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Clash Royale Magical Chest is one of the most popular and highly demanded chests in Clash Royale. There are many types of chests in Clash Royale like Magical chest, Super Magical chest, Giant chest, silver chest etc. but in this post we are going to tell you how to get unlimited magical chest easily in clash royale and that even for free. Before that let me tell you a little bit about these magical chests. These chests contain lot more cards than the regular silver and gold chests. The number of cards you will get by opening these chests depends upon the arena you are in currently. For example, if you are currently in Arena 4 then you will get a total of 60 cards which will have at least 2 epic cards and 12 rare cards together with 400-500 free gold. If you are in a higher arena then you will get even more cards with new characters (which unlock only at specific arenas). In the video below you can see clash royale magical chest opening and the cards that you can expect to get.

How To Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

There are only two ways to get magical chest in clash royale. One is by purchasing it from the in game store, which costs 500 gems at the moment. Another way is to win it in clash royale in battle. The second way is the one which most people will like but let me tell you that the magical chest drop rate chance from the battle is very very low (unless you know about our trick, which we will tell you below). You will get a magical chest drop after getting like 50 or more regular chests. So the magical chest drop rate is very very low and is so rare means you will have to wait for several days to get just one magical chest by winning in battle.

how to get magical chest in clash royale in battle

You will find everyone saying that there is a clash royale chest cycle means you only get a particular type of chest after getting a specified number of gold or silver chest. But what if i tell you that you can easily break this chest cycle if you win your battle in a specific way? Yes, that's true. If you play the game with a specific kind of battle deck and win your battle in a specific way then you can win a magical chest from each victory! This is the secret that we were able to figure out accidentally and we were shocked to see that we can get as many magical chests as we want by using this trick to get unlimited magical chest in clash royale. In the screenshot below you can see that we got the maximum number of magical chests by using this trick.

clash royale how to get magical chests for free

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Hello friends, in this post we are going to show you the most effective and easiest way to beat one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale, which is Prince. If you ask anyone about one of the most difficult cards to deal with in Clash Royale then undoubtedly Prince (which is an Epic rarity card) will be at the top in the list. What makes Prince so dangerous is that he has an incredible Damage per second of 146 at level 1 and can do damage of 220. Other than that he also has Hitpoints above 1000 at initial level (1100 to be exact). Although he is a tough card to beat but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any easy way to beat him. If you choose the correct card at the right time then you can easily deal with Prince and can beat him before he could do a single damage to you. In this post i will reveal the weaknesses of Prince and how to use those Clash Royale Prince weakness to your advantage. Before that let’s have a look at all the detailed stats about Prince so that you can have a better understanding about him.

Clash Royale Prince Detailed Stats

Hitpoints - 1100
Damage per second - 146
Damage 220
Hit Speed - 1.5 seconds
Targets - Ground
Speed - Medium
Range - 2.5
Deploy Time - 1 second

clash royale prince

Prince Weaknesses - Now let’s see some of the major weaknesses of Prince. We can then exploit those weaknesses and take advantage of them to bring him down quite easily.

Can Attack Only 1 Enemy At a Time - One of the major disadvantage of Prince is that he can only attack 1 enemy at a time. He can’t attack multiple enemies like Bomber. So if he gets surrounded by a crowd of numerous enemies then he becomes helpless.

Can’t Attack Flying Enemies - As you can see from his stats, he can only attack on ground so if you use a powerful air target card against him then it can be really effective to bring down Prince.

Although there are some other weaknesses of Prince like slow speed and hit speed of 1.5 seconds but the two points we have mentioned above are what we need to take advantage of to defeat Clash Royale Prince. Many players complain that Prince is overpowered but according to me that’s not true at all. Prince is not overpowered, you just need to know the right Clash Royale Prince strategy to attack him using the right cards.

How To Beat Prince

Now we have exposed the major weak points of Prince but before knowing about the most effective cards against Prince, let’s look at the best ways to attack Prince.

1. Attack From Air - As you can see, Prince is helpless against flying enemies. So you can play a card which has air+ground attacking ability, as soon as your enemy deploys Prince in the battlefield.

2. Surround Him From All Sides - Prince can’t attack multiple enemies at a time so if you surround him with a crowd of enemies like skeleton army then you can beat him in almost 2-3 seconds!

Best Cards To Counter Attack Prince

Now below we are going to mention about the most effective cards to be used against Prince. We will also mention about the least elixirs consuming but highly effective cards against Prince and also some high elixir cost cards. It is possible that you might not have all the cards which we will mention below so you can choose the ones which you have in your battle deck. With time you will have more new cards and then you can use them to deal with Prince more easily. So let’s see the cards which you should use against Prince

1. Tombstone - I highly recommend to use Tombstone against Prince because this card is easily available to almost all players and other than that it consumes just 3 elixirs which is very cheap. Using Tombstone at the right moment and at the right place can beat down prince even before he could touch any of your arena towers. So as soon as you see your enemy deploying the Prince in the ground, instantly place your Tombstone right behind your arena tower. Your tombstone will keep releasing skeletons which will stop the movement of Prince and at the same time your tower will keep shooting the Prince which will defeat him before he could touch you. To make it more powerful you can deploy 1 or more other cheap cards like Spear Goblins or Bomber at the same time to take him down more quickly.

clash royale tombstone

. 2. Skeleton Army - This is another really effective card against him. Although it is 1 elixir expensive than tombstone but it can make Prince disappear within seconds! Just play the Skeleton Army card right around your enemy’s Prince and will beat him within seconds. If you don’t yet have this card then i recommend you to use the Tombstone as mentioned above.

clash royale skeleton army

3. Minion Horde - Prince can’t attack air enemies hence these Minion Horde can attack him easily without getting hurt from him. Remember you need 5 elixirs to play this card.

clash royale minion horde

4. Witch - Witch is one of the most effective Epic rarity card not only against Prince but against almost any kinds of cards in Clash Royale. She shoots beams and at the same time keeps releasing skeletons witch keeps her enemies away and engaged while she attacks them to beat them easily. She is really effective against Prince as well. You need 5 elixirs to use Witch in the battlefield.

clash royale level 3 witch

So you can see how easy it is to deal with Prince and defeat him. You just need to know the correct cards to use, which you already know now. Use the above mentioned Prince strategy and you will never get scared from Prince anymore.

Als je wilt weten hoe een baard laten groeien dan is dit de enige plek waar je het echte antwoord te vinden om niet alleen over het kweken laten groeien van een baard, maar ook hoe baard sneller laten groeien. Ieder mens wil volle baard krijgen, maar helaas zijn er veel mannen wiens baard groeit niet op wang. Normaal gesproken de meeste jongens beginnen baard laten groeien 16 jaar, maar als gevolg van een aantal redenen waarom veel mannen krijgen geen volle baardgroei. Dit kan een negatief effect hebben op die mannen te hebben en dat ze misschien een gevoel van lage zelfvertrouwen te ontwikkelen. volle baard kweken geeft je een sterke persoonlijkheid en ook significant verhoogt uw vertrouwen. Er kunnen veel redenen als baard groeit niet op wang of andere gewenste delen van het gezicht en een van de belangrijkste oorzaken kan het gebrek aan testosteron hormonen. Deze hormonen zijn verantwoordelijk voor de haargroei in verschillende delen van het lichaam, waaronder de baard. Ik beveel u om de video hieronder om een beter begrip van hoe baard laten groeien te krijgen.

Helaas was ik ook een van die jongens die geen volle baardgroei. Ik was bijna 24 jaar oud, maar hadden absoluut geen baard helemaal. Mijn vrienden gebruikt om me uitlachen, want we waren bijna dezelfde leeftijd, maar ik had geen baard terwijl mijn vrienden hadden volledig dichte baard. Ik was echt gestrest over en ik wilde een snellere baardgroei tegen elke prijs te hebben. Dus ik ging op zoek naar hoe stimuleer je baardgroei. Ik wilde wanhopig om te weten hoe krijg ik sneller baardgroei. Al snel kwam ik te weten dat baardgroei stimuleren knoflook kan worden gebruikt voor baard voller laten groeien. Knoflook is bekend dat baardgroei stimuleren, maar het kan ook de huid verbranden bij overmatig gebruik of als je een gevoelige huid, maar zelfs dan heb ik besloten om het te proberen. Dus ik begon met het toepassen knoflooksap op mijn wangen en andere baard groeiende gebieden van het gezicht achter elkaar voor een week, maar helaas het brandde mijn huid slecht. Dus als u denkt over het gebruik van knoflook dan zou ik u waarschuwen om nooit meer te gebruiken voor de groei van uw baard, omdat het je huid kan beschadigen en het niet werkt.

hoe baard laten groeien

Na gebruik van de ineffectieve knoflook, ik bleef nog steeds op zoek naar andere manieren om hoe een baard laten groeien en al snel kwam ik te weten dat het scheren continu gedurende meerdere dagen kan helpen bij het versnellen van de baard groei en kan u helpen om betere baardgroei. Dit kan vooral handig zijn als je baard groeit ongelijk of onregelmatig groeit. Dus, in de hoop dat deze nieuwe methode zal werken voor mij, ik bleef scheren continu gedurende 4 weken, het doen van 2-3 keer per dag, maar helaas, ik zag absoluut geen teken van baard laten groeien.

hoe een baard laten groeien

Na al die mislukte pogingen, heb ik eindelijk een methode met behulp waarvan ik was in staat om volle baard krijgen in slechts 5 dagen. Het werd mogelijk dankzij de hulp van een van mijn vrienden. Ik wil u zeggen dat ik was niet de enige man onder mijn vrienden die geen baardgroei had, in feite was er nog een vriend die in een soortgelijke situatie als ik was. Hij was ongeveer 22 jaar oud, maar had geen baard op zijn wangen en het gezicht.

Op een dag was ik verrast om hem te zien, omdat hij veel kleine, maar donker en dichte baardgroei op zijn wangen en kin had. Ze waren echte baard. Het ding dat mij het meest verbaasde was dat ik hem slechts 7 dagen terug had ontmoet en op dat moment had hij geen baard, terwijl vandaag de dag (na slechts 7 dagen) dat hij volledige en verbeterde baardgroei had. Nu, tegen elke prijs wilde ik precies weten hoe deed hij opgroeide de baard in slechts 7 dagen! Dus ik vroeg hem het geheim. In eerste instantie probeerde hij me te negeren, omdat hij niet wilde delen, maar na vele dagen en vele verzoeken hij uiteindelijk overeengekomen om zijn geheim aan baard groeien in slechts 7 dagen met mij te delen.

Hij vertelde me dat zijn vader (die een Indiaas en had echt sterk en dikker haar en baard) vertelde hem over een natuurlijke behandeling die hem hielp te groeien zijn baard sneller. Zijn vader, in zijn late tienerjaren gebruikt om deze zelfgemaakte natuurlijke behandeling toe te passen op zijn wangen en andere baard groeiende gebieden van het gezicht, die hielp hem een dichte en volle baard. Mijn vriendin (die geen baard helemaal gehad) leerde over dezelfde natuurlijke zelfgemaakte behandeling van zijn vader en toegepast op een baard te laten groeien in slechts een week (hij vertelde me dat hij eigenlijk begonnen te zien weinig baardgroei in slechts 5 dagen).

Nu, vanaf de volgende dag ben ik begonnen met het toepassen van de behandeling op mijn gezicht. Het duurde maar een paar minuten om deze natuurlijke behandeling thuis te maken en het bevatte slechts een paar ingrediƫnten die gemakkelijk kan worden gevonden bij u thuis. Het was erg makkelijk en comfortabel om deze natuurlijke behandeling thuis te maken. Tot mijn verbazing, na slechts 5 dagen zag ik mijn gezicht in de spiegel en vond vele kleine, maar donker en sterke baard weergegeven op mijn wangen en andere gebieden! Ik kan je niet uitleggen het geluk dat ik voelde me op dat moment. Dat was een van de beste momenten van mijn leven! Ik had eindelijk gegroeid een volle baard zonder het gebruik van schadelijke chemische gebaseerd product. Na ongeveer 12 dagen had ik veel dikker, sterker en duidelijk zichtbaar baard gegroeid.

hoe baard sneller laten groeien

Dus ik wil u graag vertellen dat als je ook probeert om een baard te laten groeien dan geef de hoop niet verliezen, want het is echt mogelijk om te groeien van nature een volle baard met slechts een paar dagen. Deze natuurlijke behandeling kan helpen om een baard te laten groeien op elke leeftijd, of je nu 16, 18, 24 of meer, deze behandeling werkt voor iedere man en op elke leeftijd. Geen enkele andere baard groeien tips kunnen u helpen, omdat ik ieder van hen hebben getest, maar alleen deze natuurlijke behandeling werkte voor mij en anderen.

Ik weet dat je ook wilt weten over deze natuurlijke behandeling om een baard natuurlijk en sneller groeien, dat is de reden waarom ik een korte e-boek (pdf-document) waarin ik duidelijk heb gezegd over alle ingrediƫnten en het volledige stappen om deze natuurlijke baard te maken hebt gemaakt groeiende behandeling thuis. U kunt dit ebook nu te downloaden via de knop hieronder en lees het op uw pc of mobiele telefoons. Ik weet dat iedereen in staat om een baard met behulp van deze behandeling te laten groeien net als ik zal zijn omdat ik over deze behandeling aan enkele andere jongens hebben verteld en het werkte voor iedereen, zodat het zeker ook voor u zal werken. Veel succes!

Ogads reviews are being looked by almost every mobile content lock publishers because ogmobi is without doubt the best incentive mobile network out there. I can say that ogmobi is the best among similar other networks because i have used this network myself and found that provide the maximum revenue for each app installs. In this Ogmobi review i will explain you how and why ogmobi is the best mobile and now desktop content locking network.

ogmobi review

First of all if you want to know, is ogmobi legit? then let me tell you that there is no doubt about that. Ogmobi is not only legit but also the best network if you want to get paid maximum money for people downloading some free, interesting and useful apps. Ogmobi pays you whenever someone downloads and installs free apps like games, antiviruses, cleaners etc. on their android or iOS devices. The minimum payment is only $50, which is not very high if you know the correct ogmobi method to promote your niches. A lot of people make that much money in just 1 day! In this post i will show you how you too can make $50 or more per day with ogmobi (now called ogads) for free. They also offer a wide range of payment methods like Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Payoneer Prepaid Master Card and Payoneer Bank Transfer. You can receive your ogmobi payment using any of these methods.

ogmobi payment

One of the best things is that if you are looking for ogmobi help like how to use ogmobi then they have ogmobi tutorial videos inside the member's area. You can find ogmobi tutorial video for each and every tool ogmobi/ogads offers. These ogmobi video are updated periodically when they add some new features in any of their toold. This is the only network i have found that provides such helpful tutorial video for its affiliates.

Why Ogmobi/Ogads Is The Best

1. Fast Approval - Its very easy to get accepted at ogmobi/ogads network. The approval time is also quick. You will be approved within 24 hours and receive the approval notification email.

2. Best Support - The support provided by the network is awesome. I get reply to my support request emails within 2 hours. If you want even faster support then just contact your affiliate manager at skype. You can find your account manager's skype id after logging in to your account.

3. New offers Everyday - Ogads adds new and high paying offers everyday.

ogmobi offers

4. High Paying Offers - I have seen many such networks and found that ogmobi/ogads provides the maximum revenue per install. This is because they have contact directly with the advertisers while other networks use other networks to get their offers which cuts down the revenue for their publishers.

5. Wide Range of Tools - Ogads/Ogmobi has several tools like content locker (for mobile and desktop traffic), Mobile Locker, Mobile Rewards, Smart Link and Offer API. You can choose any tool according to your promotion method.

6. High Converting Landing Pages - They provide you a wide range of landing pages to choose from. All their landing pages are really attractive which greatly increases the conversion rate for publishers,

7. High Conversion Rate - Most of the days my conversion rate is around 40% At other cpa networks you will see that average users get around 10% conversion and the best publishers get a maximum of 20% but at ogmobi the average conversion rate is 40% which means much much more earnings than other networks!

8. Fast Payments for Publishers - Usually you will receive your ogmobi earnings on a net 30 basis but you can switch to net 15 or net 7 also by contacting your account manager if you start to earn some good money everyday.

So you saw above why and how ogmobi is the best mobile incentive network. Now i will tell you how i am making more than $50 per day with ogads for free. Below is a screenshot of my most recent payment from Ogads, which is $1000+. Click the image for a bigger view.

ogmobi earnings

My $50 Per Day Method For 2016

I don't actually use any of those methods which have been shared everywhere on the internet because those methods are being used by everyone and they stop working after sometime so i never waste my time with them. Everyone will tell you about the Youtube method, instagram account method etc. but the truth is that those methods don't work anymore. If you don't believe me then go ahead and try to use those methods and you will see what i am trying to say. You will only be wasting your precious time and effort with those old dead methods.

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I will try to keep it short and simple. We mainly need two things, which are niches and targeted traffic. The hardest thing is to find good niches and a source to get huge traffic. Here i will show you how to get targeted referral traffic from two highly popular sites. So lets get straight to the methods!

How To Find Niches - The niches which convert best with ogads are android/iOS games che @ts and h @cks. You can easily make this a whitehat niche by providing your user an ebook containing useful tips and tricks about that game. You can find these tips and tricks about a game using other sites with a go0gle search. Now let's see how to find out about latest games. Follow the steps below -

Method 1 To Find Niches

1. Go to Youtube
2. Search for "android gameplay"
3. In the Filters settings, change to "Today" or "Last Hour"

You can now find several new niches! These will be latest videos posted by users about new android games. Choose a niche which you think could be most popular (look at views count) and create a free blog for that game's h @ck (actually provide an ebook with tips).

Method 2 To Find Niches

If you own an android smartphone then you can use that to find new popular niches! Follow the steps below.

1. Open Play Store on your phone
2. Choose "Games" and then "Top Charts"
3. Switch to "Top New Free" or "Top New Paid" tab

There you will find the new and most popular games! There are also some games which are in soft launch and not released for all countries. So you can use free apps like "Hola" (which is a VPN) to browse the play store of any country! You will find new popular games in every country, so more and more niches for you!

Getting Targeted Traffic

Now to get the traffic we will be using a less known but highly profitable site called Quora. Quora is a site where people ask questions and other users can answer their questions. It has an alexa rank of 135! So what we will be doing is answer the questions with the link to our blog (which has the h @ck).

First we need to find the related question. For that follow the steps below -

1. Go to go0gle and type the following text ---> inurl:quora.com "your game name here"
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Now you will see hundreds of questions about your niche asked by quora users. You now just need to go to the questions and answer with a link to your site. Try to choose targeted questions (where users are asking about how to get game resources for free) and also try to make your answers helpful. Write a detailed answer with images or videos in them.

3. Now quora has a feature where people can vote on your answer. The more positive votes you get, better and higher placement your answer will get (and more trust as well). Now you can use a site like microworkers.com to get unlimited upvotes on your answer at a very cheap price! So just create a task at microworkers and you start getting upvotes on your answer. Even if you don't buy upvotes, you still get views on your answer but having higher placements gives you even more exposure.

If you don't see many questions about your game when you search at go0gle using the above keyword phrase then simply ask the question yourself at quora for your game and use another account to post your answer! You can use this method with Yahoo answers also.

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Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins trick that we am going to share in this post is our exclusive method and can be a super useful trick for you in this ultimate strategy game from Backflip Studios. Transformers Earth Wars cyber coins are the most important resources in this game and they act as an in game currency. Cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars are extremely precious and are used for many important purposes in the game. Having unlimited cyber coins in transformers earth wars can make you an elite or extremely powerful player in no time. That is why in this post we are going to show you how to get unlimited cyber coins fast and for free in Transformers Earth Wars.

Before looking at the actual Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins method, let's first look at exactly why and how these cyber coins are important in this game. It is important to know these cyber coins uses so that you can make the best use of your cyber coins after you get unlimited cyber coins in transformers earth wars using our legit method.

Transformers Earth Wars Cyber Coins Uses

1. Upgrade Buildings Instantly - The most amazing use of cyber coins are that you can use them to upgrade any building instantly. This helps you rank up extremely fast in this game. When you start the upgrade process of any building like energon harvester, alloy harvester, mortar, scanner, Headquarters, laser turret, beam laser, missile launcher, weapons lab etc., you can see the required amount of cyber coins to complete the upgrade process of that building instantly. As time passes, the required amount of coins will keep decreasing. So if you wait long enough (which is difficult for most players) you will need to spend less cyber coins but if you can't wait then you can spend the required number of coins to finish the upgrade process instantly.

transformers earth wars instant buildings upgrade

2. Buy Energon - Transformers Earth Wars energons are one of the resources that you will need to create certain buildings like alloy harvester or defense buildings like auto cannon, stasis mine, autobot outpost, beam laser, shock tower etc. They are also used to clear out obstacles found on your home base and make space for your buildings. So energons are another really important resources which you can instantly buy using cyber coins.

transformers earth wars alloy and energons

3. Buy Alloy - Transformers Earth Wars alloy are another important resources in the game. You will need to use it with energon to create and upgrade many buildings. You can buy 25%, 50% or 90% of your alloy storage capacity using your cyber coins.

4. Buy Fuel Cells - Transformers Earth Wars fuel cells are consumed every time you attack a rival player or play the story mode using the Battle icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. They recharge automatically on their own but if you want to play more instantly then you can buy them using cyber coins. Normally it takes 4 minutes to gain 1 fuel cell.

transformers earth wars fuel cells

5. Buy Rare Quantum Crystal - Transformers Earth Wars rare quantum crystals are the most powerful types of crystals. You are guaranteed to get a 2 star bot from these crystals. If you are lucky enough then you can get even a 4 star bot out of these. Each rare quantum crystals costs 450 cyber coins.

transformers earth wars rare quantum crystals

6. Buy Build Bot - Transformers Earth Wars build bots are really important types of bots. The more build bots you have, more buildings you can create or upgrade together at a time. You start with two build bots and can buy more later using your cyber coins.

transformers earth wars build bot

So the above are the important uses of Transformers Earth Wars cyber coins. Now let's check out some ways to get some transformers earth wars cyber coins for free. Although its a bit difficult to get these coins but the game offers you a few ways to get some cyber coins for free. After showing you these regular ways, we will show you our exclusive method to get unlimited cyber coins fast in transformers earth wars for free.

How To Get Cyber Coins In Transformers Earth Wars

Below are all the possible regular ways to get cyber coins in the game.

1. Complete Achievements - Completing achievements is a good way to get some cyber coins for free. There are several achievements to complete like upgrade your alloy harvester, upgrade your Headquarters to level 5, upgrade your scanner etc. Most of the time you will be completing these achievements on your own by playing the game regularly. You will get better rewards like more cyber coins for completing some difficult tasks.

transformers earth wars achievements

2. Increasing Your Rank - Every time you rank up, you will get a few more cyber coins. Its not a lot of coins but still something. You will gain XP when you create new buildings or upgrade the existing buildings and when you defeat your opponents in the battles. The faster you do all these things, more quickly you will be able to rank up and earn some free cyber coins.

transformers earth wars rank increase

3. Buy Cyber Coins - Buying cyber coins is also an option from the in game store. Although we don't stop you from buying them from inside the game but you will not need to buy them if you use our Transformers Earth Wars unlimited cyber coins trick that we are going to share below.

So the above are some ways to get a few cyber coins for free. However the above mentioned methods will take you a lot of time and effort to collect just a few cyber coins. Therefore we have played this game hard and figured out an intelligent trick to get unlimited cyber coins fast and for free. Using our exclusive method you can get unlimited cyber coins in Transformers Earth Wars really fast. This is a legit way to get unlimited free cyber coins fast and therefore works for all devices and platforms like android, iOS, ipad and iphone.

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