroyed very quickly. Now our way is completely clear! Now let your troops attack the radars and other bases, it will greatly decrease the hammerman's headquarter's health so we can destroy it fast. Within a few more seconds you will have successfully defeated the Hammerman's HQ level 10!

Below i have also embedded a video walkthrough of the above strategy. In hammerman's hq 10 walkthrough video below you can see me following the above mentioned strategy and defeating successfully the hammerman's hq 10.

One last thing i want to say is that although it is possible to beat Hammerman's HQ 10 at your home base headquarters level 5 but i recommend you to beat him after reaching at least hq level 6. This is because after you reach hq level 6 you will unlock one very important resource, which is stone. Stone is quite difficult to get in the beginning and if you defeat hammerman after reaching hq 6 then you will also get stones together with others rewards like gold, wood, power stones etc. However its up to you that when you actually want to beat him. Best of luck!
In Boom Beach woods are one of the most important resources you will need. Without wood you can't upgrade anything in the game. There are so many things which you need to keep upgrading such as Headquarters, Vault, Sniper Tower, Gunboat, Landing Crafts, Mortar etc. etc. Almost everything in the game requires wood to upgrade so it's really important to keep producing more and more wood fast in Boom Beach.

In the beginning of the game, you won't feel much shortage of the wood because your economy and defense units will be in the beginning stages and hence won't need much wood but soon you will notice that you have not enough wood because the amount of wood required to upgrade them will keep on increasing as they reach higher levels. That's why it's really necessary to know how to get unlimited wood faster in Boom Beach. In this post i will show you how to get more free wood faster in Boom Beach. These are best tips for the production of unlimited and fast wood.After learning the methods below you will never need to ask how do i get more wood on boom beach. So let's get started!

How To Get More Wood In Boom Beach

First let's have a look at all the normal possible ways to get wood quickly in Boom Beach. Using these ways and tips you can learn how to get some quick, free and fast wood in Boom Beach.

1. Sawmill wood production - Sawmills are the most basic ways to get wood in Boom Beach. The more sawmills you can create more free wood you can generate. Also keep upgrading your sawmill to increase their level, this way they will produce much more wood per hour.

2. Harvesting Mangrove trees - You will find your home base island full of lots of Tress and some rocks. The good thing is that you can remove these mangrove trees and get the wood out of it in your wood storage. This is another good and easy way to get wood fast. In this method you actually convert gold to wood because you will need to spend gold to remove these trees. So this can also be called a method to buy wood in Boom Beach. However you can only remove a limited number of trees at every level. So in order to harvest more trees and get more easy wood you need to keep upgrading your experience level. The more higher experience level you are at the more trees you can remove.

3. Attacking enemy bases is one of the best ways in the game for getting more wood fast. Every time you attack and defeat an enemy base found in the archipelago, you get free wood. The higher the level of the enemy the more wood you will get. You can know how much wood you will get for defeating an enemy by tapping his island location in the archipelago before actually attacking him. This method can give you the most wood faster but its not easy to defeat some high level players (who give the most wood) and lower level enemies will not get you much wood.

4. Another great way to get more wood faster is to have one or more wood resource bases. While unlocking more areas in the archipelago you will come around some resource bases. You need to defeat the enemy at the resource bases to make it your own. Once you have acquired the base, it will become yours and it will keep giving you wood every hour. So try to find some wood resource bases and win it to get more free wood faster in Boom Beach

 5. Creating statues is a good way to increase the wood production rate from sawmills and wood resource bases. You will need some special stones called Power Stones to create statues. You specially need to create Life statues to boost the wood production rate. You can find these power stones after defeating enemies and bosses. You can create statues in the Sculptor.

6. Victory Point Rewards are an extra way way to get some wood in Boom Beach. The game gives you some random free rewards everyday for collecting victory points. The resources or items given in the Victory Point Reward is decided by the game so you may not get wood everyday but most of the time you should get it. You get to choose from three different things provided and you can select any one.

So the above are all the possible basic ways to get wood in Boom Beach. However the above mentioned method will take you a lot of time and effort to get wood and you will not get unlimited wood using the methods above. I have discovered a unique method which provides you unlimited wood almost instantly in Boom Beach. My unlimited wood method will give you so much wood that your wood storage will not be able to hold it and you will need to keep upgrading your wood storage, this unlimited wood method is so powerful!

I have clearly explained my Boom Beach unlimited wood method in a short ebook and you can apply this method immediately after reading it. You can download this ebook for free after sharing this post using the link below.

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Heavy is one of the most incredible and useful troops in Boom Beach, especially when you are on a lower level. He is a muscular guy who makes you stand in a battle for longer because he can take massive damage and at the same time attacking the enemy bases. You can unlock Heavy after reaching only Headquarters level 2, which won't take longer. In this post we will explore the most awesome tips, tricks and strategy especially for Heavy which will give you an in depth and useful knowledge about Heavy in Boom Beach. So let's start with his stats.

Boom Beach Heavy Stats

Below you can see the full stats of Heavy at each level. After looking at the stats you can know in advance what you can expect from Heavy upgrade and modify your troop upgrade strategy accordingly. These Heavy upgrade stats can be really useful for you. Please note that you can upgrade your Heavy in Armory and you will need lots of gold according to how many levels you want Heavy to upgrade. You will also need to keep upgrading your Armory to upgrade Heavy to more higher levels.

Level - Health - Damage Per Second (DPS)

Level 1 Heavy Stats = 1000-26
Level 2 Heavy Stats = 1080-28
Level 3 Heavy Stats = 1166-31
Level 4 Heavy Stats = 1260-33
Level 5 Heavy Stats = 1360-36
Level 6 Heavy Stats = 1469-39
Level 7 Heavy Stats = 1587-42
Level 8 Heavy Stats = 1714-46
Level 9 Heavy Stats = 1851-50
Level 10 Heavy Stats = 1999-54
Level 11 Heavy Stats = 2159-59
Level 12 Heavy Stats = 2332-64
Level 13 Heavy Stats = 2518-69
Level 14 Heavy Stats = 2720-75
Level 15 Heavy Stats = 2937-81
Level 16 Heavy Stats = 3172-88
Level 17 Heavy Stats = 3426-96
Level 18 Heavy Stats = 3700-104
Level 19 Heavy Stats = 3996-113
Level 20 Heavy Stats = 4316-123
Level 21 Heavy Stats = 4661-133

Boom Beach How To Get More Heavy 

Heavy is such a powerful player that you might want to add more Heavy to your Landing Crafts. In fact its actually a good and safe idea to have more than just a few Heavy troop. It greatly multiplies your power during the battles. So let's look at exactly how you to get more Heavy in Boom Beach.

In order to create more Heavy you need to upgrade your landing craft. Every time you upgrade your landing craft your Troop capacity increases by 1. Since the unit size of Heavy is 4 therefore you need to upgrade your landing craft 4 times to add 1 more Heavy to your landing craft. So it can be quite expensive or time consuming if you want to add many more Heavy in a single craft because the cost to upgrade your craft will keep increasing after each level upgrade. So the best thing and a much cheaper alternative is instead of upgrading a single craft, upgrade other crafts also and divide the Heavy among all those landing crafts. For example, you can put 2 Heavy in two crafts each instead of putting 4 Heavy in a single craft. You should also remember that a single landing Craft can hold a maximum of 6 Heavy and you can only assign one type of troop to a landing craft.

You will need lots of wood to upgrade your crafts. You can produce your wood in Sawmill. You can also upgrade your sawmills to produce more wood per hour. Other ways to get wood is to free as many villages as you can in the Archipelago. These villages will keep sending you wood through a boat. You can also remove some mangrove trees at your home island to get wood faster.

Boom Beach Heavy Max Level

A max level Heavy can be extremely disastrous for your enemies. Heavy with max level will have a health of 4661 and can do 133 damage per second. However it can take you a long time and effort to fully max out Heavy without spending diamonds because you need several thousands of Gold to reach max level Heavy. But don't worry if you can't wait to see a maxed out Heavy. In the video below you can see several max level Heavy troops in action!

Boom Beach Heavy Weakness

Is there really any Heavy weakness? I don't actually see any major weakness in Heavy but because we are exploring all the points of Heavy that's why we need to cover this topic as well. According to me there are a few weaknesses like the range of Heavy is short, due to which they have to go really close to enemy buildings to attack them and another one is damage per second (DPS), which is low. But these weaknesses can be easily overcome by upgrading Heavy to some more upper levels. This will increase his DPS and also his health.

Although there is one more weakness which can't be covered even after a good Heavy Upgrade and that is his unit size. The unit size of Heavy is 4 which is a lot, especially for new players. You need to upgrade your landing craft 4 times to accommodate just 1 more Heavy in it. Although its not a weakness in Heavy himself but can be for the players who love Heavy.

Besides all the above weaknesses we should not forget about Heavy damage capability which is quite good. Heavy damage ability ranges from 26 DPS at level 1 to 133 DPS at level 21.

Boom Beach Heavy Zooka Attack and Defense Strategy

In Boom Beach Heavy and Zooka can be a deadly combination for your enemies. The specialities of both these troop types are just opposite of each other. While Heavy is good for taking damage on himself on the other hand Zooka's weapons have a high DPS range. If you manage to get a good Heavy Zooka ratio then you can easily defeat the most powerful enemy bases.

Let's take a look at a perfect heavy zooka ratio. Let's say you currently have 3 landing crafts then the best ratio would be to have Heavy in 2 crafts and 1 landing craft with Zookas. The more troops of each kind you can manage to place in your crafts, the more powerful your attack will be. If you have 4 crafts then put Zookas in 2 crafts and Heavy in 2 Landing Crafts and so on. Keep upgrading your landing crafts to accomodate more heavy and zookas in there.

Now let's talk about the best Heavy Zooka attack strategy. There is one basic and powerful attack strategy when using this combination, and that is to send in your Heavy first, let them do the damage they can and also take the damage over them. After a few seconds, send in your Zooka troops and let them do as much damage as they can. This is a great defense strategy for Zooka. Because Zookas have very low Health compared to other troops that's why we need to keep them in defense and let them attack far from the base. If you follow this heavy and zooka attack and defense strategy then you will rarely lose a battle.
Boom Beach experience level is one of the most important things which you need to constantly upgrade in Boom Beach. You can't even think about destroying powerful enemy bases without increasing your experience level using experience points. This is why most players and especially new players keep asking how to gain experience points in boom beach. So for all of those players, we have created this post which will teach you some powerful ways to generate Boom Beach experience points and increase your experience level fast. These are the best tips you will ever find to gain fast exp or xp in Boom Beach so make sure you read these tips and tricks carefully.

Upgrading your experience level is important because you can't upgrade your Headquarters without reaching at a certain experience level. For example, in order to upgrade your Headquarters to level 6 you must be at experience level 11. At every level you need to get a specified number of experience points to reach the next experience level. You can find out how many points you need by tapping your experience level number at the top left of the screen. There you can see how many points you have right now and the total number of points you need to get. So let's look at exactly how to gain experience points fast in Boom Beach.

How To Get Experience Points In Boom Beach

Below you can learn the Boom Beach quick xp generating tips!

1. Upgrading your base buildings or any storage units like Residence, Sawmill, Gold Storage, Sniper Tower, Machine Gun, Cannon, Flamethrower, Landing Craft, Gunboat etc. is the most common way to gain experience points. Every time you upgrade any of these types of things, you will earn experience points towards your experience level. You can find out how many points you will earn for upgrading any object at the upgrade confirmation window of that object.

2. You can also earn experience points from the Armory. Armory is a place where you can upgrade your attacking units which includes your troops like Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Warrior, Grenadier, Scorcher and other things like Artillery, Flare, Boom Mine, Barrage etc. By upgrading them you increase your ability to tackle higher level and more powerful Blackguards.

The above are the only ways to collect experience points in Boom Beach. So in the end it comes down to resources. To upgrade your buildings you need wood and to upgrade the things listed in step 2 above, you need gold. If you keep producing enough gold and wood then indirectly you can keep upgrading your level. So let's look at some of the ways to get wood and gold in Boom Beach.

First we will look at how to produce wood. Your main and most common source of wood is Sawmill. The more sawmill you create, more wood you can produce. You should also keep upgrading your sawmill, this will increase its level and then your sawmill can produce much more wood.

Another fast way to get wood is to remove the mangrove trees found at your home island. The more trees you can remove, more wood you will get.

Now lets look at some of the ways to get gold. Just like Sawmill produces wood, Residence produces gold in Boom Beach. The more Residence you can create and upgrade, more faster you can produce gold.

Second way to earn gold is to defeat and free the villages in the archipelago. Each free village will keep sending you gold through a boat, as a thanks for saving them. The more villages you can free, more gold you will keep getting from them. You can upgrade your Radar to find and explore more villages in the archipelago.

Now in order to gain experience points, you just need to keep collecting wood and gold using the methods as described above and keep upgrading your buildings, troops, objects etc. and you will never stop upgrading your experience level in Boom Beach!

Please don't forget to share this post with others using the links below! It will motivate us to write more useful and high quality tips and tricks.
Today i am very happy because i have finally collected more than 1 million sand dollars in Minions Paradise. So this is a post in which i want to brag about it and also share some of my tips about how i reached to this point in very short time period.

Being a Minions Paradise player, you might know that how important and useful sand dollars are in the game. Using these sand dollars you can buy any item from the marketplace, whenever you want. It saves you a lot of time from manually crafting and collecting those items. This way you can use your minions for other works in the game, like in distractivities for generating party points to level up fast etc.

minions paradise one million sand dollars

I still can't believe that i have over 1 million sand dollars in my account and that too without spending any money in the game. This is one of the things i liked the most about this game. The game does not forces you to spend real money in order to progress in the game. This is why i love playing this game everyday.

There are many ways in the game to earn sand dollars like playing the mini games, filling celebration station orders, participating in events etc. but these things won't allow you to collect millions of sand dollars fast. So for all of you i have created a post specially for teaching you how to get unlimited sand dollars in Minions Paradise for free and in the shortest time possible. Make sure you don't forget to check out that post if you too want to earn infinite sand dollars for free.

You know, when you have too much of something then you start to think that you are never going to lose all of it ever but that's not true. I think that if i start spending these sand dollars like crazy then i might lose all of it in just few days. I have noticed it once when i had about half a million sand dollars. I started buying items very carelessly and then i realized that i have reached to 3,50,000 sand dollars from half a million in just few hours! So i just want to advise you that to only spend your sand dollars when its really necessary, even if you have one million sand dollars.
Minions Paradise sand dollars are the most valuable in game currencies in the game. As you might know that they are mainly used to make several types of things from the "Store" like "Make Stuff", "Mix Stuff", "Decorate Stuff" and "Distractivities". Other than that they are also used to purchase any items from the marketplace which can greatly help in quickly finishing orders from Celebration Station Order and other quests. That's why sand dollars are so useful and in this post i will explain to you how to get unlimited free sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

After learning these Minions Paradise unlimited free sand dollars trick you can quickly generate several thousands of sand dollars in really short amount of time. These are the exact methods that i have used myself to collect around 1 million sand dollars for free! Yes, these tricks are so powerful that you can really generate that many sand dollars in the least time possible. So without waiting anymore, let's check out the actual methods to get unlimited free sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

How To Get Unlimited Free Sand Dollars In Minions Paradise

Below i am going to share how do i get several thousands or around 1 million sand dollars in fastest time possible. You can use some or all of the below tricks to collect the most amount of this in game currency.

1. Finishing Celebration Station Orders - This is one of the most basic ways to collect sand dollars. You simply collect and craft items required for the orders and just fill the orders and you get the specified amount of sand dollars and party points. You can always find several orders to be filled at the celebration station so there is plenty of opportunities for you. If the order requires some complex items then you will get higher amount of sand dollars.

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2. Levelling Up - levelling up is another most basic way to get sand dollars. Every time you level up you will receive a few thousand sand dollars. There is nothing special required here, you just collect party points to level up and earn sand dollars. The party meter bar at the top left of the screen is divided into 5 or 6 parts and you will get sand dollars every time you fill up each bar so you will receive free sand dollars for about 7 times at each level. That can add up to about 20,000 sand dollars at each level.

3. Stuart's Concert - You can play in this special event to earn not only sand dollars but also doubloons. Each special event is held for few hours and there are many events held everyday. The next special event starts right after the end of previous one so you have many chances here. You can take help from your facebook friends also to finish the orders faster. This way you and all your friends, who helped, will earn the rewards.

4. Phil's orders - There are also many Phil's quests. You can find an icon over phil's hut when there is any phil's quest available. These quests will also award you party points and sand dollars. Some of the quests' name from Phil are "Weapons by phil", "Hot Stuff", "Goin' Fishin'", "Going Bananas", "Chez Phil", "Cool Sculpture", "Phil on Ice" and many others. These quests are a great way to collect sand dollars and also many unique stickers for the Phil's stickerbook.

5. Story Quests - Other than Phil's quests there are also many story quests from many other characters like Kevin, French Maid, Bee-Do, Glam Slammer, Frankie Fishlips etc. You can find their quests from the celebration station. When a new story quest from these characters will be available, you can find their orders on the celebration station. You can then fill their orders to unlock their quests and earn sand dollars by completing them.

6. Mini Games - Mini games are a great way to farm unlimited sand dollars for free. There are 5 mini games so you can play all of them to earn free sand dollars and doubloons. But you should remember that some of these games require up to 10 free minions at a time so make sure you have enough minions to play. The best thing about mini games is that they run continuously throughout the day so you can keep playing for as many times as you want.

7. Selling to the Captain - You can find a minion standing in blue uniform near Phil's hut. He is ready to buy your items and pay you some sand dollars for it. He appears quite frequently near the Tiki Lounge to buy items from your storage. However i would recommend you to sell him only till you are at lower levels in the game. If you are at higher levels then use the next method mentioned below because you will get much more sand dollars this way.

8. Selling in the Marketplace - Marketplace opens up for you as soon as you reach level 7. Here you can sell your items at your own price (there is a minimum and maximum limit but you can set your price in between). You can unlock more selling slots using some doubloons and more slots means you can put more items on sale. You can put up to 6 number of any items at one slot at a time. You should try to sell items which are in demand because they will pay you the most sand dollars. If you see a green upward arrow next to an item then it means the demand is increasing for that item so you can craft and collect that item and put it on sale in the marketplace to get sand dollars.

So the above are some basic ways to get sand dollars in Minions Paradise. However it will take you a long time and lots of effort to get unlimited or millions of sand dollars using the above methods. I actually have 2 more super unique and secret methods which i use to collect up to or more than a million sand dollars very fast and without much effort. To know my other 2 secret methods you just need to share this post using the link below. As soon as you share this post using the below link you will be able to download a short ebook in which i have clearly explained my other 2 actual methods to get millions of sand dollars in Minions Paradise.

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In this post i am going to share the best ways to get unlimited free doubloons in Minions Paradise. After learning these Minions Paradise unlimited free doubloons tricks you won't have to worry about doubloons anymore and you would be able to progress in the game at great speed, level up fast and unlock more quests.

Doubloons are one of the two in game currencies in Minions Paradise and is somewhat more difficult to get than sand dollars. Doubloons are also quite expensive to purchase in the game. They are used to craft or harvest any item instantly so it saves you a great amount of time. You can also use them to instantly purchase the items required to upgrade your storage. So you can understand how important and useful this Minions Paradise unlimited free doubloons method really is. Now that you know the importance of doubloons let's now look at actually how to get them without buying them for real money.

How To Get Unlimited Free Doubloons In Minions Paradise

Below are the ways to get unlimited doubloons in the game. The best thing is that all these tricks are genuine and if you keep repeating the methods as mentioned below then you will be having lots and lots of doubloons in your account without much effort. So without waiting anymore lets learn the actual methods.

1. Stuart's Concert Social Event - Social events are a great way to not only earn free doubloons but also sand dollars. There are three types of concerts of varying times in which you need to fill the orders. Here you can earn 5, 10 and 15 doubloons each time you participate in the event. These events run continuously throughout day and night. Another event instantly starts as soon as the previous one ends so make sure you don't miss any of them so that you can collect the most doubloons possible. Below are some special tips on how to quickly finish these events.

A. Make sure you connect your facebook account with the game and invite your friends to help you with Stuart's Concert. This way your friends can also help you in filling the orders quickly. Another benefit of inviting your facebook friends is that everyone participating or helping in the event will get the reward! So its more reward for less work.

B. Already having the required items in your storage can give you even more benefit because you won't have to wait for hours to collect the required items. After playing several events, you will notice that there are some specific items which are required in the Stuart's Concert. So you can craft these items in bulk in your free time and keep them ready in your storage so that you can instantly use them when needed in the event. You can also buy these items from the marketplace using sand dollars if you don't want to put in your time in collecting them.

2. Second way to collect doubloons is by playing the interesting mini games. There are 5 mini games in Minions Paradise and each of them have their specific cool down timings. Fishing Frenzy is the best mini game to earn unlimited free doubloons because its cool down time is just 1 minute and you need only 1 minion to play this mini game. Of course you can also play the other ones right after playing fishing frenzy to collect even more doubloons. However keep note that some mini games require 9 or 10 minions to play so make sure you have enough free minions if you want to play all the mini games.

3. There is one more way to get doubloons for free but i won't recommend you to depend on this method because it gives you the least doubloons in the longest time. It is by levelling up. You will get 2 doubloons when you level up by collecting the required party points. You will not receive them every time but most of the time you will. However i would recommend you the above two methods to get doubloons faster. Obviously you don't want to depend only on this third method in order to get free doubloons quickly.

So friends, the above are the only ways to get unlimited doubloons for free in Minions Paradise right now. Yes, you will have to play hard and invest in your time but it will pay off very well. If you use all the above methods then there will be no end to the number of free doubloons you can earn. Best of luck farming unlimited free doubloons!
There is no doubt that Minions Paradise is the most fun minions mobile game ever. The game has several kind of tasks to be completed by the players. Occasionally you might feel bored of the regular harvesting and crafting of items therefore the game also offers some mini games which can refresh your mood.

Other than the regular story quests of the characters and filling of orders, we can also play mini games in Minions Paradise. There are a total of 5 interesting mini games. In this post we will have a look at all these games and also share some tips and tricks to get the most out of these games.

Mini games are located at various parts of the island. They can be accessed by navigating directly on the island or through the totem pole. However in the beginning you will find that these mini games are locked. In order to unlock any of these, you will need to clear out the area surrounding that mini game by clearing the grass. You can learn our tricks as mentioned here to learn how to expand your paradise fast and unlock these mini games.

Mini games are not only really fun to play but can also be really beneficial for your in game progress. Before looking at each of these mini games individually, first let's look at some benefits of playing these mini games.

Minions Paradise Mini Games Benefits

Below are the following ways in which these games can be useful for you in the game.

1. You will get some party points every time you play any of these games. Each game offers different amount of party points which you will earn for playing it. So they can be a good source to quickly collect some party points for a few seconds of fun.

2. You will also find the hidden mignette of totem pole at these mini games. You need to collect all 5 pieces of the totem pole to unlock it. You can then shuffle the pieces to make various designs of your totem pole and decorate your paradise.

3. The best benefit of playing mini games is that you will earn free doubloons and sand dollars. Usually you can earn 5 doubloons or 3000 sand dollars but may be this could change. You will not earn both of these together but alternatively.

So the above are the ways in which unlocking and playing these mini games can be useful for you. Now let's have an in depth look at each mini game and also some tips.

Minions Paradise Mini Games Review

Below are the full details and tips regarding all 5 mini games in Minions Paradise.

1. Fishing Frenzy - Fishing Frenzy is the first and the most beautiful 3d mini game in Minions Paradise. In this interesting game you need to collect the golden alligator teeth to earn points. When you start playing this game, a random minion will come whom you will control to jump over obstacles and collect golden alligator teeth. The difficulty level of the game is medium in the beginning but after playing for several times it will become quite easy for you to collect these golden teeth.

As you might know that there is a waiting time for each mini game. You can't keep playing continuously a mini game. The best thing is that Fishing frenzy has a cool down time of just 60 seconds so you can play after just 1 minute of wait. Another great thing is that you need just 1 minion to play it which is cool! You will get certain number of points for each action while it like for jumping over obstacles, collecting a golden teeth and passing through a checkpoint. You need to collect a total of 7500 points to get your reward. If you want to collect some doubloons and sand dollars fast then you can do so by playing this mini due to the benefits as mentioned above.

2. Mango Toss - Mango Toss game requires you to use more skills than Fishing Frenzy. In mango Toss, you have to throw mango from top of the tree into the baskets on the island. For the first few times you play it, its almost guaranteed that you won't be able to throw your mangoes in the target. It is a bit difficult than other mini games but is also more fun than others to play. You will get 15 party points every time you play it and you also need 9 minions to play it. You have to collect 2500 points and waiting time is 5 minutes after each play.

The best tip to throw your mangoes correctly is to take at least 1 second to swipe your finger towards the basket. There is a total time of 46 seconds but instead of missing several shots, it is better to throw correctly in just 1 chance so taking 1 seconds of time to throw each mango is the best way to collect maximum points.

Another best tip is to swipe your finger and stop just about half an inch before the basket holding minions. This will make sure you will successfully throw almost all your mangoes at the correct places.

3. Butterfly Catch - Butterfly Catch is another mini game in the paradise. You need just 2 minions to play this game but you won't find it much interesting to play. At least i didn't find it much attractive unlike the other mini games. You have to catch butterflies with your net which will give you 1, 5 and 10 points for catching different colored butterflies. If you got stung with bees (which you will) then you will lose 1 point. I find it quite boring because if you got stung with any bees then for few seconds you won't be able to do anything. Another reason i didn't liked it much is because you will get very few points while playing it each time and need 5000 points to claim your reward so it will take you a long long time get your reward.

4. Water Slide Dive - Water Slide Dive is the least skill requiring mini game. You don't need any special skills to collect points here. You can also assume that in this mini game, the points are not in your hands and is decided by the game mainly. The game ends in just one touch. The only good thing is the beautiful animation work. You will see a minion climbing and preparing to slide and finally dives into the sea.

You need just 1 minion to play it and the cool down time is 5 minutes. This mini game will take the most time for you to claim your reward. While playing it, you basically have to just tap once at the right time and you can get a score of anywhere from 1 to 4 which can give you 10, 50, 100 or 150 points while the target total is 5500 points! So it will take you long long time and according to me this Water Slide Dive is not worth playing. I dislike it the most among all mini games due to the reasons as stated above.

5. Topiary Treasure Hunt - You can say Topiary Treasure Hunt is the most easiest mini game in Minions Paradise. The best tip here is to just keep looking around the bush while minions are cutting it and start tapping the leaves as soon as they drop on the ground. You can tap a leaf multiple times to make sure you collect it quickly and correctly. The bronze leaf will give you 1 point, silver leaf will give you 5 points and the golden leaf will give you the most points, i.e. 20 points. You will need 10 minions to play it and need a total score of 1500 points to claim the reward. The cool down time is 5 minutes.

So friends this was my review of all Minions Paradise's mini game. Hope you liked the details mentioned and the tips to score the most points possible in each mini game.
Minions Paradise Guest of Honor is a new and really amazing feature in the Minions Paradise game. After the implementation of this feature, it has become a bit easier for players to collect and craft items or level up faster than before. In this post we will explain everything about this new system and what is the best strategy to follow so that you invite the right character at the right time for maximum benefit. Guest of Honor system has not only made the collection of resources faster but also more interesting for players. So lets see what actually its all about and how to use it.

Guest of Honor can be activated in the game every time you fill a block in the party bar, which is found at the top left of your screen. It's called the "Party Meter" and is divided into 5 or 6 parts. As soon as you complete a block by collecting party points, you will be able to activate the Guest of Honor. You will now see a popup where you will find several characters, one of whom you can invite for the party. Your selected character will then dance in his unique style on the stage which is pretty interesting and funny to watch. Earlier whenever Phil used to throw a party, you would see only Phil and the other minions dancing but now you will also find your choosen character dancing in there. You can also use the arrow symbols bottom left of the screen during the party to zoom in on your character to watch his dance more clearly.

But Guest of Honor is not only about inviting your favorite character for dancing during the party, the best thing is that each of theses characters will grant you specific advantages in the game for few hours. Each character will give you different benefit therefore you should choose the most required benefit at that time. Below we will explain the benefit of inviting every character which are available right now in the game and also some strategies for each so that you know which character you should invite.

Minions Paradise Guest of Honor All Characters

So below are the details of each and every characters available to choose from the Guest of Honor screen along with the benefit they will provide you in the game.

Glam Slammer - Glam Slammer is a wrestler who can give you advantage with your distractivities. If you invite him, then you can get your distractivities to produce party points at double speed i.e. 2x for 16 hours. I have invited him and was amazed to see his funny dance, you should also definitely invite him. However in order to benefit the most i would recommend you to invite him only when you have at least 10+ distractivities. The more distractivities you have, more party points you can produce. Also if are on lower level and want to increase your levelling rate to unlock more items then you should choose him.

Mr. Spikey - He is a character with spikes on his suite and he is quite cute to see. I haven't invited him yet but this character will let you collect and craft your items at double speed for 16 hours. You can invite him when you want to finish several orders on the celebration Station quickly. Put the items in the queue and let the game make them at double speed while you rest for the whole day.

Professor Flux - He is a really intelligent scientist and so is his benefit that you will get. By inviting Professor Flux you can speed up your distractivities at triple speed i.e. 3x. You can call it a better version advantage of Glam Slammer. I have invited him and was surprised to see how fast i was making party points from my distractivities. For example - if one of your distractivities takes 30 minutes to make party points then after inviting Professor Flux you can produce the same points in just 10 minutes! But a downside is that it will be active for only 4 hours. But i can tell you that in these 4 hours you can generate several thousands of party points if you have a good enough distractivities farm. I recommend you to use it when you have time to play the game continuously for few hours. It is best for frequent players who play the game for several hours. If you play the game for just a few times a day then you won't get much benefit by inviting this character.

Frankie Fishlips - He is a villain who can help you make your items at double speed for 13 hours and 30 minutes. The benefit is not much different from Mr. Spikey and unless you want to see Fishlip's funny dance, you could choose Mr. Spikey over him. In the video below you can watch me inviting Frankie Fishlips in the Guest of Honor. You will really enjoy his uniqe dance style!

Kevin - You might already be much familiar with Kevin the minion. In minions paradise game you can always see him standing at the villain island. When you invite him, he will speed up your distractivities by 2x for 12 hours. I would recommend Glam Slammer over Kevin because Glam will give you the same benefit for 16 hours.

French Maid - French Maid will give you an ultimate advantage in the game. After inviting her, you will get 3x the rewards for completing any orders from the celebration station. If you are short on sand dollars then it is best to invite French Maid and get lots of sand dollars fast by finishing orders quickly.

BEE-DO - He is a really popular character. After inviting him you will speed up your distractivities by 2x for 12 hours which is same as Kevin's. So Glam Slammer is still superior and more advantageous than both Kevin and BEE-DO.

Bob - Bob is a cute little funny minion. He will give you almost similar advantage like French Maid. You will get double reward for finishing celebration station orders but it will be active for 8 hours unlike 4 hours for French Maid. So if you want more rewards faster but are short on time then you can invite French Maid and if you have enough time to play on that day then go for Bob.

Stuart - Stuart will allow you to make your items at double speed but for just 8 hours. He is far less advantageous than Mr. Spikey and Frankie Fishlips who give the same advantage for 16 hours and 13 hours 30 minutes respectively. I doubt anyone will choose him over the two others if their only motive is to benefit in the game however if you want to enjoy Stuart's unique funny dance then you should choose him at least once.

So the above are all the character currently available at the Guest of Honor selection screen. After reading the details above you can easily decide which one should you choose and when. Besides the above details, i found some other important points which i am mentioning below.

1. One important thing to remember is that you can't invite the same character consecutively if you had choosen him as the previous Guest of Honor. You can only invite him again after 5 more parties. If you want to select the same character again then you can do so by paying 25 doubloons.

2. The second thing to note is that if you invite a new character while previous characters' benefit is active then the previous character's remaining advantage time will end. For example - You have invited Glam Slammer who speeds up your distractivities for 16 hours. Now let's say you still have 8 hours left and you invite Mr. Spikey then your remaining time of 8 hours from Glam Slammer will be gone and your new benefit from Mr. Spikey will be active now. So make sure you keep this in mind and try to completely use the current benefit before inviting a new character from Guest of Honor.

So this is everything you need to know about Minions Paradise Guest of Honor system. After learning the strategies mentioned above you will now be familiar with each guest and will know which one you should invite at that time.
Minions Paradise game is filled with so much fun that it is quickly becoming a favorite game of everyone. The game is also filled with lots and lots of items which we need to craft and harvest. More new types of objects are expected to arrive in the game in the future so that means even more fun. Therefore i thought about creating a master list of all the items in the game together with details of each object like how much time it would take to make that item and where to get that item from. It would be really useful for players who are confused about some items or want to know what more objects they are going to see and details of certain items as they level up in the game.

The list will be updated periodically when more items are added to the game. Let me know if i forgot any object and i will update the list below.

Item     Time Required To Make     Where To Craft/Collect/Harvest From

Coconut - 1 Minute - Coconut Grove
Gas Clouds - 2 Minutes - Gaseous Swamp
Bamboo - 3 Minutes - Bamboo Grove
Razor Clam - 5 Minutes - Razor Clam Bed
Spider Web - 30 Minutes - Spider Web Farm
Ice - 20 Minutes - Ice Mountain
Banana - 3 Hours - Banana Grove
Firefly - 6 Hours - Firefly Tree
Battery - 4:30 Hours - Battery Pool
Piranha - 3 Hours - Piranha Pond
Rubber - 7:30 Hours - Rubber Tree
Paper - 4 Hours - Paper Slicer
Chili Pepper - 40 Minutes - Red Hot Chili Plant

All Items found in Weapons Armory

Grenade - 3 Minutes - Weapons Armory
Throwing Star - 15 Minutes - Weapons Armory
Coconut Bazooka - 45 Minutes - Weapons Armory
Machete - 45 Minutes - Weapons Armory
Freeze Ray - 3 Hours - Weapons Armory
Fireworks - 1:30 Hours - Weapons Armory
Trident - 3 Hours - Weapons Armory
Pepper Spray Bazooka - 40 Minutes - Weapons Armory

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All Items found in Rec Center

Treadmill - 30 Minutes - Rec Center
Skateboard - 5 Minutes - Rec Center
Paper Airplane - 40 Minutes - Rec Center
Ice Sculpture - 30 Minutes - Rec Center
Kite - 1 Hour - Rec Center
Fireball - 20 Minutes - Rec Center
Hang Glider - 1:10 Hours - Rec Center
Yoyo - 1:30 Hours - Rec Center
Flaming Skateboard - 30 Minutes - Rec Center
Bobsled - 35 Minutes - Rec Center
Remote Control Car - 1:30 Minutes - Rec Center
Trampoline - 3 Hours - Rec Center

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All Items found in Chez Phil

Smoothie - 45 Minutes - Chez Phil
Chili Oil - 25 Minutes - Chez Phil
Ice Cream - 2 Hours - Chez Phil
Spicy Curry - 25 Minutes - Chez Phil
Frozen Banana - 2 Hours - Chez Phil
Sushi - 45 Minutes - Chez Phil
Banana Split - 1:30 Hours - Chez Phil
Spicy Detox Drink - 40 Minutes - Chez Phil

All Items found in Tool Shed

Slingshot - 3 Hours - Tool Shed
Fishing Rod - 3 Hours - Tool Shed
Fishing Net - 1:30 Hours - Tool Shed
Power Fan - 4:30 Hours - Tool Shed
Bug Zapper - 3 Hours - Tool Shed
Torch - 3 Hours - Tool Shed
Tree Trimmer - 40 Minutes - Tool Shed

All Items found in Gadget Shack

Headlamp - 1:30 Hours - Gadget Shack
Flamethrower - 1:20 Hours - Gadget Shack
Grappling Hook - 6 Hours - Gadget Shack
Jet Pack - 1:10 Hours - Gadget Shack
Drone - 1 Hour - Gadget Shack
Tablet - 1 Hour - Gadget Shack

Other miscellaneous items are mentioned below. These items will drop occasionally while harvesting and crafting items in the game. They are used for different purposes in the game like expanding your storage, clearing the grass, clearing debris, breaking and removing rock etc.

Rope - drops while harvesting coconut, gas clouds and bamboo
Wood - drops while harvesting coconut, gas clouds and bamboo
Palm - drops while harvesting coconut, gas clouds and bamboo
Clippers - drops while harvesting items from "Mix Stuff" category places in the Store
Saw - drops while harvesting items from "Mix Stuff" category places in the Store
Pickaxe - drops while harvesting items from "Mix Stuff" category places in the Store
Fish Stick - drops while harvesting items from "Mix Stuff" category places in the store
Lawn Mower - drops while harvesting items from "Make Stuff" category places in the Store
Sickle - drops while harvesting items from "Make Stuff" category places in the Store

So friends, above are all the objects and items available in the game till now. I will update the above list when more new items are added to the game.

Everyone playing the Minions Paradise game wants to reach higher levels as soon as possible. But don't you want to know how many levels are there in Minions Paradise? If you visit the game's official social pages then you can find many players who are above level 40 in the game. Together with them you can also find many players asking about how many total levels are there.

In reality nobody knows the real answer but according to me there are infinite levels in the game. Because if they are going to cap the number of levels players can reach then it would also put an end to the players' progress. I myself don't want only a certain number of levels.

Right now i am level 50 and it took me a lot of time and effort to reach there. So one thing is clear that as we reach more higher levels then it is going to take more and more time and effort to reach the next level. When i was at level 49 then i needed 32500 party points to reach level 50 but finally when i reached level 50 then required points to reach level 51 jumped to 45000 party points! That's a lot of increase in asking points.

But one thing i was really happy about reaching level 50 was that i received 1 new minion joining my paradise after a long long time. Since many levels i was levelling up fast but not receiving any new minions which was quite discouraging but finally i got a new minion after reaching level 50. Since more minions means we can make more items that's why each and every minions is so valuable. Now i am just waiting to reach level 51 and see if i get some more minions or not.

I hope i will keep levelling up this way and the game will have lots and lots of levels so that we will have fun for a long long time!
In Minions Paradise, crafting more items quickly is the key to levelling up fast and discovering more new stories and quests. There are too many types of items in the game which you need to craft and harvest. Some of these items can be created in few minutes but as you reach more higher levels, you will need to harvest and craft more complex items. Many of these items can take several hours to be crafted. Like it takes 7 and a half hours to create rubbers, 6 hours to create firefly, 4 hours to create paper from paper slicer etc.

So you can see how time consuming it can be to harvest and craft just a few quantities of these items that's why here we are going to share some tips using which you can significantly decrease the time required to make these items and also make more items in less time.

How To Craft and Harvest More Items Quickly

Below are some super tricks to make your paradise items quickly. Follow them and you will start to level up a lot faster and unlock more stories with new characters quickly.

1. Everyday when you start playing the game, your first priority should be to reach the nearest party meter as soon as possible. As soon as you fill your nearest party meter, you will get a speed boost 2x for the next 8 hours. During this period your items will be manufactured a lot faster, almost in half time than their regular required timings. At every level you 5 opportunities to get these speed boost powers. You can see them on the top left of the screen, your party points meter at each level will be divided into 5 parts. At the end if each part you will get a speed boost. You need to collect lots of party points to fill up your meter quickly and thus get a boost, so check out our this post here. You will find our superb tricks to collect several hundreds of party points quickly.

2. You can make more items quickly in the game by unlocking more slots in your "Mix Stuff" houses like "Tool Shed", "Gadget Shack", "Weapons Armory", "Rec Center" etc. Unlocking more slots means you can place more items in the queue and its production will start instantly as soon as the last item has finished, thus saving you a lot of your valuable time. You can unlock these slots using doubloons. The first slot can be unlocked using 8 doubloons then the next one for 16 doubloons and so on.

3. Already keeping some quantity of some basic items in your storage can also help you in crafting complex items faster. There are some basic items in the game which are to be used the most like coconuts, gas clouds, bamboo, ice etc. These are the building blocks of more complex items so if you will already have them in your storage then you will save a lot of time by not needing to harvest them. To store all these items beforehand, your storage capacity should be upgraded enough to hold lots of items, you can use our tricks mentioned at this post to know how to quickly expand your storage and hold more items in it.

4. If you are interested in crafting items much faster by spending a small amount of in game currencies then you can use this method also. This method involves buying items directly from Marketplace by paying sand dollars. But instead of buying the final finished item, you should buy the basic building items for it because these basic items will be much much cheaper than the final item. Then just put these basic items in the production houses to craft your final item. This way you can cheaply and quickly make your items. Here is an example - lets say you have to craft a "frozen banana" which requires ice and banana so instead of buying the frozen banana from the marketplace you can buy just ice and banana because they will be a lot cheaper than frozen banana. You can then use these ingredients to make frozen banana in "Chez Phil".

So friends, these are our tips and tricks using which you can harvest and craft items a lot faster in Minions Paradise. Make sure you use some or all of these to greatly boost your progress rate in the game and have more fun.